Are You Ready?

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What an exciting time to be alive.  And what an exciting time to be in Network Marketing…

Elections looming.  Economies tanking.  Governments teetering on insolvency.  Unemployment at record levels.

Ain’t it great!

It’s unfortunate, but for many people, they need circumstances like these to open their minds up. They’ve been so brainwashed into getting a degree and getting a job, they simply can’t help themselves.  They’re trapped in the Matrix and don’t even know it.

It takes economic and political upheaval like this to shock them out of their mindless habitual thinking stupor.  Once the wooziness wears off, they realize two things:

1) Their company doesn’t have their best long-term interest at heart.
2) Their government is a Ponzi scheme managed by idealistic idiots who will never be able to provide for their retirement security.

And the day they realize that, is the day their whole world opens up.  Provided you are waiting there, offering the solution.

Are you ready?


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25 Comments on “Are You Ready?”

  1. Chuck says:

    This is some good stuff right here!
    Thanks Randy!

  2. CLB says:

    Powerful Stuff Here! Click…Share…Save!

    Many thanks…

  3. “Their trapped in the Matrix and don’t even know it.”

    Exactly. So thankful someone gave me the red pill several years ago and helped me see the truth.

    We have the cookie!

    AND, it tastes g

  4. Amen! The work we do is important.

  5. Oleg says:


  6. Tracy Hunter says:

    I love your blogs and Prosperity videos and you are always so right on. I love the PONZI relation, but I ask a quick breakdown about how I can explain it, however briefly, when I’m sitting with someone.


    • Tom Pusztai says:

      Hi Tracy,

      ‘Til the authentic answer arrives… :) I would dare to give my opinion the subject.

      A Ponzi scheme being where there is no product, no SERVICE whatsoever, and profit comes exclusively from the downpayment – the entering fee of the “new ones” entering the scheme, in my opinion:

      the goverment is becoming a Ponzi scheme when it does not SERVE, does not fulfill its purpose appropiately and at the same time keeps the money flowing from the entrance-fee of the “new ones”, the present taxpayers. This is especially true at the retirement plans, where the pensions are payed by the “newcomers”, the active working people, being overtaxed and being left without a similar base when they reach their retirement age, as population and especially TAXPAYING population nosedives in developed countries.

  7. Hi RG,


    Be ready. Be prepared. Resistance is continually arising, moving people to look for other options. That’s where we step in.

    We offer a prospering, freeing solution. We can help, but we have to be ready to help.

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. wencel says:

    It`s new challenge only and let go on……….


  9. Christina Denice Wulff-Pedersen says:

    Yes I am ready!!!

  10. Tom Pusztai says:

    Randy, that’s exactly the same here in Hungary.

    There were never so many talented people seeking for solutions different from the one provided by the prevailing but spectacularly failing “study hard and get a good job for life” attitude.

    We just need to inform them and be there, support them when they reach the tipping point.

    It’s great stuff you’re doing! Thanks!


  11. Stevidore says:

    Right now is the perfect time to develop those relationships with people. Genuinely care for them, Listen & lend a helping hand where you can before shoving your opportunity down their throat.

    They need to know that our community is made up of real people who care about them & not just looking to make a buck out of them.
    It’s amazing what this business will do for you when you put people first & you genuinely care about helping them.

    Great post RG…

    Hello everybody… Happppyyyyyy New Year!!!!

  12. Rachel Henke says:

    Love it! Thanks for the reminder.

  13. Adeyemo Adetowubo says:

    I’m very ready Randy. It’s crazy times here in Nigeria. A major reform that has got the people real agitated has just been introduced here in Nigeria. A lot of people are confused and don’t know what to do next. My job right now is to offer them the MLM solution because lots of jobs will be lost, more and more people will face economic hardship… A lot of responsibility rests on my shoulders. Help me God to be of help to many!

  14. Mihaela says:

    Yes, Randy , loud and clear!
    The solution is in our hands.

  15. Dan Rice says:

    Ready and willing to help and educate on true financial wealth principles. Growing and building a business is a great way to start but if you are getting paid in paper that will eventually be worthless and not converting it to precious metals and real estate it will all be for not. Provide a complete education and be rewarded in a way far beyond just teaching them to build a business can provide.

  16. Roger Silen says:

    Ready and Living Large!! The best thing I could have done was unplugged myself from the Matrix!!! Feels good to be alive… Feels GREAT to know that we are embracing a Better Way!!

  17. suzanne says:

    Ready? Yes Randy and the work we do is important…

  18. Juan Pablo says:

    Feels very ALIVE! been out of the MATRIX!! …..

    THANKS MORFEOS!!!….. i mean RANDY!! =)

  19. It’s time to shake things up for the better, and get the word out, because millions of people are finally beginning to realize for the first time possibly, that their job isn’t going to be enough to weather the financial storms coming in the next 24 months or so. Hyper inflation being one of them.

  20. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    The MLM is the solution for to recover the crisis of the bad economy.

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