5 Keys for Network Marketing Success

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5 Keys for Network Marketing Success

  • Do everything in a duplicable way, so you are working smarter, not just harder.
  • Concentrate on your strengths; sponsor your weaknesses.
  • Control your calendar, or others will control it for you.
  • Recruit people you like, so your energy is positive.
  • Help your team reach their goals, and your own are assured.


– RG

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7 Comments on “5 Keys for Network Marketing Success”

  1. Pete Zdanis says:

    Great summary, Randy! Network Marketers need to “keep it simple” and get out of their own way. Following these steps is one way to do that.

  2. Randy, it seems so simple and yet why are we finding it so difficult to do?
    I have to confess I have some of those problems myself so I will have to work on them for better results. Thanks for those five points.

  3. Ronald Usher says:

    Great info Randy,
    I teach my people KISS
    “Keep it simple stupid”

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  5. ventaforce says:

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