Killing Doubt

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Last post I said that right now you’re facing one of two scenarios.  And they both spring from one of the deadliest threats to our business:  Doubt.

Scenario number one was when you had the doubt yourself.  Scenario number two is when your doubt is gone.  It’s been replaced by belief and you know the dream is real, but you’re dealing with people on your team experiencing doubts.

This is only natural and nothing to be alarmed about.  But as a leader, you do need to deal with it.  Hope is what brings people into the business.  Belief is what keeps them in the business.  So our job is to turn hope into belief, eliminating doubt along the way.

Testimonials and success stories help this.  Major events help.  Communication helps.   Daily self-development is a big help.   But the biggest thing you can do is be working down in depth in the group.  When people see you really are their partner for success and are helping build their team, they develop the belief that keeps them around.


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14 Comments on “Killing Doubt”

  1. Absolutely! Partners in business. And actions, you there supporting them speaks volumes.

    Have a great day!

  2. I completely agree with that but as a leader, you must show the example in order to comunicate your personal experience and motivate your team. Is that what you meant? OK, than I’m doing the 3 things that you recommand, assisting to the events, communicate a great deal and self-development reading every single day.
    Well, I’m just following the system. Thank’s Randy.

  3. Enrique says:

    But the biggest thing you can do is be working down in depth in the group
    This is what makes you a great leader.

  4. Ronald Cheek says:

    Most people hope they succeed in Network Marketing, and they believe that they can succeed at it. But some have figured out that learning the right skills, what to say and what to do, will kill any doubt that the business can work for them.

    If you invest the time to learn the skills and share those skills with your downline, then your teams confidence will not only go up but so will their paychecks.

    And the more I listen to your tips Randy the more my confidence level soars too!

  5. I love the “Hope is what brings people into the business. Belief is what keeps them in the business. So our job is to turn hope into belief, eliminating doubt along the way.”

  6. Linda Sanchez says:

    Yes belief is very important to stay in this business. I believe that in order to grow the organization, leaders should be working with a group in depth. In this way, downlines will be inspired and will reinforce their belief that this business really works and down the line they will follow the example of their leaders.

  7. Anette Nilsson says:

    Thanks Randy! I just realized that I, a while ago, have passed the border between hope and belief and it´s a remarkable feeling! I love this business! See You in Stockholm May 8? :) Take care!

  8. Yuliya says:

    Thanks Randy!

  9. Greetings Randy,

    I agree with your view and statements.

    It all fits together like the pieces of a puzzle.

    Individually all the pieces seperated has no value or form.

    Fitting the pieces together in the right places makes a beautiful picture.

    Be Blessed,


  10. Edward says:

    I totally agree Randy.
    Converting Hope to Belief is key to the growth of yourself and anyone who partners with you. It helps your success in Network Marketing as well as for others.
    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

  11. dick beglinger says:

    Without a doubt, belief in yourself and your company/products are critical. What I feel is just as critical is getting that first check in your new recruits hands. The sooner they see results, the longer they will stay with you.

  12. Margaret Hockaday says:

    Amen to that

  13. lea sedan says:

    Hey Randy Gage
    about the first part of doubt.tell your people:
    It’s always darkest just before thedawn.

    “When you’re ready to quit, you’re
    closer than you think”

    The difference between successful
    people and the rest is that successful
    people find ways to move past the struggle,
    breakthrough the trial and remainfocused on
    the prize.”
    There is asaing of Napoleon Hill:
    What the mind of man can
    conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
    And ferst of all you have to believe, not to doubt, for to realize your dream.

  14. Could not agree more. As a leader in this industry we have a responsibility to work with the willing. In order to be a leader you must embody this industry. Become a “Student” of the industry. My belief lever went to the moon when I started talking to OTHER top income earners besides the one in MY company. Once you have talked to folks making 100K, 200K, $400K A MONTH and more you that have NO motive to try to enroll you your belief will be there. This you can take to your team. There’s something to be said for “drinking the cool aid” and becoming a student of the industry. Take responsibility for your business and responsibility in training those who are trying to grab on to the caboose of your locomotive of success.
    Thanks for keeping the industry real Randy.

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