Certain Prospects

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Let me share something quite shocking with you.  You want to know who the very best prospects are?  The ones that are certain to join sooner or later?

People who have quit before.

And no matter how bad their experience was.  Could be they had a lousy sponsor.  Their company ran out of money and stiffed them on their last bonus check.  The government closed them down because they weren’t a legitimate Network Marketing company.  Even if they bought $50,000 worth of water filters – which are still gathering dust in their garage.

They always come back.

Here’s why:  The thing that brought them in in the first place is still there:  the dream.  Now it may get submerged for a while and usually does.  When people face a setback they often pull back into their shell and go into existence mode.

But just as when people get a taste of freedom they can’t be held down, the same thing happens for dreams.  At some point they will find the courage to go after them again.

And if you’re the person there with the vehicle to make it happen, BINGO!  It may take two months, it may take two years, it may take ten.

But they always come back.

Remember this:  When someone joins Network Marketing once, something is awakened inside them.  And the only thing that gets it out of their system is embalming fluid.


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20 Comments on “Certain Prospects”

  1. Gina Koinski says:

    I’m living proof of this post today! Glad I ‘came back’ – living the dream is soooo worth it!

  2. Nam says:

    Let’s start a welcome home committee! =)

  3. Aritz Zuniga says:

    I never thought this. But it is true. Thanks Randy!

  4. Natalie says:

    I indeed vowed I’d NEVER do MLM again…

  5. Good to have in mind always! Itis true since I knew the MLM, my life cahnge and my dream comes up again. NO matter the time that it takes to reach FREEDOM I will work on me.

  6. Jack LaCava says:

    I’ve always used the adage that I need to find people like me. That said, I look for entrepreneurial people who understand what building a business is all about and that has been how I’ve been able to build a lasting team.

    I’ve met too many people who were in network marketing but had a bad experience and will NEVER get involved again.


  7. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,
    There are some people that when they face a setback they often pull back and leave the MLM,and never comeback again.Some others people believes that:
    “As long you don’t give up, there is no way you can not lose”.Cherchil.
    success can be achieve with slow grades , it needs some time,

  8. Ramiro says:

    I have proved this with some of my downlines. They are the best nowadays regardless the experience thay had before.
    How do you normally do to find them?

  9. Network Marketing – it’s independence, freedom, I love network marketing

  10. cliff Boxer says:

    Its like broadband vs. dial up. Broadband represents networking and dialup, the job.Once we have experienced the magic and outright thrill of residual income who wants to go back or settle for a job.

  11. John Lowery says:

    The great thing about people who have already tried network marketing is most of them don’t need much training to get it done.

  12. So true! I love this post and that last line about the only thing that gets it out of their system was perfect!

  13. Adeyemo Adetowubo says:

    This is sometimes true but not all the time. I’ve tried prospecting some people who got involved in some of those “grandpa” MLM companies with very hard compensation plans. Once you approach them about MLM they instantly develop a hard resistance because they feel all MLM opportunities are the same. Or, probably they feel all MLM uplines are same and everyone’s trying to manipulate them. It’s so unfortunate for these set of people. Why? Because I have quality information and leadership to give them, open their veiled eyes and help them dream again. Is there any way you can recommend I use in catching their attention to give me audience? Will eagerly await your response. I’m throwing this not only to Randy but to the whole house.

  14. Makes perfect sense! Thanks for sharing :)

  15. samuel adesanya says:

    this is an eye opener,i will try it.

  16. Marita Liepina says:

    For me it really is true. I never would not want to go back to the traditional business and an employment already there can be no question

  17. Bunmi Moore says:

    OMG Randy! I tell my team this ALL THE TIME! Once people have been bitten by the mlm, rest assured…they will be back. I build my team with these types of people all the time…then I use personal development to get them to stick and stay with me and not give up this time.

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