How Consistent are You?

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I can’t begin to tell you how many people struggle in this business because of consistency.  They get fired up after an event and work like crazy for two weeks.  Then the remote control starts to beckon to them…

They go missing for a couple months.  Then they get to another event and get fired up again.  They try to make up for the lost time with extra hours.  Then they drop off again.

What they don’t realize is that each time they go MIA, it kills the momentum in their team.  So you can’t really catch up those hours.

You will always get passed by others who may not have manic bursts of high activity, but work consistently ten to 15 hours a weeks.   Here’s my law of this:

You can work part-time, but you can’t work sometimes.

So how you doing on this?


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35 Comments on “How Consistent are You?”

  1. Waltride Percinthe says:

    Thank you for the message. This was dedicated to me. I am in it to win it. Thats a KEEP IT SIMPLE SLOWpoke theme. See, I am totally new to network marketing. I am moving really slow in my business. When I first came in, I was all fired up only because I seen the vision; I still do see the vision. Then my immediate upline would always say to me, “slow down.”My upline was also new to the network marketing as well. One time, I had introduced my upline to a prospect and because my upline knew this prospect was, my upline wanted this propect to go under her. Situations like that would have me pause, however using situations like that is just an excuse, now I am staying consistant. I talk tp my upline’s upline, sideline and and whom ever I just to keep it moving consistant. Because of that I was introduced to purchasing the e-book, How to build a Multi- Level Money Machine, and Im not stoping!

  2. Sharon McCaslin says:

    Even though I work my direct sales business part time since I have a regular full time time I feel I really work my direct sales business full time. When I am not doing my regular corporate job I am working my direct sales business every day (even weekends) and late at night. I totally agree with what you are saying. If you stay true to working the biz everyday it eventually pays off. I am sending your article above to everyone on my team! Thanks!

  3. I agree – this business requires consistency, even if it’s a slower pace, it’s better to be consistent than to go MIA.

  4. Cliff Boxer says:

    Its like I said in the last blog. When my overall business is down its as a direct result of my work ethic, my attitude, my leadership, and my consistency. My people know how I’m doing good or bad. Its like we are all a big ameba organizim all attached and dependent on each other for survival…..another thought…. When you do your business you have to put your mlm hat on. Its not the time you spend talking to your 1st level buddy at your desk at night its the time it takes to make your two appointments with new prospects.

  5. David says:

    Hi Randy,
    I am one of the people you describe. For some reason I just don’t get traction somedays. My attitude is solid and well intentioned. I feel my mindset is in the right place to move forward. But, subconsciously I guess the past year of zero growth in my business has taken its toll. I’m ateam all the way, but something is blocking me. Either I’m over doing it, and I’m talking myself out of my own business progress, or just not presenting a consistant message as you’ve outlined. Plenty of food for thought.

    I’ve even recently stopped attending TRAINING webinars. I could see I was getting comfortable as a student. But then not actually acting on the information or guidence provided. I was in a brain block of, more training infoattended, would save or build my business. The reality being I just need to talk to people, and be a person rather than a strategist of hours and hours of theoretical training from successful upline members. At GoDiamond I heard a very good comment. People need assignments!! I thought ,I hate homework & assignments what the hell!!. But, in retrospect, I can see now, that I need homework to get my ass into action, to act on the information I am recieving from the training webinars. I have lost a year of basically not acting, just being a good student. And I am seeing this in my local team as a trend.

    We were consistant, but not doing the right rain maker actions.

  6. Gina Koinski says:

    I agree! Been at “sometimes” and working on “part time” so I can go “full time” with “part time” hours! : ) Great post Randy!

  7. lea sedan says:

    Hey Randy Gage
    Every goal which we want to get it requires consistency,and persistent.
    The temptation to quit ,will be greatest ,just before you’re about to succeed.”
    Anyone who work sometimes, is not a persistent person.

  8. Eddie Hernandez says:

    I do suffer from sometime and part-time. I have found that being consistant with any task has created positive results for me.

    Be Consistant.

    Thank you Randy

  9. Ronald Cheek says:

    At my house we have canceled the “Automatic Income Stealer” aka the TV & cable.

    I dedicate 3-4 hours a day to my business. Calling leads, enhancing my online marketing, copy writing skills, and presentation skills so as I have more leads than I know what to do with. That keeps me focused on the task at hand, growing my business.

    That’s my part-time schedule but it’s a persistent schedule daily. I’m always doing something to grow or enhance myself and my business.

  10. Kim Steadman says:

    I agree with you Randy – the on again off again mentality can just kill you.
    But, how about the flip side? Too MUCH thinking?

    The other day hubby and I had to stop and get gas. I mean, we HAD to STOP and get gas. I was brought up, as a young lady, to never let my gas tank reach under half empty. So, when it the little yellow “Fuel Needed” light dings on I go in to panic mode!

    SO, we had already been driving a bit with the yellow light aglow. We HAD to get fuel. We came to a gas station in an area of town that, well, let’s just say….I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting out alone if it were night time. But, it was still daylight and hubby was with me. So, no worries….right??

    We pulled in and hubby was at the fuel pump. I was in the passenger seat playing with an app on my iPhone. We were just minding our own business when all of a sudden we heard a KAAAA- POWWWWW. I mean it was LOUD. I thought someone had just fired a bazooka at us. I “hit the deck” falling over into the driver’s seat, while trying to look up to see where or what had happened to hubby. I could see him crouching and ducking behind the fuel pump. Then we heard it again ‘ KAAA – POWWWWW, BOOM BOOM BOOM.

    And then we could see what was causing all the commotion. A rattle trap of a van – probably the first passenger mini-van to roll off the assembly line was turning into the parking lot with the worst case of “back fire” I had EVER heard in my life.

    We continued to have to listen to the BANG, KAPOW, BOOM BOOM until we left….It was echoing in our ears.

    And the “hit the deck” action echoed in my mind. It’s been a long time since I had to act out of what I suppose some call the “survival” instinct. The KAPOW moment was a moment of fast action. No thought. No thinking. Just DO IT.

    AAAhhh…Just DO IT. Reminds me of a famous shoe line who encourages the same thing.

    HIT THE DECK. Just DO IT. These phrases give us the directive to DO – NOW – Don’t WAIT.
    Don’t THINK. Don’t ANALYZE. Don’t Rationalize. Don’t Make a List. Don’t Prioritize. Don’t Schedule it in the Day Planner.

    How many times are opportunities missed because we over thought the process? Just DO IT already.

    Perhaps it’s the adrenaline rush in our veins, such as after a conference or meeting. We feel like we can go out and conquer the business world. And those first few days we take action and DO.

    Think about the new heights you can take your business to if you have frequent KAPOW moments and “hit the deck”. DO IT.

    While we can’t have a “car backfiring at us daily” to fuel our business adrenaline, we do have other sources. 30 Minutes of Audio and 10 pages of a good book DAILY can be the fuel for you to “Hit the Deck”! Take those nuggets you hear and read and apply them – QUICKLY! Do It!


  11. trey dyer says:

    I can vouch Gage!! I been working like my hair is on fire for 4 years consistently and the last three I’ve been FREE!!!!!!!! Consistence and Persistence is what I always preach!!!!! Nowdays I’m working like my hair is on fire on another endeavor, World’s Greatest Dad!!!!! I think I can win that one to!!!!!

    • Waltride Percinthe says:

      WOW! Thanks 4 the motivation! :) Athother thing is helping others, and your comment alone has helped me just 4 today to keep it moving! :) thanks again

  12. Patty Gale says:

    Absolutely! It’s like fitness. You can start and stop a fitness plan and expect change.

    If you stop for just a week or two, it’s like starting all over again.

    Network marketing is the same.

  13. Perhaps most of us are consistent and persistent. AT WHAT is the issue. There are activities that have never and never will make any difference and others done well leverage your time and everything else. IF you are looking to discover these ‘trim tabs’ in your life it may appear as nothing happening from the fly on the wall. While I have never found one watching a current episode of NCIS or a rerun of COMBAT it might be possible. Consistent and persistent use of the remote not only degrades gestation but in most cases eliminates it from ever occuring. I used to say the same thing about those who play softball… perhaps it how our leisure time is structured as an inducement for everything else to occur.

  14. Douglas says:


    I think I remember this lesson for when I was a wee-lad.

    It was call the “The Tortoise and The Hare”.


  15. Veronika says:

    I noticed that myself. Exactly as nyou said and I am trying to think how to organise it so that it would change, menaing not workinh sometimes.

  16. Great comments from all.

    Here’s what I teach my leaders to teach their leaders . . .

    To learn what we call in the business “money actions” or “income producing activities” and to habitually & consistently DO those activities.

    That give what we call traction in an organization & creates greater success quicker.

  17. Randy,

    I agree with you 100% on this. Consistency is the to key to success with anything in life, whether you’re looking to improve your business, your health, or relationships…


  18. sanjay says:

    No substitude in place of Consisisteny and persistency .
    It is very simple but not easy.

  19. mary chibwana says:

    Network marketing business is very interesting game. In order to move forward you need not to fall back but to go forward.

  20. Rachel Henke says:

    It’s so challenging for some though. With 10 hours a week of soap operas to fit into their busy schedules. If a good movie comes on they’ve used up all their quota!

  21. Paula says:

    I do the RG dance. I consistently talk to 3 ppl a day and if I miss a day I make up for it the next day. This has helped me so much. Usually it’s more than 3 a day and I don’t pay myself forward on it LOL I also read a few “Keys”
    from your book 101 Keys to Your Prosperity daily to stay focused.
    My today is……The Universe can only do for you, what can be done through you.
    A blessing in my life you are Randy !!


  22. Karen Cane says:

    OK – so truthfully the last few months sent me a curve ball by way of a health challenge in the family & my focus was completely on my husbands traditional business & keeping it going. So I have learnt the lesson first hand how important it is to be consistent & persistent for yourself & your team.

    Good news is that I have put 30 new prospects in the pipeline last 2 weeks & have set the target of 10 new prospects with a tool in their hand each & every week + following up of course.

  23. Cliff Boxer says:

    Heres what I know about consistency in the mlm business. When I slack off my people sense it and back off too. We are like a big ameba, all connected and all dependent upon each other.

  24. Margaret Hockaday says:

    The best thing is to work part time until you reach your goal. Do this in 15 minute increments every day at least 3 to 4 times a day. Do this and you will not lose your momentum.

  25. Jocelan Ireland says:

    Thank you RG.
    It’s very interesting how your thoughts for the day coincide with the challenges that I need to overcome to succeed. And thanks to all of the people who add their comments. Consistency and Persistence.

  26. Lisa says:

    Unfortunately, my “sometimes” isn’t from lack of time or the remote control (it doesn’t exist in my house), it’s lack of funds to keep investing till more $$ comes in to promote it.

    • Randy Gage says:

      Okay but I don’t think this belief is serving you. There are MANY things you can do weekly to promote your business that don’t require money. Concentrate on those.


  27. Dena says:

    Absolutely true!!! Thank you for bringing this up.

  28. […] Great feedback and comments on yesterday’s post on being consistent. But a couple comments gave me cause for […]

  29. Jamie Loh says:

    I’ve observed that the consistent application of oneself is so vitally, fundamentally critical to build as a habit in our business. Especially in the development of the skill sets you teach – the basics like creating a candidate list, inviting, following up, presenting, developing leaders. It’s really simple, but the not so easy part is taking the effort to start & build the HABIT of actually doing it consistently. I’m personally focusing now on developing the habit of following-up, which is one of my least natural skills amongst the 5.

    I also read this book that really helped me surrender to this process of consistently working on each skill instead of trying to just get it done and out of the way (my natural inclination before this) – the book is called Mastery by George Leonard. He defined the Mastery of something as a never-ending process, and not a destination. It made total sense, I wonder why I never thought of it before that way. Having my team understand this also straightens out their expectations and brings much satisfaction in our growth towards becoming true NM professionals.

    I found that the thing about consistency is that it gets easier to be consistent, the more consistent I get. I guess it’s just because it became another habit – which is great, cos it’s a dependable formula to rely on.

    Anyway, I love the guidelines and principles you give RG, cos whenever i get stuck I just go back to them and I get the answers I need – every single time. This is one of ’em timeless fundamental principles. Thanks rocksta. xoxo

  30. Kim says:

    Oh, yes I certainly recognise this!!!
    As Jim Rohn says
    “Easy to do, easy not to do”

    Thanks :)

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