The #1 Training Album in Network Marketing Just Got Better . . .

"How to Earn at Least $100,000 a Year in Network Marketing," by Randy Gage was the #1 selling training album in industry history. Recently Gage, has replaced the entire album with a new 12 step training resource called “Duplication Nation”. This album is now the most advanced training on the science of building an organization that has ever been offered. In “Duplication Nation”, Gage combines his copywriting skills, answers back to the explosion of selling on the Internet, and utilizes cutting-edge marketing strategies to help network marketers and direct sellers build a massive business.

Gage states, “You may wonder why I would mess with the most successful album ever done in the business. It is really quite simple—I can do better now, and help people make even more money. Those who really apply this system are making more than $250,000 a year, and more than a few have become millionaires.”

“Duplication Nation” was filmed live at an actual training seminar Gage conducted in Los Angeles, California. It details twelve step-by-step modules with the exact strategies that are necessary to building a successful network marketing / direct selling organization.

Duplication Nation is available on 12 audio CDs or 12 video DVDs, Study Guide, and other bonus business building materials. And for those leaders who want to conduct group training meetings there is the Duplication Nation DVD Leadership Kit. In addition to the 12 audio CDs, study guide and bonus materials, it also has the entire training on 12 DVDs and eight additional study guides.

This is the most advanced training on the science of building an organization that has ever been offered. It is a complete step-by-step system to growing an organization. Duplication Nation can help the industry beginner all the way to seasoned professional. This resource teaches how to:

• Find quality prospects;
• Qualify them;
• Make compelling presentations;
• Sponsor them in a way that duplicates; and,
• How to replicate this process!

To celebrate the release of Randy’s newest training resource, the publisher has launched a new website where site visitors can listen and watch segments from the live training event! They are even offering special new publication discounts for a limited time. To learn more about Randy Gage’s Duplication Nation and to preview segments from this resource visit
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