Changing the Way We Change

Every so often an idea revolution occurs that turns the world view upside down. The earth is round. Germs cause disease instead of evil spirits. We have an unconscious mind.

Each advancement had naysayers. And each advancement had people who took tremendous advantage of this knowledge.

Now, there is a revolution starting in network marketing. And it turns conventional thinking upside down. It has to do with the way you can change to grow your business.

Conventional thinking says: Change your beliefs, your behavior will change and so will your life. If you’re lucky your emotions will change as well. There is enough evidence to prove the legitimacy of this approach that it almost has the reverence of the Ten Commandments.

This commandment also says it takes work. A lot of hard work to change your beliefs. Change will eventually happen if you persist. So keep working at changing your beliefs, even though they feel etched in granite.

You are told about the ruinous effects of negative beliefs. Use affirmations and big dreams to help overcome them. They work—but with a 80% attrition rate maybe the formula needs adjusting.

The revolutionary adjustment is here. And you can apply it to the biggest problem of network marketing…


Although to be accurate, it’s not prospecting that is the problem. The problem is the two biggest fears that are the inevitable companions of prospecting... The fear of rejection and the fear of failing.

Too many network marketers have not been able to sufficiently change their beliefs to overcome these twin assassins of prosperity. The emotional response to prospecting is more deeply embedded than the networking person is aware of. It has to do with how your brain works. Your brain has stored every painful rejection and failure to help you avoid it in the future. This is a necessary survival process and your brain does it automatically and efficiently.

Think about it…

If you got mugged at a convenience store, it takes no effort to feel unease the next time you go there (if you go at all). If you get mugged again at another convenience store it will be a while before you return to any convenience store. You will only go out of necessity. It’s simply the way your brain works to protect you.

How does this apply to network marketers?

Every time you approach a prospect and the prospect refuses your opportunity, you are not just being rejected by them. They are re-stimulating the part of your brain (the limbic system) that has stored all painful memories of rejection and feelings of prior failures. It is the same as a having a phobia. You don’t want to go near anything that looks like the phobic stimulus.

Telling people that they are sabotaging themselves when they don’t prospect is a little bit insulting to a million years of brain evolution designed to keep us from repeating painful or fearful patterns.

Your fear of prospecting is simultaneously…
• a problem (you resist wanting to do it so you don’t grow your business); and,
• a solution (keeps you from feeling severe emotional pain).

For many network marketers, this emotional pain (phobia) is stronger than the lure of financial freedom and leading the good life. The 80% attrition rate or minimum success now makes a little more sense.

Now there is a way to overcome the anxiety of acting that is faster than trying to force a new change of beliefs. To deal with the protective fears, you need a new approach. The way you change is going to be easier and faster than you have been taught. The world is not flat…

A Little Magic for Prospecting Relief

The following exercise will help you make a rapid shift so you can take action with reduced distress. This exercise is based on brain research, plus my professional and personal experience with clients around the world.

Here’s what you need to make this work like magic:

1. Knowledge about what to say when you approach a prospect;
2. Knowledge about how to follow up after the initial contact with the prospect; and,
3. Confidence that your product, service, or opportunity offers a genuine benefit to the prospect.

If you have these three in place then you’re set to take the following steps for a little more brain magic.

Read the directions all the way through before doing them. Remember this is only an experiment to see what happens when you feel and think differently about taking action. Reverting to the old tension is always a choice.

1. Think of a prospecting action step you have been avoiding or not doing very vigorously. Rate difficulty of taking action on a 1-10 scale with 10 being high.
2. When you think of taking this step, pay attention to the stress feeling in your body. It may be in the chest, neck, jaw, breathing, etc.
3. Then look up: it can be at the ceiling or sky if you are outside. The key is to look upward.
4. Pay attention to the location of the stress feeling in you body and with two fingers tap the acupressure point on your cheekbone directly under your eye (either one) while you take a few (4 or 5) relaxing deep slow breaths.
5. Don’t force anything to happen. Just let any new insights, feelings, or better ways of looking at the problem occur spontaneously.
6. Think of the original situation and rate the difficulty of taking action.

Most people will experience a drop in their rating. If you went down a few points and want to reduce the rating even more, return to the difficult situation and think of a specific part of the action step that remains troubling. Then repeat steps 2 – 5 again. Keep repeating these steps until you experience noticeable or sufficient relief.

Why does this work?

It involves more regions of your brain than the part that creates beliefs. I’ve discussed this technique (and others that are even more powerful) with physicians, medical researchers, and other related professionals to get a better understanding of why and how this works the way it does. The conclusions of these scientists are theoretical. Interestingly, they independently reach similar reasons about why these techniques work. However, that’s not really important… just try these steps and see the results your self.

Interesting stuff, but there’s more…

You can learn more about rapid change to overcome the anxiety of taking action. These innovative and breakthrough techniques can give you the mental edge for lasting success. The good news is you can apply these same strategies for any area that you have been avoiding, procrastinating or time when you want to feel more confident.

World-renowned Network Marketing Expert Randy Gage and I went into the studio and recorded a CD album on how to respond to objections of prospects. In addition, we added how to respond with confidence. Overcoming the protective fears while applying laser like responses to objections makes an unbeatable combination that is simply not available anywhere else on this planet. You will learn these strategies plus more on this album. This knowledge is priceless and fast becoming the foundation for building a big organization fast.

You’ll also learn how to elicit the help of your number one ally in building your dream—your spouse. We discuss how to create a better alliance with your spouse. But that still is not all. I hope to have aroused your curiosity enough to check out the mental edge for success by going to the web site, Read about this resource for accelerating your success as a network marketer and begin changing the way you change.

-- Peter Pearson
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