Mega-MLM Event with Randy Gage

From Minimum Wage Dishwasher to MLM Rock Star…
Randy Gage Reveals How He Went from Scraping Plates
to a $150,000 a Month Bonus Check!

If you’re a million-dollar earner in Network Marketing – or would like to become one – you simply must participate in Mega-MLM.

It’s the first generic training industry legend Randy Gage will be conducting in more than five years. And for the first time ever, he will be revealing his top-secret strategies for how you build a network that throws off more money in a month than most people earn in a few years. This is the closely-guarded information you won’t find in any book, CD album, or other seminar. In fact, there are not five people alive in the world today that could teach what Randy’s about to unveil at this exclusive event.

It’s the result of his 20 years of experience working inside companies, training most of the world’s top income earners, consulting to companies, and of course working as a multimillion- dollar producer in the field.

This very intense, content-rich weekend will teach you the leadership skills necessary to develop a massive, exponentially-growing organization. It’s a Mastery level program for people who are deadly serious about building a multi-million-dollar residual income from their network marketing business. This program is advanced training on creating culture, implementing a system, and developing a leadership factory in your group. Mega-MLM is your opportunity to dramatically increase your income, develop stronger duplication in your team, and create a true passive income that will continue long after you stop working.

Get all the details and register to attend the Mega-MLM event with Randy Gage on October 3-5, 2008 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas!

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