Getting Better Productivity

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Last post we looked at the core activities that grow your network.  (Some great discussion going there, so check it out of you hasn’t already.)  Giving people a first look, bringing them into a bigger meeting, using local meetings to feed the major events, and then counseling to keep it all on track.  

So how are you doing on that?

Do you have candidates you’re approaching this week?  Have your first looks scheduled?  Tickets for the next local?  Are you registered for the next major event?

One of the best secrets for productivity I ever learned was when I read “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey.  He advised taking some time on the weekend and planning out your calendar for the week.  This simple little action has huge benefits in productive results.

So have you done that for this week?  If not, why not take some time NOW and get your week set up?  You’ll be glad you did.

P.S.  The month ends Wednesday night.  Make sure you close it out strong!


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10 Comments on “Getting Better Productivity”

  1. Nam says:

    Hello Randy,

    I’ve registered for convention already and several events in advanced. First looks are always being scheduled even late late evenings…your advice of at least 1 hour a day is paying off…thanks for all of your help…team is growing and I can’t wait to let you know when I’ve made it to “Freedom.”

    I love my job but nowhere near the freedom that this profession offers…Network Marketing!


  2. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy Gage

    At the present time i haven’t candidates
    when we have a candidat we send himto fill a questionair:

    Candidate / was an expensive / the : The target of the questionnaire is to recognize you and the fields of your matter in order to examine an accommodation to the offered field of endeavor you in this procedure. Her firebrand to the genuine response on the details that is asked, and their transfer to the address :1. Whereby / the deal / was today? : R : 3. Off 1 10 how many / the love / used to/would to deal in this? : 4. Additional fields / hobbies in them / the deal / was :5. Is it correct were independent / was formerly you? : 6. What collects the income that you / the want to manufacture in the month, year from today? (Please puncture in the number ) :7. How many hours in the week will invest / j) in your business? 8. From them qualities of the character that are strong yours? : 9. Beyond the money, what the reason that willingly you to deal in the initiatives? : 10. When you will earn / j) 30,000 shekels in the month, in which way will want / j) to contribute to the community? : 11. Off 1 10 how many / the are a decisive? : 12. Is it correct exists at your place openness in the subject of personal development? : 13. Which book on business / marketing / personal development called recently? 14.כמה / the are an open / the to take (took) part in the business seminar that touches the next subjects? The subjects of the seminar : A. The new economy b. Industries of the future, from them c. Marketing and branding in the new millennium d. A choice of since and through to the life of answer : I will return to you soon to the continuation of process. good week of initiatives and branding in the new millennium

    I read “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey , It was translated to some languages.when you plan your activities for all the week, you can be organized and leverage your tume and effectivness.
    there is a saying of Ann Sieg:
    “Time is most valuable than anything else in the world , so it’s the only thing you never can get any more of it.

  3. Dennis Byron says:

    I happen to agree with you regarding scheduling. I have had to come to grips with electronic media is great. But, nothing beats a Day Timer and a pen for keeping on target. The process of actually writing it down vs. click something. Makes it real.

  4. Laurynas L. says:

    I do it almost everyday with simpleology :)
    For those who doesn’t know what is simpleology. It is a great tool which helps you keep focused, so you be able to hit your targets faster.

  5. Dan says:

    I love my iPhone for scheduling but completely agree something is missing since I gave up the paper. Completely agree with everything you said here Randy. Planned out & ready to go. Actually I think I work too much so I schedule in my family time & then other that it’s working the business 4 nights / week.

    As for the questionnaire I love the reply “Lose the questionnaire”. I used to be very detailed & wrote every word down & then I heard Tim Sales say “When you have a true desire to help people, you can never say the wrong thing”. Becoming a leader is the key. If you have to memorize some key phrases ok, but studying, doing & teaching simultaneously is still the best way to be present when dealing with prospects.

    Thanks for everything Randy!

  6. I begin each week with a list of objectives and the plans to accomplish them. I usually fall short. There is something in having a plan fall into place that can be mesmerizing.

  7. zorina inna says:

    Большое спасибо! Работу начала с большим энтузиазмом!

  8. zorina inna says:

    Many thanks! To work the beginnings! While slowly, but with enthusiasm!

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