Building Your Team Culture

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Last post I mentioned that the most difficult aspect of our business is the people issues.  These present the biggest challenges to leadership.  And they’re encompassed in an even larger issue…

Creating culture in your organization.

Every organization has culture.  Some are by conscious design, other simply happen because leaders refuse to lead.

Look no further than News Corp.  A massive corporation, it earns billions of dollars in earnings.  Yet this phone hacking scandal is just another in a long line of very questionable, immoral or illegal activities.  And each time until now, the company has made them go away by throwing money at them.  Rupert Murdoch is famous for his admonition to his employees, “bury your mistakes.”

But that approach can only go so far.  The most telling part of the whole sordid mess was his one word response when he was asked is he was responsible for the illegal behavior of his employees:  “No,” was his reply.

The culture of News Corp starts with him.  And it has duplicated with a thoroughness those of us in Network Marketing can only envy.

But what about you and your team? 

How much thought have you given to the culture in your organization?  Do you know the most important areas of culture?  Have you helped create it, or have you let it happen by chance?

There may be nothing more important you do for your people than help set the right culture for your network.  And don’t think you can worry about it when you have 10,000 people.  You set the culture when you have three people.

Recommended Resource:  If you don’t have it, get a copy of my How to Become an MLM Rock Star training album.  There is some very help training on culture in that.  You’ll learn the ten key areas, and how to create the best in each.

I’m wrapping up another around the world trip.  I’ve gone from Florida to Japan, to Sydney, up to Malaysia, back to Sydney, all the way on to Moscow.  Now I’m stopping over in Amsterdam, on the way to London and then back to Miami for a few days.

It’s been wonderful connecting with people, conducting events and helping people build their dreams.  It always energizes me getting out in the field for extended time, because it reminds me of the importance of what we do.


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14 Comments on “Building Your Team Culture”

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Hello Randy if your speaking in London “I missed that?” I hope you enjoy your stay in sunny England!

  2. Steve Pohlit says:

    The culture you build follows your own value system. All great leaders have a very clear unshakable set of principles that guide their actions. The better one becomes the more valuable one is for another.

  3. jacinta says:

    How Can I build my Team?

  4. So true Randy. You have to develop a community. How you establish the community will determine how others will act. Remember you are a representation of you company, your upline and your team. How you act even away from doing your business is a representation of all the above. People want to be a part of something great. If you build a community with morals and high ethical standards your team will stay together for a long time. Give them a reason to be proud to be apart of THE TEAM not YOUR TEAM. Our team wear the same shirts to convention.. They are very thankful and proud to be apart of TEAM212 I may be the leader to many but I teach them all they are the leader of team212. One time we made shirts that said. I Am The Leader Of TEAM 212. Everyone was wearing the same shirt.

    Build a community people are proud to be apart of and you will build a long lasting business.


  5. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    The culture of organizationis not only about set of principles ,because the set of
    principlesmake the policy of any organization.
    The culture of organizationis is about value system, which the leader creates when he leads his team in a new path, and get the felling of trust and belonging
    to the team and the organization.
    When you build your culture of organizationis ,there will not be many quiters, and the organization will prosper and thrive.

  6. mahad says:

    Hi Randy,i think if one focuses on making the first circle work then the rest falls into set the example.

  7. Adeyemo Adetowubo says:

    Hi Randy, what’s the best thing to do with new enrollees who as soon as they come on board want to do things their own way? Those that don’t relate with their upline team and decide to go solo. Should they be left to do it their own way or is there a way you can bring them in check? Some won’t even respond to phone calls or text messages. Are these the category of people you say are not perfect for network marketing? And should one just cease to worry about helping them succeed?

  8. Raymond says:

    July 25,2011 at 9:41 PM

    I have not built a team yet,but this post is a good guide line.


  9. Terre Johnson says:

    Wow. So important yet so infrequently articulated. Take responsibility for your leadership.
    Who’d have thought!
    Thanks RG!

  10. Del says:

    Nice Post! Leadership and service. They go hand in hand. Same is true when it comes to businesses. A leader who is willing to do everything they can to help out greatly increases the success of the members.

    Thanks Randy!

  11. Marvin Sykes says:

    Great info like always. I will be sharing with my organization. Thanks again RG.

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