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Mega-MLM Event with Randy Gage

This very intense, content-rich weekend will teach you the leadership skills necessary to develop a massive, exponentially-growing organization. It’s a Mastery level program for people who are deadly serious about building a multi-million-dollar residual income from their network marketing business. This program is advanced training on creating culture, implementing a system, and developing a leadership factory in your group. Mega-MLM is your opportunity to dramatically increase your income, develop stronger duplication in your team, and create a true passive income that will continue long after you stop working.

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The Breakthrough

As I made my way through my MLM career, I learned some very interesting lessons along the way... For instance, I found out that teaching people how to approach a prospect didn’t mean that they would actually prospect anyone. I learned that showing someone how to make effective presentations didn’t necessarily mean they would actually present anything.

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The #1 Training Album in Network Marketing Just Got Better . . .

"How to Earn at Least $100,000 a Year in Network Marketing," by Randy Gage was the #1 selling training album in industry history. Recently Gage, has replaced the entire album with a new 12 step training resource called “Duplication Nation”. This album is now the most advanced training on the science of building an organization that has ever been offered. In “Duplication Nation”, Gage combines his copywriting skills, answers back to the explosion of selling on the Internet, and utilizes cutting-edge marketing strategies to help network marketers and direct sellers build a massive business.

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MP3 Training Resources For The Technology Lover!

You've seen them. They are everywhere. They are young and hip. They've got a camera cell-phone. They text message lunch date confirmations. They schedule you into their PDA. They "read books" by listening to them--but not on the typical CD--they've got a cool, slim, pocket sized IPOD. They are the people who are always on-the-go. And they manage their lives neatly in little gadgets. They are the techno lover. And if you want their attention and business, you had better find a way to appeal to their technology driven world.

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Publisher of Best Selling Network Marketing Training and Success Resources Satisfies Consumer Demand for MP3 Audio Download

(Wichita, KS) Keeping up with technology is a never-ending job and in the audio world, the big buzz word right now is MP3 audio. This form of audio is becoming increasingly more popular due to the overwhelming consumer response to the IPOD and other portable MP3 players. MP3 audio is typically available on the internet and lets the customer download, save to their portable player, and listen immediately. For companies who produce and sell audio information products, they know that offering their product with the latest technology is a must.

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