Facing Your Fears

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Here’s something you may not know about actor Henry Fonda:  He had tremendous stage fright.  When he was starring in Broadway shows, he would literally vomit in a bucket backstage, clean up, then go out and deliver a virtuoso performance. 

Yet Fonda was as honored as any actor: nominated for two Emmys, taking home a couple of Oscars, winning BAFTA best actor, two Golden Globes, a Grammy and a Tony award.

As acclaimed as Fonda was for acting, Barbra Streisand is for her singing.  She’s been making platinum records and winning awards since the 60’s.  And she suffers from an almost immobilizing fear of performing in front of live audiences.  Yet when she has to perform, she does what Fonda did, what you and I have to do:

She sucks it up, faces her fear, and does her job. 

Here’s the difference between the grinders and the Rock Stars in network marketing:

The grinders believe that once they find a way to overcome their fear, then they can start their work. 

The Rock Stars know that there is no such thing as a fearless leader. 

MLM Rock Stars know that fear can never be eliminated, so they don’t bother to try.  They choose to lead in spite of their fears.  And in some cases, because of them.

I’m still nervous when I’m driving to a home meeting with a new team member, and I’ve been doing this for 25 years!  I have people I’ve enrolled who have earned more than a million dollars in commissions – and they’re still petrified to get up and train on the stage.  But we do it anyway.

Your fear may be telling your family about your business, it could be calling up your best prospects, or it might be speaking in public.  Whatever your particular fear is isn’t important.  What’s important is how you respond to that fear.

Hope it goes away and you’ll always be a grinder.  Face your fear, get into action, and you’ll find your fear will reside and you will succeed.  What fear can you face down right now???

– RG

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21 Comments on “Facing Your Fears”

  1. The more I discover about God, my mind and subconscious mind, the more I realize “fear” has been my “Goliath”..

    I’m always challenging myself and learning more about handling fear.

    I face fear at my own pace RG.

    As my mind strengthens through “Truth”, my confidence grows.

    Thanks for these insights Brother. Your voice resonates of truth, I trust it.

  2. There’s an easy summary:

    Just do it!

  3. stanley fidelis says:

    most times i easily overcome fear, but my problem is that i have done a lot of presentations and it seems my prospects are not responding, mostly due to finance, pls i need assistance.

    • Nanci says:

      Try asking them if they would take you up on the opportunity if they had easy access to the money. This will probably lead you to finding out what their real fear is and then you can deal with that.

      Good luck and much success.

    • Corrisa says:

      Stanley, Either you’re giving off the wrong vibes, saying the “wrong” things, or you’re targeting the wrong people. I’m sure Randy has some training he can point you to.

  4. Mike Mills says:

    Succinct as always – very useful. Thank you

  5. Great inspiration, Randy! It’s exactly what I needed at this moment :)

    Thanks for your support!

  6. Wonderful post. I wish there was a better ‘label’ for this issue than fear however. When I lived on a submarine we had drills, practicing what to do for fires, flooding and every other emergency we might encounter during our ‘patrol’. In the first Star Wars movie as the Death Star is being pummeled one of the troopers suggests to another it is just another drill. That is the way it happens.

    Practicing sucks and it took up a lot of our time at sea. The pretend flooding never seemed to stop, the fires were always nearly impossible to put out. Some people were afraid of making mistakes and all the associated mental games that go with it. There wasn’t really what I’d call ‘FEAR’ present during practice.

    FEAR is when you are underwater and a REAL fire starts and the real deal is when a valve blows and two inch stream of sea water is spewing out at over 400 pounds of pressure, enough force to cut you in half if you make a mistake and like you said you do what you have to do. The practice, the drills take over. The subconscious runs the show. You can train it to do your bidding regardless of the situation, perceived circumstances or what ever else your lizard brain is crying about. If vomiting in a bucket is what works, do that.

    ‘Fear’ just may be a habit too and you may want to consider replacing it with another label. Super Excited beyond all words works for me.

  7. Lea Dedan says:

    Who can’t face his fear and overcome on it ,the fear will overcome on him
    The most of our fears are not about real risks, but only in our imagination.
    A newborn has only two kinds of fears, a fear from a sudden noise and a fear of falling. All those others fears are learn and adopted during our the life.

  8. Nanci says:

    Randy, thanks for your insights on this two edged sword. I think that the most important thing to do is to allow your fears to lead you into action. Although, I still cringe inside when I have to do some things, I have forced myself to do it. My technique is to tell someone what I am going to do and then I have to do it or look like an idiot.

  9. musadiq says:

    Randy,thanks for your words of encouragment.

  10. AK says:

    This is a very niece article. The subject of fear is part of human life. One aspect of fear that worth giving attention to is the fear that do come up when one stands up to deliver speech to an audience of listeners. This is referred to as audience fear. Many struggle hard to overcome audience fear and with passage of time they try to minimize the degree of audience fear and it gradually fades away as they continuously stand up several times to giver their presentations.
    There is another fear that is associated with failure. Many do not get started to become their own boss because of fear of failure. Such ones fail to know that the best way to overcome fear is to get started because practice makes better as people say.. Writing on this subject is very interesting because it is really a topic for discussion among great minds and it is good to note that a brave person is not the one who does not fear but it is the one who fears but conquers it.

  11. оксана says:

    Мы боимся совершить поступок пока прислушиваемся к многочисленному мнению окружающих,но если я полностью уверена в том что получу нужный результат меня никто и ничто не остановит.

  12. Jack Schmitt says:

    Thank you for your honesty. I preached in front of youth groups and congregations for 30 years and I’ve been involved in network marketing for almost 13 years, but I am still nervous as all get out when I call a prospect on the phone. But it’s something I know I have to do to succeed, and so I continue to press on.

  13. Marc Bell says:

    From the outside looking in, I’d think that the experts have overcome their fear through their actions. But its good to know that the experts with 10+ years in the industry have the “bubble gut” too.

    What I liked about what you wrote is that instead of try to eliminate fear, try to go on in spite of the fear!

    Awesome stuff!

  14. Corrisa says:

    Every entrepreneur has fear of one thing or another. Just like Randy stated you’ve got to work through it or it will debilitate you and your business. And clearly you don’t want that to happen!


  15. Ai says:

    I.m from IRAN you training Extraordinary

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