Skill Sets of A Leader, Part 3

This is part three in a series of the skill sets required to be a
network marketing professional. This week's topic is a follow up.

This is no doubt the easiest of the skill sets to develop. Because
all we are talking about here is pretty much common sense,
promising when to check back with a prospect and then doing so.

Probably the most important element involved is the time frame. As
you bring a prospect through your recruiting process, it's
important you keep the timeline tight.

I believe 48 hours is the maximum time you should let elapse
between "touches" with your prospect. People today have such short
attention spans and face more distractions than ever. If you let
three or four days elapse between follow-ups with a candidate, you
will lose many of them.

The ideal situation is to bring them through what I call a "ladder
escalation." This means every time you get information in front of
your candidate, it escalates in importance and urgency. Each touch
should be a bigger deal than the preceding one.

An example of how this might play out:

Thursday: You give the candidate a recruiting CD or DVD.

Saturday: You get him on a 3-way call or conference call.

Monday: You host them at a home meeting.

Wednesday: They attend a hotel opportunity meeting.

This is the perfect scenario because each step is a bigger event
than the last. This isn't always possible, due to when the
candidate comes into the pipeline and when your meetings are
scheduled. But the main thing is making sure you are following up
every day or two of the process. Even if this is just dropping off
a follow up piece of marketing material, or calling to see if they
have any questions, be sure to touch base. Keeping the prospect
focused for a series of sustained impressions has a powerful
cumulative effect and will produce your best results.

Remember: Make contact every few days. Escalate the impressions
if possible. Tell the candidate when you will follow up, and then
do what you say.

Next time we'll explore our fourth skill set: Presenting. Until
then, have a great week!


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