The Breakthrough

The REAL “Missing Link”

As I made my way through my MLM career, I learned some very interesting lessons along the way...

For instance, I found out that teaching people how to approach a prospect didn’t mean that they would actually prospect anyone. I learned that showing someone how to make effective presentations didn’t necessarily mean they would actually present anything.

And I discovered that just because someone says they want to be successful in the business – and they really believe it – doesn’t mean they actually want to be.

I would go to a city like LA, Chicago or New York and do a training seminar. I would give away my BEST stuff. Show them where to locate good prospects, teach them what to say to them, explain how to present their opportunity, and instruct them exactly how to get people signed up. Then I would teach them how to teach those new people, and start a chain reaction of duplication.

I would get glowing evaluations, standing ovations and people coming up to me with tears of gratitude afterward. I knew that they now had the missing link they would need to break out and achieve success.

Then two years later I would come back to the same city, have the same people come to the same programs, and be in the same place they were the last time! It was a shocking reality for me.
And a reality that eventually sent me on the path I am on today, teaching the principles of prosperity…

I started with sneaking in a little bit about mindset in my seminars. That brought good results so I expanded the section about consciousness. People ate it up, and their results improved. Finally I quit doing marketing programs entirely, put them all in CDs and DVDs, and just devoted myself to teaching the principles of prosperity and abundance.

Because here is what I discovered…

Even though most people believe they want to be healthy, successful, and rich, that isn’t true. Because on a subconscious level they have so many worthiness issues, low self-esteem, or negative beliefs about wealth, that they simply won’t let themselves become successful. In Network Marketing or anything else for that matter. They do things on a conscious level for success, but they sabotage themselves on a subconscious level.

And that conflict between their conscious and subconscious mind, keeps them stalled. I came to understand that the “missing link”
wasn’t the secret approach I taught them, how to use a pre-approach pack, or how to overcome objections. It became apparent that the real missing link was getting people to counter program against the poverty influences around them, overcome their negative beliefs, and replace them with empowering beliefs.

Anyway, that is the series of events that led me to the work I now do. Which leads me to the latest chapter of it. Or more specifically, the latest 11 chapters. Because you see, I have a new book out this week. It is the culmination of my prosperity work over the last 17 years. It is the missing link for those who want to end the conflict between their conscious and subconscious minds, and get them both aligned in purpose to create massive and ever-expanding success. It is titled:

Why You’re DUMB, SICK, and BROKE… And How to Get SMART, HEALTHY and RICH!

It’s published by John Wiley and Sons, and it’s in the stores now. This is not a book about network marketing. It’s about LIFE. Or more specifically, how to live it with passion, purpose, joy and abundance. How to live life so you jump out of bed every morning, anxious to get to your day of challenge, adventure and growth. (And of course to make sure that bed is a designer bed, with luxurious thread count sheets, and it’s all located in your dream home, with your dream cars parked

If you want to have more, do more, and become more – this is your book. It is the culmination of my self-development work for the last 17 years, crystallized into a game plan for how you eliminate negative programming, replace it with positive programming, and then live a life that takes you closer to your dreams each day.

By the way, I suggest you pick up a few extra copies, for use with prospects…

Of course the book is a totally generic plan on how you become healthy, happy and successful. However, one chapter is specifically devoted to the power of residual income. And in that, I discuss the best ways to do that, and single out Network Marketing as the best way to create a residual income cash machine.

This book is going to be a huge best seller, and makes a powerful third party credibility piece for the industry, like many of you have used the Kiyosaki and Pilzer books. Even better, unlike those two guys, you can tell your prospects that I actually walk my talk and am in the industry personally, earning more than $100,000 a month as a distributor. (And you guys in nutritional programs will go gaga on the chapter about “fake foods.”)

So get your own copy of the book to devour immediately, and stock up a few for prospects. And if ever there was a message to send out to all your key leaders and start an email tree, this is it. If you get your key people to blow up their limiting beliefs, and replace them with empowering ones, you will be amazed how fast that can jack up your bonus check. And once you get that consciousness duplicating down your group, you are bullet proof.

By the way, can I have your help on this? By the time you read this, books should be in the stores. But some of the clowns in these chain stores order a whopping inventory of two books! If you have trouble finding the book in your local store, or getting enough copies, would you ask for the manager and ask him or her to order you extra copies? We have a lot of buzz around the book and a major media campaign, and it’s important that there are books on the shelves. I appreciate any assistance you can provide.

I’m very excited about the book and what it can do for you. I hope you are too. By the way, if you prefer to order online, get the details at:

Thanks, have an amazing week!

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