Getting Better

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I’m here in Anaheim at the Influence ’11 event I told you about.  It’s the 4th day of what has to be the most amazing training I’ve ever experienced.  Every presenter is absolutely killing it. 

It’s one of the events I go to not to teach, but to be in the audience learning.  And thankfully I have some of my Diamond Directors here with me.  Last night we ordered pizza and met in my suite, brainstorming how we apply what we’ve learned to make the team stronger.  We’re re-evaluating how we do video, PowerPoints, live presentations, conduct training, use technology, and crystalize our message.

But instead of asking, how do we do this better, we’re asking, if we had a blank canvas and were building for the first time, what would be the best way?  It’s this kind of critical thinking that drives innovation and creates breakthroughs.

And it all starts with being a student…

Are you a student of the profession?  What are you doing to hone your craft?  And are you engaging in critical thinking on how to get better?


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15 Comments on “Getting Better”

  1. Todd Young says:

    Hi RG…Yes I am…What an appropriate post. Thinking creates our reality. Critical thinking of the way we do our profession and to make ourselves better is the magnet that keeps us moving forward in NWM. I can’t ever remember achieving that at a job. That is what makes our profession so great! I attended the Mega-MLM event in Vegas recently and I can tell you that anything other than being a student in this business, will put you out of this business. Going to training events on a consistent basis, surrounding ourselves with other like-minded leaders, honing our skills to be a better person and leader is of the utmost importance. When does a warrior stop training?

  2. wencel says:

    I am permanent STUDENT !


  3. Erik says:

    I wish I was there with you guys :)

  4. Mike says:

    Hi all
    I picked up on the moving with the times message. Essentially this business works the same as it was years ago. However it seems to me what has changed is the sophistication and awareness of the people we are talking to. I think in terms of getting better we need to be much more aware of what the prospect is thinking and address that, rather than trying to promote the opportunity. The modern advertising industry has made people expect higher standards in this day and age.

  5. Pam Shaw says:

    How can I teach what I don’t know? Not only must I be a student of the profession, but, I have to be a student of life.

  6. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    A good teacher has to be a permanent student,”to hone his craft”and to be allways up-to-date.
    Due to the critical thinking of some innovators we get innovation in technology and others aspects of life.

  7. -RG,

    My friend Les Brown said “If you’re the smartest person in the room, find a new room”.

    So yes, always a student.


  8. suzanne says:

    Hi Randy,

    Now I am seriously concentrating on familiarising myself with potential customers, getting acquainted at the same time create awareness of what I can do to help them in terms of product or business. In between times, either reading up on relevant material and putting all other unimportant activities on hold. Yes, am applying upgraded technology slowly but surely.(Quite spastic with technology but must do) There is a lot to learn! Right now, am applying what you have kindly reminded and emphasized and will be able to let you know the results or update weeks to come. Thanks and continue to enjoy your life!


  9. Cliff Boxer says:

    Live presentations help build business. When we use it, we see up to 15 people from around the world with unlimited viewers. This creates a connection, a kind of social network, and gives an interactive touch that was missing in our business. So really the presentation is the same as we did it 30 years ago, its the medium that has changed which of course changes all the dynamics. Now we are connecting people every day from around the world. Thats cool!

  10. I think there’s a subtle mix up in this comment thread … it’s one thing to be a student of the business and life … that NEVER ends. It’s important to being coachable and living as a servant based leader.

    But spending money on events and courses is often confused with “learning”. The two aren’t the same. The most valuable education is found in the trenches through experiential learning. You learn more by your mistakes than by academia a lot of the times.

    So, constantly invest in yourself and your education, but always within a well thought and budgeted (!) strategic game plan for your business. If you’re learning just for the sake of learning, while you SHOULD be taking action, you’ve got a hobby, not a business.

    Keep leading the way, Randy! See you in Houston!

  11. gasper damas says:

    i am so excited to learn more from you,

  12. Orvil Juarez says:

    Yes, this is one of the most important things in this industry, we need to be students allways, we must not think to we own all the knowledge, there is too much to learn in this industry.

  13. adrian says:

    Es muy relevante tener la disposición de estar dispuesto a poder aprender de todas las personas no importa su posición, debemos ser humildes y ser capaz de saber valorar a los demás y aportar y recibir las buenas ideas de los demás así todos crecemos…

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