Freedom is Never Free

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So last post I said that if you’re serious about doing the business, you’ll be out doing the business two to three evenings a week.  And I asked what you’re willing to give up to make that happen.  Love all your comments on that.

Now sacrifice is not very sexy to talk about when you’re recruiting people.  But it’s the truth.  Because most of the people you talk to are not free.  All 24 hours of every day is already booked for them.  And if they want to make a change; if they want to be free – they’re going to have to sacrifice.

So don’t be afraid to talk about that…

We’re not an instant riches business.  We are a two- to four-year plan business.  And to make that plan work, people have to be willing to make a trade.

Freedom is never free.  There is always a price to pay.  But man is it worth it…

Talk to anyone that is at the top ranks of your company and ask them if it was worth the price to be free.

I missed some Sundays at church because I was out of town working long distance lines.  But now I put more in the basket than about 500 others.

I missed some TV shows, opening night movies and other entertainment.  But now I can travel anywhere for a concert, opera, sporting event, or show and often do.  I gave up some vacations for a couple years, so that now I can take four or five a year.

So what does this really mean to you?

Are you willing to miss some time with your kids now, so you can be home within a couple years?  Are you willing to delay gratification for things now, so you can have so much more later?

That’s the difference between success or life in the Matrix.  So what’s it going to be for you?


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35 Comments on “Freedom is Never Free”

  1. Frank Welzig says:

    Is there any way you can tell me what company you’re with Randy. I’ve tried in the past to find out but never did. I ask because I’d like to know what products a man like you gets excited about and motivated to do what needs to be done. Thanks.


    • Randy Gage says:

      I keep everything on this training site generic. But I can tell you I think the products should be unique, exclusive and highly consumable. So I like wellness products.


  2. Give up a few things now… so that you can enjoy many things in the future.

  3. Enrique says:

    I don’t think there is nothing to give up. It seems that way because everyone is doing the same thing:watching TV 5 hours per night.

  4. Vicki says:

    True that nothing is free. You have to pay the price…and I do tell that to my team. However, when you enjoy what you do, and you see people enjoying what they do AND getting paid for it AND getting to travel AND making new friends, and so many other ANDS… is well worth the price.

  5. Todd Pillars says:

    For me it goes back to “Do the things that unsuccessful people won’t do”.

    Though sometimes it’s hard when the Red Wings are on (and playing well) :)

  6. Ray Suarez says:

    You are so right Randy when you say that “Freedom is never free.” There is always a price to pay for everything you do. When you present your business opportunity to others you are literally adding more to their plate. And, it is up to them to accept your offer or not. Just as long as your company, and group,has the tools to show them how they can continue to live their life as they build their business they should be fine.

    Sacrifice is everything in life. You have to be able to give up something in order to get something else in return. If it means that you have to stop watching ;your favorite show or participating in your favorite activity for a year or two then so be it. In the end, when you are making the kind of money that you are truly worth, the sacrifice was worth it.

    Keep those great subjects coming Randy. Love all of them!

  7. Mario says:

    I am currently an employee in a MLM company… 15 years of career and suddenly is about to end in nothing… I have made up my mind to pay whatever price to be really free and not dependant upon any V.P., President or stock owners. Thank you randy for sharing this concepts!

    • Tomoe Cooper says:

      I am wishing you all the best in whatever you pursue and I hope you will put MLM in your income stream as a distributor this time, starting part-time. Find someone who you respect and love to work with who also can train you well with a good system. That is what I found works for people like us who come from MLM corporate backgrounds.

      Your 15 years is not going to end in nothing. I was a Vice President of a large $3.1 billion MLM company, working there for 10 years. It was a brilliant experience and has given me the confidence in this industry. Yes your income stops there but your experience and confidence is something you will have a great advantage over anyone who gets involved in this industry for the first time who are still pondering the question, “is this a credible industry or not.” You can do it!

  8. Randy,

    You’re right about diong what it takes to escape the rat race.

    Best decision I ever made was to get “hot for a season”

    My freedom has been worth it.

  9. John says:

    If you do today what most people won’t…

    Tommorow you can have what most people don’t!!

  10. Some people wander in the wilderness one step away from the Promised Land. Others find it and wander around in it wondering what to do next. Either way you have to create being excited about what you are doing. The more people in your life enrolled into creating the life of THEIR dreams eventually makes the journey one continuous vacation. I have a 12 year old who whenever he gets up against ‘it’ asking him about the day he met you always flips his switch back into visionary. The opportunity to make a difference in so many lives is incredible. Learning how to lead without being in charge is the most fantastic vehicle anyone could ever learn how to ride. Thank you Randy for being on the point, on the leading edge because while the joys of success are easy for others to see the sacrifice of staying at number one enables the rest of us to reach for the stars with you and because of you.

  11. Felma C. Ong says:

    I agree with you. In our business there is no such thing as nothing for something. If you want to earn the BIg Income, you have to do the most uncomfortable things in life especially in the first 2-3 years of your business. This is the time where you are laying the foundation of your empire, and building the foundation is not quick and easy. As your business grow bigger and you have developed more Leaders, then you will enjoy more freedom of time as well financial freedom. As they say, the bigger the dreams, the bigger the prize to pay and bigger the rewards to come!

  12. Ellis Hubbard says:

    I like how you teach RG … straight up with no chaser! That’s what one of my mentors in this business calls “eating the crust first”. Man my spouse is icy to me during the week while I am growing this thing, but on the pace I am setting and the example my team is making, in a few months (3-6) I will be a home everyday with her and she won’t be able to help but be WARM to me :)

  13. Vic says:

    Today I’ll get up and do what the rest is not willing to do, then tomorrow I’ll have what the rest is not willing to accept.

  14. azazel says:

    in iran NM is worther than U can think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s hard to catch the freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but for me it’s like a honey!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Nam says:

    Thank you Randy! You’re absolutely right. Freedom is better than the rat cage. Freedom is better than the “idiot box.” It’s not just better…it’s way, way better!!!

  16. Good morning Randy,
    I’m ready to do sacrifices.
    I took some decisions for that.
    I’m on the way and follow you !
    Have a lovely and sweet day

  17. MIke says:

    Hi Guys:

    My experience with telling most people that they have got to make sacrifices is that they nod and smile but, well this is something they are not adjusted to.
    Neither will they ever build a business.
    Just look for the ones that have a desire that is bigger than the TV screen.


  18. Jack LaCava says:

    I believe it goes beyond new people having their schedules full. They have their habits, maybe watching TV after dinner. That is not a neccessity it’s a habit. By working on changing their habits, they will be able to work their business – if the are serious and understand the outcome.
    Results = Success. I recall it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So, stay away from the TV after dinner and you will pick up a few hours each day to work the business and that may just be the motivation you need to “find” the extra time to really get into it. JL

  19. Dr Dominique Dock says:

    Mr Gage,
    thank you very much for your presentation in Roma, Italy, last week-end.
    And thanks for repeating the message here .
    I have heard something from you that was an ear-opener for me, which is:
    You can’t look good and grow at the same time !
    this finally sank down in the deep layers of my ego…to resonate and make me decide to sacrifice some things, including my comfort zone…
    Am not quite sure “everybody” is watching 5 hours of TV every night as Enrique says…but still, we need to warn them, there is work to do !
    Enjoy the fisches !

  20. Trey says:

    Amen, Gage!!

  21. lea sedan says:

    Hey randy
    “Freedom is never free”,
    Nobody is absolutly free, even the most rich in the world,
    because everyone has his commitments, to his work, his famaly,
    social fommitment and so on.
    Fr to get economic, or financial freedom, we need to pay the price
    for it.For to get succes we have to invest in self divelopment, to acquere
    greater ability and so on.
    I agree with you th theat “Freedom is never free”.
    Lea Sedan

  22. jhonel hodgson says:

    hello randy i was with u in costa rica and i sign up with agel , u will do my best to start working and get all those people in our group too.
    i want to be like u

  23. Yuliya says:

    Hello Randy Gage!
    I’m ready!!!
    Thank you Randy!

  24. Brian Dudley says:

    I love college football. I am willing to say not now while I am building a business. Why? Because when I have the freedom to attend any game live vs watching on TV I will be so glad I paid the price. Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts.

  25. Hi Randy
    Got the point, as usual, when explained by you, but.. something still remains unclear, perhaps, due to lack of tools to handle with
    “To miss some time with my kids…going to church…”
    I had a great short conversation with a common friend, Graig Bradley, in wich he told me that “No matter what do you for reaching success, you’ll never give up yuor values”, what a line!, but this exactly my point, kids and time with them is “the” value, time with family are values that can not be considered assomething to give up
    So, it should be consider as a sacrifice?
    Willing to get your hint

  26. Greetings Brother Gage,
    It’s Your Travel Buddy, Greg Snead of Detroit! I had started a 30 day Mental fast, which included T.V. radio and vaious entertainment media. It was at the beginning of football season. I was at a National Convention when speaker Noted, he too, gave up TV sports, until the day came when he could view the Superbowl Live from his Private Box! He’s from Dallas, I’m from Detroit! Oh Well, maybe Next Year! We’re Willing to PAY the Price for Success…Lawd knows Freedom aint Free! Peace & Blessing to You and Yours! Greg Snead

  27. Tomoe Cooper says:

    I think we tend to think sacrifice means all or nothing and that is why many feel stressed or don’t sacrifice something in exchange for future gratification.

    Just like we still have to eat even if we want to lose weight… we may sacrifice that lovely chocolate cake at night but it doesn’t mean to cut out all foods we eat. We can have a bit out of that cake and lose weight… but you need the discipline to stop you from eating the whole thing! That is the challenging bit.

    Sacrifice to me means to take out some portion of that time you’re doing something other than building your business, to spend that time on actually building the business (money making activities rather than just being busy). The more time you build the business now, the more gratification you can get in the future. I like how you put it, Randy.

    I think if we cut out the “all or nothing” thinking and to keep our focus on the gratifications that we will get later, it’ll be much easier to sacrifice something that isn’t productive to our business.

  28. Daniela Orrico says:

    Yes Randy,
    “Freedom is never free”,
    but l look always the positive side of the things.
    A people said us “take you this business as a game”.
    Always with profession, of course.
    And it’s all wonderful.
    Thank you Randy for your time.

  29. Jack says:

    Great point that can’t be over-emphasized.
    Love ya, Randy.

  30. Margaret Hockaday says:

    I mostly take vacations from my job to attend conferences for personal development and to be around like minded people. I send my child in my place while I work the business.

  31. Edward says:

    I am going to do what ever it takes to make it in Network Marketing.
    No more playing small and living on the fence.
    Thanks for your inspiration and leadership Randy!
    God Bless!

  32. Miles23Elsa says:

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