Exciting the Prospect

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Let’s follow up from the last post about how when a prospect really wants something – they always find the money!  So how do you create that level of excitement in your prospects?

Begin with the difference between features and benefits. 

Features are all of the things about you, your products and company.  Benefits are about the prospect.  Most distributors bore their prospects with features:

How old their company is, whether it’s debt-free, the ingredients in products, where they came from, minute details about the compensation plan.  Why would any of that matter to a prospect?

They want to know things like can they make money, how would they make money, how much can they make, and how do they get a free bonus car or a trip?  What benefits will the products supply them?

Talk less about you, your product and company, and start talking more about your prospect, and watch how much more excited they get!


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11 Comments on “Exciting the Prospect”

  1. So true Randy. The most important thing to any prospect is, “what’s in it for them.” It’s much easier to explain benefis when the primary subject in the conversation is the prospect and not all the features of the company, comp plan, or product.

  2. Suzane says:

    Thanks vm Randy. Appreciated.

  3. Dan says:

    Very true. Telling them the angle of your business that addresses their WHY is what motivates them.

  4. DJ Sobanjo says:

    Randy, you’re talking about a huge majority of Networkers here.

    We are so in live with ourselves, our great company, our wonderful products and super excellent comp plan we forget our prospects are only interested in their own goals and aspirations.


  5. Adeyemo Adetowubo says:

    Thanks for reminding us about this all-important aspect of prospecting over and over again. And this was what I did yesterday while presenting at a new downline’s PBR. Marketing the financial benefits is something I want to become a guru in. Thanks Randy

  6. Enrique says:

    This is the most simple definition of features vs benefits. Now, it makes sense to focus on what is important to a prospect.

  7. What a big post. The idea is not to loose the North less about you and more concentrate in your prospects clients, friends benefits…real and thruth…sometimes we forget how do the business!

  8. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy’

    Nobody car about features.The prospects whants to know about Benefits ,then if it work for them.

  9. Jack says:

    Concentrate on telling the prospect how your products/services are going to make their life easier. You can take the same approach when talking opportunity.

  10. Oleg says:

    Thank you Randy! Exactly what I needed at this time!

  11. Lene Jytte Hansen says:

    GOOD advice! Thank’s Randy :)

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