How You Make Money in the Business

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You guys did a great job on the testimonial post! I hope you studied them all.  Learning how to structure a compelling testimonial is one of the most important elements of your business.  You could argue that testimonials are the most effective part of any opportunity meeting, webcast or other recruiting presentation.  Now let’s explore another element:

How you make money in the business…

In illegal pyramids and money games you get paid headhunter fees.  In legitimate network marketing, we only get paid on one thing: volume.

All commissions are based on the volume of products that get to the end consumer.  Everything else is a distraction.  It’s really easy to getting bogged down with busy work, but that is not how we get paid.  We get paid to produce volume.  And you can do that three ways:

1)    Get a retail customer
2)    Get a wholesale consumer
3)    Sponsor a business builder

That’s it.  That’s how we earn money in our business.  So let me ask you something…

If you look over your activities for the last week, was it busy work, or building volume?


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16 Comments on “How You Make Money in the Business”

  1. ruben escalante says:

    busy work mostly;

    i’m not sure what a wholesale consumer is.

  2. Mike Cassidy says:

    Building volume (I’m happy to say!).

    I’m a firm believer that direct selling is a recession beneficiary industry and we are poised for great growth.

    A real smart guy once said something like “two a day brings freedom my way”.

  3. Alfred says:

    Every day is a new “Get Rich Quick Scam” online, people have to understand what a real MLM company has to offer. You can also check with which is for serious business builders, membership recommended.

  4. Trey says:

    STP, STP, STP!!!

  5. Enrique says:

    busy,busy,busy work

  6. I posted another valuable article to my blog to help people succeed in their home business and I helped some guys with their questions in forums.

    So I want to attract them as a leader who can help them to really succeed in their home business.

    And I introduced our new product to our team and made more volume with this for the next month because some of them will try it.

    So I think it was a good week!

    Have a nice week too,


  7. Hey Randy, I’m listening to Jim Rohn’s “Challenge To Succeed” audios again, as a way to remember him and to keep learning from him.

    And Jim always taught that “There are only about a half dozen things that make 80% of the difference in any area of our lives.”

    And as you pointed out, those half dozen things in network marketing need to focus on building product volume through your marketing organization.


  8. Pam Shaw says:

    This past wek has been filled with busy work. But after reading this post, next week will definitely be filled with volume producing activities.

    Thanks for keeping it simple.

  9. I plan a minimum of three hours daily dedicated to volume growth in something. I have been experimenting [failing at nearly 99.99999%] recently and I am back to where I started. The good news is I did not get stuck in the maze. The method for learning how to ride a bicycle [or network marketing] is get on the bike, continue to attempt to ride until you discover balance. If you quit before ‘balance’ appears you lose.

  10. donny gamble says:

    Im on building volume… Those 3 things are crucial on building business or the other way around that you use but those are the basics or the foundation. Let me say have a good foundation!

  11. Mike says:

    You make money in this business just like any other. By being aware of what your customers want, not what you would like to sell them. (By customers I mean product consumers and prospects for the business)
    Its much easier to “fish” for the right person than “hunt” for them! The real income is in building a team, so apportion your time appropriately.

  12. Starting to build a new organization for a new startup company getting it’s momentum right now.
    So, doing everything from building sites to PPT presentations to Web Casts to STP.

  13. mike says:

    People who are about to start their business have this question in their mind: how to make money in the business?. All these MLM trainings are very important to empower in a powerful way.

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