How Important is the Dream?

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People from the herd sometimes scoff at us and suggest we’re idle dreamers.  But we’re not.  We’re active dreamers.

So just how important is the dream?  And how important is dream-building?  Think about this:

If your prospect’s basic philosophy is that, “life’s a bitch and then you die,” it’s pretty unlikely he will exert any effort to achieve more.  And do you realize how many millions of people have that philosophy?

If you don’t do some serious dream-building in your recruiting, you’re going to lose a lot of people.  People who if they got back in touch with the dreams they once had – actually could live them.  And that is your real work.

So are you giving this your best shot?  Please check in below.  Then next post we’ll explore the importance of dream-building for your team members.


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27 Comments on “How Important is the Dream?”

  1. Cynthia says:

    You just described my mother….except she would have said it in Spanish, “La vida es dificil”.

    I would like to read more about how to help people get back in touch with the dreams they once had – specifically in the context of a home meeting. This is something that I’m struggling with. I have a sense of why I’m doing this but I’m still working on really visualizing my dreams.

    • Svend says:

      I got started because I could see the benefits of true residual income, and that every time I worked, my business and my income would grow.

      But my big why? I want all the great ‘things’ but it is all so material and not really deeply heartfelt…

      How do I find my big why?

  2. Nam says:

    “Man without a vision shall perish”

    “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

  3. Troy M. says:

    Great one Randy we most sell the dream

  4. Brenda Andersch says:

    This is so profound! If all of us would look for: ‘People who if they got back in touch with the dreams they once had – actually could live them.’ Followed up by: ‘ And that is your real work.’ If we just applied that one little principal I think we would be amazed at the results in our team building efforts! Thanks Randy, I am going to use that as your quote to send out to our group!

  5. KH Koh says:

    I used to be wary of “brainwashing” when I was growing up, being taught to be careful of people who try to influence us for their profit.

    What we need to see is that the entire world is out to brainwash us for their benefit, from advertising to television to religion, a lot of which is swallowed wholesale without awareness.

    Having dreams is washing our brains for our own benefit, but most people have been so effectively brainwash that this is an option they’re afraid of!

    I am clear that I am choosing to set the direction of my life with my own programming and cultivating my own dreams is part of that choice.


  6. CComeaux says:

    Yes, you must in the dream building business. “Sell the Dream” and you
    will build a team of excited members.

  7. rene says:

    I am not a dreamer. I am a realist. But I am ahead of the times. That’s why many people call me a dreamer.

  8. I always talk to my clients about where do they want to be in the next 5 years. They have to be able to see the DREAM or it’s difficult to get them to take action.

    Thanks for the reminder that my coaching philosophy is needed and still relevant.

    Much Love and Continued Success,


  9. Jamie says:

    I have nothing if I don’t have my dreams. Without them I won’t be where I am today, and I’ll definitely not be where I know I’m going. Dreams are everything!

    • Jamie says:

      Btw….to answer the question, yes – we are growing bold, audacious, in-your-face, courageous, outrageous & powerful dreamers in our team. That is what we spend the most time doing now. And we love you Mr Gage – because you’re one crazy dreamer yourself! xoxoxo!!!!

  10. Martijn says:

    Everthing starts with a dream. And the dream keeps us from taking action every day.

    • Randy Kase says:

      Instead of saying “keeps us from taking action” I think you meant to say “helps us to take action”. Am I correct?

  11. Lole says:

    Thanks RG. Indeed without a dream, one is happy with the the status quo. To be able to move, one must have a dream. And anyway, noone ever got arrested for dreaming.

  12. WealthyRocketWoman says:

    I am a firm believer in the power of dream boards and visualization… I have received many of the things I have envisioned. I will give more emphasis to dream-building when talking to potential distributors and current teammates!

    • nusha says:

      hye..i’m so impressed with u. talking about d dream. i’m also a good dreamer.but how do we can make sure that our dream is realistic?i mean how far we can go to achieve that dream..

      dream achiever

  13. merab says:

    I tend to look at reality and do not dream much. I need more help in starting to cast my dreams, act and remain forcused.

  14. Tanya Mosunova says:

    People who know the value of life and its purpose are different from ordinary people, they dream globally, they are the children of the universe, we can compare these people with the stars, they emit light in this world.

  15. This is exactly the conversation I want more information about! I spend a lot of my time everyday talking with new people. Quickly I can see their potential and know they can have anything they can imagine. Most of them have lost the spark, the fire, the ability to imagine a world where all their dreams are possible. My ‘hope’ for them appears impossible from their ‘hopeless’ position. In fact I may even occur as a threat or trigger even more fear in them. How do you relight the pilot light? How much time do you take? Is it one strike and move on?

    It is absolutely clear to me that without the ability to dream, to imagine a better life, to literally live in possibility they are lost and whatever I see for them only occurs as fiction or worse.

    THIS is a conversation between two or more people. Not a series of emails or a book. Is there a way to enhance this needed skill? Are there resources to draw on that provide the tools and insights we all need to pull people back into the light. I suspect it all lives somewhere in the stories we tell and the stories we live. How do we learn to ‘listen’ new stories for people?

  16. People are so mislead when they have a spirit that does not allow themselves to dream.

    Where would the world be if Thomas Eddison had no dream,
    Where would the world be if the Wright Brothers had no dream
    Where would the world be if Henry Ford had no dream
    Where would the world be if Walt Disney had no dream
    Where would the world be if Bill Gates had no dream

    Of course I could go on and on

    Each and EVERY one of these and others where all told the same thing.


    Dream and DREAM BIG folks.

    Greatness will follow when you exercise your right to dream and put into practice daily, focused effort to building YOUR dream into YOUR REALITY.

    Greatness is truly before YOU.

    Be Blessed,

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

  17. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy

    What You See in yourdreams IS What You canbring to reality in life

    “”when you have a vision, a dream, that’s
    bigger than yourself, the resources, tools, finances,
    people and everything else you need seem to be
    attracted, almost as if by magic “Kevin Thompson

  18. James Byrd says:

    Hi Randy,
    A person without a dream is a person without a purpose. If there is no purpose their can be no focus or goal…


  19. Art Jonak says:

    Dreaming takes courage! It’s not for sissies! (✰‿✰) Dreams come in a size too big for a reason… so you have to grow into them!

  20. Tracy Hunter says:

    Dreaming does take a degree of courage, because if you don’t achieve them you can become jaded & bitter then stop & be like the masses of zombies out there digging their rut becoming “should-heads”. Moving toward your dreams takes a whole different level of courage but also a level of belief in yourself & faith to know you can reach them. BUT even if you shoot for the stars & miss, you will be far better off than shooting for treetops & missing. That’s why big dreams are so important. Big dreams inspire & move people. Small “real” dreams barely move yourself.

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