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When you provide links from your website to our site, we'll pay you a percentage of the sale price of our products that your visitors buy. This is called a "referral fee" - it's basically a share of the revenue you help us generate. We'll pay you the following month for the previous months sales. You can check how many visitors you have attracted to our site and how many have ordered in real-time (we provide a web page for you to view these statistics anytime you like).

Legal Stuff...

As with any program involving money, certain restrictions apply. See the Affiliate Program FAQ for more information about referral fees. There you'll also find a link that takes you to the relevant section of the Operating Agreement.

Referral Fee Chart

The products listed below are eligible for referral commissions of 30%. Tickets to live Randy Gage events are eligible for referral fees of 15%. If someone orders using quantity discounts, you will receive your full commission percentage, but at the actual total of the order. Please see below for a detailed example and explanation of quantity sales.

NOTE: We will not pay affiliate commissions on products or event tickets you purchase for yourself through your affiliate link.

Special Notice: items marked with "x" are offered in quantity discounts.

Item No. Product Sales Amount Commission Amount
(full retail)
A28CD Prosperity by Randy Gage (CD set) $97 $29.10 x
B33 How To Build A Multi-Level Money Machine by Randy Gage $17 $5.10 x
BP1 101 Keys to Prosperity print book $7 $2.10 x
BP1C 101 Keys to Prosperity print book & eBook combo $11 $3.30 x
BP1E 101 Keys to Prosperity eBook $5 $1.50 x
BP2 7 Spiritual Laws to Prosperity print book $7 $2.10 x
BP2C 7 Spiritual Laws to Prosperity print book/eBook combo $11 $3.30 x
BP2E 7 Spiritual Laws to Prosperity eBook $5 $1.50 x
BP3 Prosperity Mind! print book $7 $2.10 x
BP3C Prosperity Mind! print book/eBook combo $11 $3.30 x
BP3E Prosperity Mind! eBook $5 $1.50 x
BP4 Accept Your Abundance print book $7 $2.10 x
BP4C Accept Your Abundance print book/eBook combo $11 $3.30 x
BP4E Accept Your Abundance eBook $5 $1.50 x
BP5 37 Secrets To Prosperity print book $7 $2.10 x
BP5C 37 Secrets To Prosperity print book/eBook combo $11 $3.30 x
BP5E 37 Secrets To Prosperity eBook $5 $1.50 x
C1CD Getting Started Combo with CDs $197 $59.10  
C15CD LifeStyle Freedom pack with CD $16 $4.80 x
DN Duplication Nation (audio CD album) $177 $53.10 x
DNDVD Duplication Nation (12 DVD album) $377 $113.10 x
DNKIT Duplication Nation Leadership Kit $477 $143.10 x
DNSG Duplication Nation Study Guide $17 $5.10 x
F2 First Steps booklet $9 $2.70 x
FT1CD Fast Track Pack with CDs $37 $11.10 x
midas The Midas Mentality $477 $143.10  
PS1 The Prosperity Series all 5 print books $30 $9.00 x
PS1C The Prosperity Series all 5 print books & eBooks $47 $14.10 x
PS1E The Prosperity Series all 5 eBook $20 $6.00 x
SR1 Money for Life Special Report $3.75 $1.13 x
T1CD Getting Started CD $10 $3.00 x
T2CD Escape the Rat Race compact disc (English version only) $9.00 $2.70 x
T2ESP Escape the Rat Race audiotape (Spanish version) $9.00 $2.70 x
T3CD Secrets of a Dynamic Day CD (usually purchased in quantity) $10 $3.00 x
T7CD What You Need to Know First CD (usually purchased in quantity) $10 $3.00 x

Example based on 'Escape the Rat Race' tape:

Quantity Tape Cost
1-5 $9.00
6-24 $7.00
25-49 $5.00
50-99 $3.00
100+ $2.00

If you have any questions regarding your affiliate commissions, or how to setup your affiliate links, contact affiliate help at Prime Concepts Group.

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