New Resource Gives Network Marketers The Psychological Advantage in Building Their Business

b>Industry expert Randy Gage and human behavior expert Dr. Peter Pearson reveal the hidden psychology for success in the network marketing industry.

There are hundreds of network marketing, mlm and home-based businesses operating around the world. And every year thousands of people join the ranks of the self-employed seeking a better career opportunity and life. But yet for every person who makes it big in the industry, another person drops out almost as soon as they join. So what makes one person a huge success in the business, receiving a hefty check each month, while others drop out like flies or go broke trying to be successful?

Those are the exact questions that prompted network marketing expert Randy Gage and human behavior expert Dr. Peter Pearson to team up and answer. Prime Concepts Group, the exclusive publisher of many best-selling training albums and books for network marketers, announces the release of a revolutionary new training resource called “Mental Edge MLM.” This 6 CD audio album by Gage and Pearson is the definitive explanation of both the conscious and unconscious processes that direct and influence human behavior.

This album explores the psychological motivations that cause people to act. Each of the 6 CDs introduces a new issue and provides answers on how to effectively deal with them. In “Mental Edge MLM” Gage and Pearson reveal:

• Why some people join the business and others don’t;
• Why some people drop out of the business almost as soon as they start;
• What goes on in the mind of the prospect at the presentation;
• What causes self-sabotage and procrastination and what to do about it;
• The 11 Factors that determine whether a prospect joins the business, and how to handle each of them to be successful;
• How to sponsor your spouse (to create a home team that is collaborative and supportive);
• How to triumph over fear to contact prospects; and,
• The secrets of painting a compelling picture in one-on-one presentations and meetings to sponsor more people!

For more than 15 years, Randy Gage has been helping people in the direct selling industry break through their self-limiting beliefs and achieve their dreams. Randy is a recognized expert in the network marketing industry. Rather than “rah-rah” hype, Randy’s focus is on specific, how-to training to build a business faster. He is the author of over 40 works including "How to Earn at Least $100,000 a Year in Network Marketing” and “How to Build a Multi-Level Machine.” Gage is a former Chamber of Commerce president, civic leader, 10 year member of the National Speakers Association, and has been featured on talk shows, radio shows, and interviewed by many print publications including Success magazine.

Peter Pearson, Ph.D. is a consulting associate professor at Stanford University and has been helping people overcome personal issues and transform their relationships for more than 20 years. Peter and his wife Dr. Ellyn Bader are directors of The Couple Institute in Menlo Park, California. Peter and Ellyn are known worldwide for their ability to resolve the toughest emotional issues and cases. Their textbook on counseling is used in graduate schools across the country, and they have trained therapists around the world.

For more information about this album and to listen to the free 30 minute segment "How to Overcome Fears to Get Started", please visit the publisher’s website at

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Randy Gage is available for media interviews by arrangement. Please contact Alicia Gregg, Director of Media Relations, Prime Concepts Group, or 316-942-1111 to schedule an interview with one of the most sought after experts in the network marketing industry.

Peter Pearson is available for media interviews by arrangement. Please contact Michelle at The Couples Institute, or (650) 327-5915 to schedule an interview with the preeminent expert on human behavior.

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