How Do You Reach Success?

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John Maxwell makes a quip about how people believe they will become successful.  He says they look for the three ‘L’s:  Las Vegas, lotteries and lawsuits.

And ain’t that the truth today!

USA Today newspaper had one of those little graph boxes they do and they asked people how they were going to increase their savings.  About 20 percent answered the lottery!  And the next option was selling possessions.  So there’s obviously a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to reach success in anything.

In Network Marketing we have a true pathway to success.  But a few things you must always remember:

Success occurs despite obstacles.
Success occurs in the presence of fear.
Success occurs despite fear.

People say, “I have this problem so I can’t do the business.”  No you need to do the business because you have that problem.   Just saying…


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29 Comments on “How Do You Reach Success?”

  1. Eddie Hernandez says:

    Success is a great topic, in regards to my business I find that once you reach a certain goal you must be in the process of generating a new goal, if you get comfortable then you are looking for a disaster.

  2. The lottery is a tax for people who are mathematically challenged.

  3. Your chances of winning the lottery is the same whether you buy a ticket or not. Of course you cannot personally win the lottery without a ticket but your chances of finding the winning ticket on the ground is virutally the same as buying one…

  4. mary chibwana says:

    Thanks very much!
    You reach success by conquering obstacles like fear of rejection, fear of criticism, fear of death. You need to have self confidence.

  5. Edward says:

    We have a better chance of getting hit by a car or dieing of a heart attack these days that winning the lottery. It is such a great opportunity in Network Marketing to create the life of our dreams “as if” we won the lottery where the odds of winning are all in our mind and what we do with the opportunities in front of us.
    Thanks for sharing this with us Randy.
    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

  6. 1. Stay informed. Read everything. Now matter how small, sometimes it’s the little things that go unnoticed.
    2. Keep networking. If you don’t have a lot of time, find a program that will keep your support system informed using one feed and post daily.
    3. Of course set goals for yourself. Keep your goals within reach and obtain one. After you do, the next one will be much easier. Many people set themselves up for failure and it is much harder going up from there!
    4. Ask questions. No one knows everything but it a large group they know a lot.
    5. Challenge yourself daily!

  7. Cliff Boxer says:

    lack of results or lack of even trying in mlm is mostly from a fear of failure, but really a lack of confidence in self. Once you take the step into fear and see you can do it, because we know you can, then it gets easier. However, I am a 12yr. mlm veteran and i still have fears in approaching people every day. Emotions and thoughts in my mind, good and bad, are a human experience. I have to remind myself every day of my responsibilities. Its the self talk and belief in what I’m doing that carries me through, in spite of my fears.

    • unique seun says:

      thank you so much,i feel greatly relieved that having fears of approaching new prospects everyday is not about your years of experience but how you consciously talk yourself out of fears of the day.
      in this manner i say to myself every morning b4 leaving my home
      This has really been making me feel good about myself and when am satisfy in my spirit that am okay nobody, i mean no one can pull me down.
      Randy pls keep this up its really inspiring.

  8. Carol Barrett says:

    Thanks so much for all you do for this profession Randy. You rock!!

  9. sean breslin says:

    A quote I always liked Randy is

    “Taking Imperfect action is better than taking no action at all!”

    Wise words… althought some perfectionist’s may disagree?

    • Tomoe Cooper says:

      Hi Sean
      My goodness that was me… writing scripts after scripts and editing and cutting and pasting… it wasn’t perfect so I needed to fix this before I made that call… oh, I think I should do this instead…and do that…

      I used to wait until I got better… but I got better as I did… as I took action I got more experienced… and the biggest screw up I did wasn’t as bad as I imagined it. It made me feel better because I did something rather than just think of it. Yes, taking action is better than no action at all. I should remind myself of that every day!

  10. Wong Yut Shing says:

    I was told that the first person to give me a chance should be myself. So whenever I feel that I am my worst enemy, I tell myself to give myself a chance …everytime when I catch my awareness. And also keep asking questions… ask yourself – If you had nothing at all to do, what would you do? And after you did that, what would you do? And after you did that, what would be next on your list? As the saying goes discovery breeds discovery … as in success breeds success. I like this topic set by Randy.

  11. Paul Kemp says:

    The majority have had faith in the possibility of improving themselves through enterprise bred out of them. Instead, they have been taught to believe — against all evidence — that government or the lottery will save them. Our challenge as networkers is to find the few who still have the spark of belief in themselves and divine providence, which ultimately comes to our side when we have given all that we can.

    Thanks, Randy, for the good food for thought.

  12. Tomoe Cooper says:

    Somehow I read the right thing at the right moment. ” When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” It is so good for me to read it so I am going to copy it – what you wrote:

    Success occurs despite obstacles.
    Success occurs in the presence of fear.
    Success occurs despite fear.

    I know I can’t wait until fear goes away because it will never go away. Taking action despite the fear is what gets me closer to where I want to arrive… only if it was as easy as writing this! There just isn’t any way around it, is there?

    How did you conquer your biggest fear? And don’t tell me it was about taking action. What was the process that went on in your head?

  13. David Gelkin says:

    In the words of a great man I know “If you play the lottery every week and you ain’t winning a dime every week. Then its time to say, that Dog don’t hunt no more” ;)


  14. Cliff Boxer says:

    OK Tomoe another and final thought on fear. The process of conquering fear is as simple as understanding the emotion that is created, and oddly enough its the exact same emotion as excitiement. To the mind its the same…so when it comes time to pick up that phone, just tell yourself you are getting excited. Gues what? It works!

  15. Margaret Hockaday says:

    That is so true, I’ve listen to people believing that winning the lottery or a large lawsuit will make all their dreams come true instead of building their own equity.

  16. eletta says:

    Just saying…RIGHT Randy!
    Have a nice day Mr. Gage.

  17. ROBERTO says:

    Thanks very much RANDY!

    The only way to reach isuccess is by conquering obstacles and with self confidence.


  18. lea sedan says:

    About How Do You Reach Success?

    There is a saying about richness which came from the lottery,
    “Easy come easy go.Success is not only a target, it’s the way of life.
    “There is no magic formula to getting rich.
    Success in any wealth-building or business opportunity can
    only be achieved through proper and rigorous research, and
    plain, old-fashioned hard work. “

  19. I have been asking many people over the last year or so what they think the American Dream is now. “Win the Lottery and retire” is a common answer.
    I believe it was Ben Franklin who said, “Lotteries are a tax on ignorance”.

  20. WealthyRocketWoman says:

    “Success occurs in the presence of fear.” I love it! And I agree.

    My version is, “The Universe Rewards Courage.”

    And I try to approach my business following Jim Rohn’s advice: Look at your business actions as ‘Marketing Research’. And I ask myself, “What did I learn in Marketing Research today?”

  21. Katerina says:

    Отлично сказано!

  22. Carlos says:

    A quote from one of the greatest business philosphers, Jim Rohn:

    “Success is something you attract by the person you become”

    I believe all the answers are within.

  23. […] = {url: '',size:'large'} In the last post, Tomoe asks, “How did you conquer your biggest fear? And don’t tell me it was about taking […]

  24. Right on Randy! That problem is exactly why you need to do this business.

  25. mishtu says:

    for me “success is something you have to rely on including an action”……and if you can then u become…… yourself

  26. Ana P. Palisoc says:

    Hi mlm marketers,

    I agree with Mr. Randy Gage He help people to realize how great they are joining MLM business.Selftalk really helps it helps you fell better.we can never motivate others if we will not motivate ourself first by selftalking that I can be better than others.We join the business to succed we dont join the business to be like others but we do it to be better than others..Thank you Mr. randy I hope I am one in 500 and Im working on that.

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