How to Work Your Business

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Show me a new distributor who pledges to work their new business like a business, and I’ll show you someone that will crack like a walnut. 


Because when people go into business for themselves, they think there’s something mystical about it.  They think they can only do it after they do the right amount of preparing, training, getting their mind right, and all the conditions are go.

So when they feel a cold coming on, the mother-in-law comes to visit, or the holiday season hits – they check out.  All the conditions aren’t conducive to working the business perfectly.  So they don’t work it.

Now take the way they approach their job…

They still show up when they have the sniffles, monster-in-law comes to town, or the electronics store is offering 40 percent off.  They show up to their job because they have to show up to it.  They have to show up or they don’t get paid.

Want to have a great business?  Don’t work it like a business.  Work it like your job!


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17 Comments on “How to Work Your Business”

  1. Jimymah m Coching says:

    I want to enroll mlm training.thanks

  2. Mike Mills says:

    Succinct! Most practical way I’ve every heard describing what we are looking for. Thank you.

  3. Theuns says:

    Hi Randy

    This is powerfull thanks, I will share it with my team.

    Theuns (South Africa) :-)

  4. Dan says:

    Interesting paradigm, Randy.

  5. Matthew Eigbe says:

    Hey Randy! I thought we were all trying to get out of a job? LOL. A tricky twist. I get the message. Thanks.

  6. Simple and straight to the point :)! Thanks, Randy!

  7. Susan Marinac says:

    I haven’t thought if it that way. Makes perfect sense! Thx

  8. Faouzi Daghistani says:

    I have so often said the same thing. I’m glad you did such a great job in clarifying this. The truth is, people will put up with and do much more to get their ‘job’ done than doing what it takes to succeed in their ‘home business.’
    And as has been found out by anyone in this industry for more than a month, unless you go in with a ‘do it like it’s my job’ mentality, you will constantly avoid doing whatever needs to be done to make it work.

  9. Amen!
    I’m still working a j.o.b. and there’s days when I just don’t wanna go. You know what I do on those days? I go to work.

  10. Julie Barker says:

    Such a great way to think of it, I have a job at the moment, that I enjoy, but it is frustrating me no end, having to be there for hours at a time,, but it is a hugh motivation, to build my business, the same one. Investing similar hours to my job into my business.
    So agree, we have to treat our business like a job, or we will still be in the same spot in a year.

    Thanks again

  11. David says:

    I’ve been following you for quite some time now and am interested in your Gage Academy training to start my new year off right and finally start treating my business seriously and make monry. I noticed, however, that on the sign up page there’s a spot for a “coupon code” next to the Set Up Fee and wanted to know if I could get a discount or if you’d be good enough to waive the set up fee for me. If you would, I’d really appreciate it and would be extremely grateful.

  12. Sandy Wilson says:

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  13. Jack Schmitt says:

    I was already to disagree with your initial statement, but then as I read further, I realized where you were going with this topic, and that you were right on the money! One of the biggest challenges we face in MLM recruiting is finding people who are truly ready to WORK.

  14. jeng cua says:

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    Hope this help!
    Jeng Cua

  15. Simmons says:

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  16. MLM Software says:

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  17. MLM Software says:

    Hello Randy!, Interesting topic and thanks for sharing it

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