Edifying the Team

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Your products are important.  People want to know how they’ll make money in your business.  But those are not really the most important things in prospecting.

Here’s the most important thing to sell…

The team.  Because the team is where the success comes from.  It encompasses a number of very important factors.  These include:








That’s why it’s so important that after you give someone a first look at the business, you get them to some kind of open meeting.  Yes, it can be a three-way call upline or a webcast.  But a live event will work even better.

Let your prospect meet the leaders, shake their hands, look into their eyes, hear their stories, be touched by them.  Nothing will grow your recruiting results faster.

So how you doing on this?


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12 Comments on “Edifying the Team”

  1. Hope says:

    Actually, i forget to do these things. For one reason or another. However, some of my team members have listened to the personal stories of leaders in the business but they still end up loosing that drive. Which means i have to keep on recruiting.

    Plus, what happens when one looses faith in the product. We hear of a number of complaints about our products and i dont know if this is reason enough to leave the company……My personal experience has been 50/50 in that some products are not that great and others are fantastic. What to do? Im still hanging in there though its difficult recommending products you dont really believe in.

    • Randy Gage says:

      You can never build a business if you don’t believe in the products. Forget what people say. Do they work for you? You mention that some are fantastic. If so, promote them.

  2. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    Nobody can sell a poduct which he isn’t believe in it.
    The team is where the success comes from,because the team are selling poducts and ecuiting more people to the organization.The team have to be qualified, how to build communication, and long term relationship with other people.People buy from those who the know,like and trust.

  3. Marita says:

    Thank you, great. From my small experience I noticed the same, exactly the team is most important thing. Therefore very important that people we are prospecting? Will they add the energy and power to the team or opposite? My question is – What you suggest: look for the best or teach anyone who wants to be in the best team?

  4. Mick says:

    Spot on Randy we use what we call COP’s meetings Career Opportunity meetings. They are presented by partners (that is what we are called by the company) and top earners who are also in most part instructors at our training academy. So brand spanking new people can see how easy it is to just bring along prospects to a well attended meeting and hear from experienced and trained presenters.
    A perfect duplicable system. See a similar format on my web company site the only change will be that partners at the COPs give their own testimonials and reasons for and why new people should join our company. Plus a few jokes and anecdotes on how using some simple methods to get customers and prospective business partners all makes for an enjoyable and effective couple of hours. If your company does not have something similar then get them to start them. After the meeting new people can get to meet top earners and other new recruits another vital element to the meeting that say to people you are in the business for yourself but never by yourself and some solid contacts and friends get made too.
    I think the success rate is 98% of those who attend joining that evening. Churching!!
    PS. Randy keep up your wonderful work, you are compulsive reading for anyone serious in building a big network marketing business. Thank you.

  5. Ahmed says:

    Hi Randy,

    I have not had much time to do my business lately,i had to focus on few job as my job needed me to be there for the past month.However,i am good at promoting for events..doing 3 way with upline,i have the support and everything else is awesome,products are FANTASTIC.
    1.Problem is,I was unable to get the people in my team to become succesful right away,and after one or two months they would drop out.
    2.I watched one of your videos on Youtube during workshop you said “it is better to have a one-one meeting with a prospect to QUALIFY them,(to be a consumer or business builder)”.
    Now in my case as i mentioned above,how do i qualify the prospects,do i send everyone to the local business meeting since i cant meet one-to-one most of the time bcoz of the nature of my job or shall i do the one-to-one when i get the time and qualify them but then that would take alot of time for me to move up.
    Thank you,
    See you on July 16.

  6. Essentially we are recruiting people who will do the same AND fit into our system. There doesn’t appear to be an exact method to determine who will and who won’t participate at the 100% level. If we were recruiting for a softball team and everyone played third base we’d spend a lot of time giving up runs. If our basketball team was all point guards or a dozen centers we’d have some troubles. This game may be closer to golf however. There is much to learn, more to practice and yet we can substitute anyone on our team for the long drive. Have someone who sinks the putt once it’s on the green… three way call. Have someone who is great at getting out of sand traps…

    Or you can just go organic and let the wind do it for you.

  7. Thank you Randy, great post

  8. Gabsuarez says:

    Randy very good OK!
    Question how do you do this when the leaders are 1500 Km from your city?
    Thanks Gabriel

  9. Merab Muligisa says:

    Hi Randy, I appreciate this. My sponsor lives miles away in a different town and I can see that my team needs to see and talk to my upline. Good reminder, I will work at this. Thank you. Merab

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