Growing through Leadership

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Everyone wants to be a big success in the business.  But not everyone is willing to do what it takes.  They’re not willing to become a leader.

Are you?

Not all of you are on the Leadership Report mailing list, so you may not have seen the announcement about the Special Report I just released on leadership.  In the business of Network Marketing, leadership is the single most important element for success.

And there are three important manifestations of that:

*  Your ability to lead. 

*  Your ability to find and attract other leaders. 

*  And most importantly, your ability to develop new leaders. 

Not only must you lead your team, but you must eventually step aside and make room for new leaders to emerge and take over your role.

Your job is to work yourself out of a job. 

Because of the importance of this subject, I’ve been working for many months on the Special Report.  Of course the plan was to offer it for sale.  But as I got deeper and deeper into the work, I simply couldn’t do that.  The information is too important to our profession.  So I’m offering it for free.

In it, you’ll discover the 7 laws of Network Marketing leadership you must practice to create a strong, viable team.  I’ll reveal the insights I learned from running volunteer organizations that apply to what we do here.  How to lead yourself first.  What makes people want to follow you.  And more importantly, what makes them decide to step into their own greatness and become leaders themselves.

As I said, there’s no charge for you.  All I ask is that you share it with everyone you know in the profession.  (And those that are considering joining the business.)

So please.  Download it.  Devour it within 24 hours.  And then tweet, share, email, spray paint, or skywrite the link all over the world.

If you’re ready to model leadership, download it here:



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9 Comments on “Growing through Leadership”

  1. Read it, studied it, doing it,,and spreading it….nuff said..

  2. Great Report, the 7 laws are eye opening for all!. Thanks Randy

  3. wencel says:

    ..many were called, few are chosen…………


  4. Hi Randy, just been reading you book and (The Share the information) section is a fantastic lesson for us all world wide, to quote you…
    ”It’s time we came together as a profession. Instead of fighting
    over the pie, we can lock arms to build a bigger pie. That’s the real leadership lesson for us all. We need to stop competing with each other and compete instead with the broken economic model in the rest of the business world.”

    The whole section of the report is truly inspirational.

    As an Englishman living in London Its time you ran for President and sorted this sorry World out, the World is missing an inspirational leader and what you say in that paragraph should be a blue print for taking not only the profession of MLM forward but the World. That’s how big a leader you are in my eyes.

    You are the gift to us all Randy not just your report.
    Cheers………….. Randy for President to lead a World wide revolution.

  5. Youpele says:

    Thanks fro sharing your valuble insights on the 7 Laws On Network Marketing. A great report that focuses on the leader and what to do and not what to do.

    Nice one RG

  6. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    I Read the the 7 laws of Network Marketing leadership ,and got
    some important insights about leadership which i am going to
    implement .Thank you for this great stuff.

  7. Tanya Mosunova says:

    Thank you, Randy! This book provides useful knowledge!

  8. I just downloaded the 7 laws of Network Marketing leadership, I can’t wait to read it in the morning. Looking forward to your views on leadership. Thank you for the great site!!

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