How You Make Money

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Okay last post we discussed your progress toward your 2011 goals.  Now let’s get down to business…

Suppose you’re not where you want to be.  What to do then?

Hint:  It isn’t organizing your desk, cleaning out your briefcase or watching the company video one more time.

We get paid when we produce volume.  And we get volume by exposing people to the business.  Some say yes and build a business.  Some say no but use the products.  Either way you win.

But the way to get there is meeting people, making invitations, getting people to presentations, and following up after presentations.

So how you doing on that?


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21 Comments on “How You Make Money”

  1. Brett Edwards says:

    I need help with all of that

  2. Anonymous says:

    I also need help

  3. Randy Gage says:

    Okay Brett and Anonymous (or anyone else reading this in the same position), there is still time for you to have a great year. But you need to get started now, doing the fundamentals. I recommend you get my Duplication Nation album and follow that process exactly. That is my complete generic system for building the business. You can find it here on this site in the store:


    • Gabesuarez says:

      First of all thanks!
      Second, I am constantly struggling to regain the faith, because after a year in business still struggling, with little success in volume of points (each time we are less in my team, we are far from the center of energy), but I’ve grown inwardly (books, audios, web pages) and very good friends. In February event will go to the opening of business in my country to restore faith, and in June for a leadership event to recover even more faith.
      Third: I also want to know how to meet new people. I started the gym and swimming for more people, plus I will start a course in boat (I know nothing of nautical lol).
      But above all things I need to get faith! Even whether I know the world without faith will not be able to find the enthusiasm that people need to see it.
      Then when you start to lose faith, it’s like you think it makes no sense to talk of business as you begin to believe that people will tell you not interested, and it is preferable to proceed as if nothing had happened, that’s when business and inside you begins to die. I do not know if your CD’s are in Spanish, as well as your book, “Make your first circle work, ” I need it in Spanish. Yet I continue! Not, some day I will get success in volume and not just friends.

      • Natalie says:

        What Randy says to me when I’ve been down is to listen to audios, work on my vision, do personal development each day – especially read The Magic of Thinking Big. There’s a story around page 166 of a car salesman who writes and tells himself a commercial about himself – that sometimes helps me.

        I find I work easier when I have a goal to work towards… Like an event, or a dream… Then I have buzz to focus on and build. The ultimate I guess is to work like that with intensity, passion and urgency regardless of whether you have an event or not, eh?

        I believe you can do it. I believe if you keep going it will click, and you’ll find your way… Blessing you muchly!

  4. Trey says:

    I’ve listened to Duplication Nation many times and have learned much from it. I highly recommend it along with How to Become an MLM Rockstar.

  5. Anonymous & Brett ,

    Don’t feel bad.

    Lots of other people fail to identify “rain maker activities” or what we refer to as money actions in the business just like you.

    Getting Randy’s Duplication Nation WILL give you a track to run on ( helped me to create a million dollar net worth ) but it; will be your willingness to consistently execute these simple actions that will guarantee your success.

    You might also want to pick up up a copy of this=> resource written by Randy . . .it’ll help you build the massive organization you’re hoping to build.

    Let me know how this helps.

    Warren Little

  6. Ellis Hubbard says:

    Doing exactly what you recommend RG!! Averaging 1 new appointment a day but my goal is 4!

  7. wencel says:

    must do it …!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    When i amn’t not where i want to be,then i need to do some effective actions,like “meeting people, making invitations, getting people to presentations, and following up after presentations”.

  9. Amit says:

    Randy please dont stop, for some reasone everything you say comes right on time… Thank you.

  10. Sonny says:

    Randy, I bought your duplication nation course and a few others and It’s working out well. Here’s the only problem we’re having.

    1. First, I’m making lots of invitations from the positive response I’m getting from the quality question but when I follow up with them, they haven’t review it, how can I put urgency into the prospect to review the pre-approach packet without making it seem like we’re pressuring them.

    2. Clarification would help us in this issue, when we listened to your course, one audio said to work 2-3 lines at a time and build depth if your working full time, but power recruiting says do a major blast and sponsor 15 or so within a month or two, so I’m a bit confused on how both fit together since you said onesees, twosees don’t work to build a large organization. Thanks for sharing your sharing your experience and wisdom with is. Can’t waitb to get mlm rock star.

    • Randy Gage says:

      The more recent training is working a major blast, sponsoring the 15. I’m sure I’ll do some posts on the follow up urgency issue.

      Thanks, RG

    • Ron Gelok says:

      not my place to answer but most of the time they will have not watched the presentation. so when i call them back and they tell me that i say, “perfect” enthusiasticly “yea i actually have 6 more people to call back on this so ill get back with you later, take it easy buddy” and my goal is to hang up. More often than not they are saying “wait wait hold on ok ill watch it.” thats jsut my style, i posture myself like I dont need or care about my prospects joining my business. meaning im not addictted to the outcome of them joining and i believe my prospects can sense that which allows me to maintain my power.

      hope u dont mind randy, but just my take.

    • Natalie says:

      From what Randy has said to me is to do both – Major Blast to get the 15 which will become 2/3 lines. With the 2/3 strong lines to build deep. Then when they all function without me/you then do another major blast to get another 2/3 lines working to build deeply.

  11. Lene Jytte Hansen says:

    Did not want to comment before having done something. Made 20 invitations, and have 1 meeting tomorrow.

  12. Toma Ignatov says:

    Hi Randy ,
    yes the way to get there is meeting people, making invitations, getting people to presentations, and following up after presentations…….,and also we need to find how to increase our vibrations, to manage the atraction law,to accumulate bigger sensitivity, to work on our selves to improve every steps of that process and we need a simple method to handle disappointments along the way, and because of to many things we should follow i become to the point that networking is a way of life and as always the choise to live it is most important part we should do! ONES WE ARE IN, THERE IS NO BEGINING, NO END.
    So how we do on that now and where we want to go? Thanks !

  13. JOE says:


    I came to realization was acting like my Network Marketing business as the “best kept secret” wanted to succeed alone. am making two presentation a day and moving products daily and enhancing duplication.We MLMers have to understand 3 things;what is urgency,necessary and important to make it big in our profession.

    Thanks RG

  14. Ron Gelok says:

    Hey randy, great post here man and thanks for all you do for us. Your the man.

    Heres what I realized, we get paid for 2 things in our industry, retailing and recruiting thats it. Not writing blogs, articles, and making videos. Those are all great and I encourage everyone to do this marketing during down time hours when you can’t be on the phone with people.

    What I found is that when you become hungry enough, just sick and tired of being sick and tired is when 1 or two things will happen. You’ll either roll up your sleeves and go to work by talking to at least 30 people a day or you’ll quit and have a bad taste in your mouth about network marketing because you decide it doesn’t work. The reality is that network marketing works but most people are not willing to do what it takes to be successful in the industry on a disciplined and consistent basis. ok so i went on a little bit of a rant but im ending it before i spread any more truth lol. thanks again man!

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