Shhh, Keep It in Your Team

This is the most important note I've sent you in at least ten years. Really. So please take a few moments and see what is so important.

As you know, I've been on a sabbatical, working on myself, and a few creative development projects. One of those projects is a long-term dream of mine—an online learning platform—an academy for Network Marketing leadership.

What this platform can do for you is extraordinary...

It will help you with retention. It will help you with recruiting. Most importantly, it will help you with duplication. Real duplication, hundreds of levels deep.

Yes it will help you personally in many, many ways. Teaching you new skills sets, making you better at old ones, building belief and confidence. But the most powerful thing it will do for you is dramatically increase the results of your entire team. Get your whole team on the platform and you'll see a HUGE spike in your duplication.

I won't officially launch it until January 1. But since you're a loyal subscriber, you can get in now at the beta phase. This can give you a big head start other teams won't have.

Don't play around on this. Go here now and get registered:

You'll be very, very glad you did!


P.S. And use the share buttons on the video to get the word out to your entire team.
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