Building Belief Bigger than the Grand Canyon

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We have a great dialogue going on the last post about building belief. And it got me thinking about what you could do to create a belief so strong that nothing could shake you from it…

And believe it or not, that doesn’t come from skills and experience.  The core consciousness of belief, the one that emanates from your very being doesn’t really have anything to do with you products, company or Network Marketing.  It’s not a business issue, it’s a prosperity one.

And like most prosperity issues involving lack and limitation, it usually comes down to worthiness issues.  Believing you deserve to be healthy, happy and successful.  So here’s my homework for you…

I have a channel on YouTube called Prosperity TV. I have about 30 short videos on it that you can watch for free.  How this for a plan?

Start today and watch the first one.  (The oldest one is actually my speaker demo video, so you don’t need to watch that one!  But you can email it to the meeting planner at your company and tell them to bring me in for your next convention instead of those silly sales trainers and vacuous motivators!)  Start with “How to Live Your Dream Life.”

Then watch one video each day for a month.  Remember they have nothing about network marketing skill sets or the business.  (So please don’t post MLM questions there.  That’s what this site is for.)  The videos on Prosperity TV are totally about developing your prosperity consciousness and letting go of negative beliefs and programming.  And I think that may be the biggest breakthrough you’ll ever get.

You up for it?  If so, go here:

Bookmark it and subscribe and take the 30-day challenge!

– RG

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22 Comments on “Building Belief Bigger than the Grand Canyon”

  1. Gina Koinski says:

    Randy, I love your ProsperityTV channel on YouTube and subscribed to it! Don’t want to miss any of them!

  2. Douglas says:


    You don’t have to watch Dynasty, To have an attitude

    Yet you must watch Prosperity TV, To have Abundance-Tude!


  3. Hi Randy,


    I’ve already watched a number of your videos but will happy to go back and refresh my memory with one per day.

    The outside mirrors the inside. Systems, compensation plans, programs…..all of these tools move into and out of your life based on your mindset. Make personal development your A1 priority and everything else naturally falls into place on the outside.

    Keep spreading the word on PTV!


  4. JCW says:

    Would love to watch your videos Randy, unfortunately
    I am still dealing with a slow dialup.

  5. Jose Lopez says:

    Excellent challenge! And if I might add an idea … for those of you who “already watched them”, take the 30 days challenge anyway and watch them over again. If you are not making $100,000 a month on your MLM business, you need to work on your worthiness issues.

    • Randy Gage says:

      Thanks, I should have said that. I realize many of you have seen them as they were posted. But the cumulative effect of watching one every day for 30 days in a row and what it can do for your consciousness is what we’re looking for.


  6. Enrique says:

    Hi Randy:

    I have watched them and I will watching one video every day for 30 days for the next 12 months.

  7. Lene Hansen says:

    Dear Randy!
    Thank You!
    I wished all my life I could change the world to be a place of love and care, but have just been strugling to get there, and kind of lost hope, that this was possible. Meeting you here have kind of reinstalled that hope and purpose. Thought that, that kind of care in a person had become extinct, and only excisted in fairytales. You touched me deeply, and I consider you the best friend I ever had. I hope I’m not stepping over your boundaries, by writing this, but this is really how I feel.

  8. Gabesuarez says:

    Yes. About two weeks ago, I began to realize that the result is a matter of prosperity concius! Thats is why I still don’t have the results that i what. I will see all the videos. Thanks. Gabe

  9. Hilli N says:

    Dear Mr Gage,

    Great post as always. Your youtube channel is excellent. Short, funny and really thoughtful.

    Mr Worre and you Mr Gage are both giving a lot back to our profession. I believe that you both are the ones who bring the most valuable information and training about our profession on the internet. No other leader do so at least at that level of excellence. Perhaps we may say that Mr Kiyosaki does it too, but it is different. Kiyosaki Rich Dad thought him to be careful with free advise, but you showed us that sometimes free may worth millions.

    On another level you both teach us to be consistent. Posting every day a new post or video ask a lot of discipline, something we all should take in example.

    Thank you and best regards Mr Gage,

    Hilli N

    Nb: I love the new intro it is really distinguished.

  10. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    Ilike to watch your videos.
    Someone say “Belief, Enthusiasm, Posture – When I have all three, nothing stops me”.

  11. Jillian says:

    Loved the first video, subscribed and am up for the challenge

  12. It´s an awesome new video!

  13. wencel says:

    Thanks Randy , go on that.


  14. Calli says:

    Greetings Randy.

    It would be awesome if you could supply a direct link to “How to Live Your Dream Life”.
    I have watched a bunch of your prosperityTV links and none of them have that exact title.
    However I did find “living your dream life” and I am enjoying your message as always!

    Thank you Randy for sharing your wisdom and your LINK!


  15. Calli says:

    Loving your Prosperity TV Randy!

    It would be most helpful for you to supply a direct link your suggested video to start with ~~ ““How to Live Your Dream Life.”

    I have found “how to create your dream life” which I am enjoying!

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and link!
    Calli Meister

  16. Lene Hansen says:

    Dear Randy!
    I just have to share this – this is so mindblowing. Just found some sentences, that have been controlling me. “don’t fly too high – then it will really hurt, WHEN you fall” not IF but WHEN. And the other one “at earth to stay serves you best”. It is a danish saying that means you should not aim too high, but be realistic of what is possible. And “better safe than sorry”. My God this is a tremendous work to get rid of all these.
    This have happened just by waching the 2 first videos of Yours and meditation.
    Thank You!

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