Going for the Best

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Great discussion going on the last post about the one in 500.  Enrique wondered if I meant 500 approaches or 500 presentations?  Actually neither.   Here’s what I mean…

I mean that if we just go out to the bus stop and throw a net over whoever is out there, there’s only one person in 500 that will become a leader in our profession.  But that doesn’t mean that you need to talk to 500 people to find one.

I’m just saying that in “the herd,” there is a low percentage of people that aspire to greatness at this point in their lives.  But many of them will evolve and become good candidates later.  Others may not be a leader now, but they can get involved part-time and will be happy to supplement their income.  Yet others won’t want to build a business, but they will be good customers for your product or service.

And here’s the big issue…

You can increase the percentage of people that become leaders, by the caliber of people you approach.  That’s why I always advise people to sponsor up.  Look first at the most busy, hard-working, successful people you know.

If you’re going to build a team, might as well go for the best!  So how you doing on that?


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11 Comments on “Going for the Best”

  1. Greetings Randy,

    You make a very good point to recruit up.

    Most individuals look to approach and get in front of those they feel NEED the opportunity because of their current financial status instead of looking at someone they perceive is already successful.

    The unfortunate result is they find those that need it most want it the least for the very reasons you have pointed out in the this post and the last.

    Recruiting up is just a matter of using a good tool or an upline leader you have edified to simply deliver the message of the opportunity you are involved with, to get their opinion about it and see if it is a good fit for them to work with you going forward.

    Like you have said, busy people already understand what it may take to become successful and they will be willing to follow the steps etc.

    Have confidence in your company, your products and the opportunity to tell the story, until you have reached a point in your business of having built a successful monthly residual and your own confidence in yourself to to it for others in your team etc.

    Be Blessed,


  2. Tracy M says:

    All I can say is I am so glad you blazed this trail before me, You have no idea how much your wisdom brings to those of us who are new to this profession. It is not easy to STAY in this business and I think the reason so many do not stick with it is because of unrealistic expectations. Thanks for always being honest and up front with us.

  3. Enrique says:

    Look first at the most busy, hard-working, successful people you know.

    If you’re going to build a team, might as well go for the best! So how you doing on that?
    I am making a big mistake. I have been looking for the people that need this business instead of the one’s that want to do it. I have been dragging them to be sucessful. I want to prove they are wrong!
    I am making that conceptual shift little by little,

    • Enrique says:

      This is your response for finding good people for your business.
      I think the nest people for our business are those with good teaching skills: teachers, professors, martial arts instructors, speakers, yoga teachers, etc.
      by the caliber of people you approach. That’s why I always advise people to sponsor up.
      can you clarifly on who you are approaching for your business? Do you approach CEO’s,lawyers,engineers or other professionals? The top 2 distributors in the company I am with are: a stay at home mom and a carpet layer. They both have said they had big dreams before they were approach about the business?

  4. I agree about the busy person. I have a LOT of trouble getting them to say yes.

  5. behrooz palinure says:

    Yes This Is very truly answer and thank you mr. gage for your help to we.

  6. Recruiting up is practical. If you rate yourself as a 10 & you go down. The person may be a 5 & the person they recruit maybe a 2. On the other hand you may need a pigeon to lead you to an eagle.

  7. Rachel Henke says:

    It’s so true and it takes a lot of courage to recruit up. That’s why so many people have their ‘chicken list’ and never quite get round to calling the people on it. And then of course just cause you call them doesn’t mean they will take you seriously. You need to develop your posture so you feel confident when you approach them. A big learning curve but definitely worth it! Also it gets easier when you work with your people’s people rather than people who know you really well, I find.

  8. if you want to sponsor leaders theb you need to approach people that are leaders in other things in thier lives. and you wan to go after the people with the best skilles for the biz.

  9. Godwin Nekus says:

    Randy, i think i can see the picture clearly now. If i want to build a team, i might as well go for the best. I’ll start looking at the most busy, hard working and successful people i know. You’re flowing in me. Thank YOU.

  10. lea sedan says:

    Greetings Randy,

    There are some persons who have the potential to be leaders,
    when you find them and recruit them, you can qualify them to
    be leaders.

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