Keep new distributors from dropping out

Leverage your time, grow your business and stop new distributors from dropping out . . .

Thereís a magic moment in the sponsoring process when your prospect catches the vision and makes a decision to join the business. But, thereís another magic moment -- one even more important. This happens when your new distributor really understands how he can make his dreams come true in your program.

When people drop out, itís usually because this second magic moment was never reached. What happened was your distributor had second thoughts. Those big checks, free cars and trips sounded wonderful . . . for you. But your distributor just didnít relate to how he could get those things for himself. Unless you show him how he can reach his dreams through your program, he wonít have the frame of mind to persevere through the challenges and reach success. If you make this connection--youíll have a distributor forever.

Hereís the usual sponsoring process. You make a presentation and sponsor a new distributor. Heís excited and dreaming about all the money, trips, cars and other goodies heís going to get. He already has his first five distributors in his mind. So, you send him home and tell him to make a name list.
Since he already knows the five people he wants, he doesnít bother with the name list, but calls all five people and invites them to the next meeting. Now, he sits back and relaxes -- waiting for the big bucks to roll in.

The night of the meeting arrives, and what happens? With luck, one person shows up. Your new distributor is devastated.
Hopefully, he will recover. Then, he will spend the next five weeks re-inviting those four people who never came. Every week, they have even better excuses.

What your distributor doesnít realize is that these people DONíT WANT TO COME. They just donít know how to tell him. So, by the end of his second month, your new distributor tells you, "I just donít know anybody else."

Rather than having to face more rejection and frustration, your distributor has given up the ghost. Itís highly likely he will quit. If he stays with it, thereís a good chance he may come to meetings for the rest of his life, but he will never bring a guest. His fears are greater than his dreams. He now sees those big checks, trips, etc. in the abstract -- they sound good and look good, but he doesnít actually believe they are ever going to happen for him.

To turn fantasies into dreams, and dreams into commitment -- your dreams must be stronger than your fears! Motivation, positive thinking and hype will only last so long. Unless your distributor has a believable, logical plan for attaining his dreams, the fear will take control. The same holds true for you, too.

Probably the most important component in building your business is the training you give your new distributors is in the first
48 hours. This formative stage is what determines whether they approach their new business like a business.

Randy Gage's Fast Track Pack will get you off to a fast start -- and to teach you how to work with your new distributors as they sponsor into the business. The tools in this pack are the collateral support resources to train your new distributors on how to be a "business" person. The Fast Track Pack includes:

* What You Need to Know First audio - You and your new distributors will discover the mindset you need to succeed, who your mentors should be, what a duplicable system is and the only two ways you earn income in this business. This is the audio you- -and your people--must listen to first, before you start the mlm network marketing business.

* Getting Started audio - Give this audio to your new mlm distributors to get them started fast. It will take your new distributors through the all-important beginning work -- to set a duplicatable foundation to build on. Includes making their list, setting realistic goals, becoming product-focused and scheduling.

* First Steps booklet - This 28-page booklet goes hand-in-hand with the Getting Started audio to start your new distributors right--following a duplicatable system--so they make money--so you make money.

* Secrets of a Dynamic Day audio - This inspirational and motivational tape is designed for you -- and your people -- to listen to daily, during your self-development time. In addition to its uplifting message, there are reminders about goals, appointments and follow-through--to keep you focused--and moving closer to your dreams each day.

* Check Out The Biz DVD - Randy Gge conducting a live generic opportunity meeting that was filmed live before an audience of more than 100 people. It offers an exciting and compelling presentation for your prospects. Use it to speed up your sponsoring and duplication rates. 70 minute DVD.

Use these tools, and convert what used to be dropouts--into productive distributors. Get the Fast Track Pack online for only $37!

Or get this training pack in quantity and save! Get 6 sets of the Fast Track Pack in the Fast Track Pack Combo for only $177 and save over $50!

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