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Your Homework...

Hopefully by now you've set aside 45 minutes and watched my new training video on how to create the best duplication and results for your group.

Now, can I suggest some "homework" for you this weekend?

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This is a "Must Watch"

I've just put up a brand new training video that will really help you build volume, better duplication, and reduce the number of people who quit your team. You'll learn the three required components for true duplication, and what you have to do personally to make it work on your team.

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It's D Day!

Today is December 10th. That means it's "D Day" for your team.

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Do Not Watch This Video

I just posted a new 25-minute training video. It's about the action steps and skill sets required to reduce dropouts, rejections and no-shows—and dial up activity, volume and recruiting.

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Shhh, Keep It in Your Team

This is the most important note I've sent you in at least ten years. Really. So please take a few moments and see what is so important.

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