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Skills Sets of a Leader, Part 5

Here's the last part of our five part series on what makes a network marketing profession. The skill set we're going to discuss today is the most important one: leadership development.

At its core level the business is about developing leaders more than anything else. Whether we are talking about retailing, recruiting, or training, the ultimate success of all of these depends on your ability to lead - and then groom others to replace you in leadership positions.

What we're shooting for here is to create a leadership factory in your team: a self-perpetuating process that creates new leaders coming up the ranks every month.

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Skill Sets of a Leader, Part 4

This is the fourth installment in our series of the five skill sets that produce network marketing success. The skill set we want to explore this week is Presenting.

We have a standing joke in our organization, which is, "the person with the marker makes the most money."

Funny, but true.

The truth is, there is a special dynamic that happens on your team when they see you at the front of the room presenting. It's a right of passage that signifies you are progressing into the leadership ranks. Naturally your people feel a sense of pride for being a part of your team. Moreover there is an increased level of respect for you that allows them to edify you more and makes you more effective as a sponsorship line leader.

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Skill Sets of A Leader, Part 3

This is part three in a series of the skill sets required to be a
network marketing professional. This week's topic is a follow up.

This is no doubt the easiest of the skill sets to develop. Because
all we are talking about here is pretty much common sense,
promising when to check back with a prospect and then doing so.

Probably the most important element involved is the time frame. As
you bring a prospect through your recruiting process, it's
important you keep the timeline tight.

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Skill Sets of a Professional, Part 2

This is part two of a five-week series on the skills necessary to
become a network marketing professional. Last week we explored the
first skill set, the ability to work a candidate list. Now let's
study the second: Inviting.

Your ability to invite people in a compelling manner is probably
the most important of these skill sets. Because it's the one that
gets your candidates into the recruiting pipeline. It means they
are reviewing the correct information to determine if they are
right for the business.

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The Skill Sets for Network Marketing Success

The Ability to Work a Candidate List.

Sounds simple enough doesn't it? Yet not many people in the
business do this well.

Of course we need to have a candidate list. The mistake beginners make, is to do one when they start the business, and never keep it working. The do a list, put it in their manila "prospects" folder, then file it never to be seen again.

Your candidate list should be an ever-evolving organic tool. You
eliminate people as they either join or decline the business, and
constantly be adding people as you meet them. When someone tells
me they have exhausted their warm market I want to shake them! The
truth is, if you work the list correctly - and you do the business
the right way - you'll never get through your candidate list.

Here's the secret: Sponsor people in waves. People who attempt
the "one-sey, two-sey" approach to the business end up being
grinders, and never reach big success. The truth is that it is
easier to build the business fast than it is to build it slow.
There is a sense of urgency, momentum is created, and that momentum attracts other people. You rank advance faster and make more money sooner, so it keeps the team inspired and in action. I like to do this in "blasts."

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