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Our business is all about leadership.  Look at where you have volume and you’ll find a local leader.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a big city or small village.  Doesn’t matter if the economy there is strong or weak.  One of the most important lessons you can learn about Network Marketing is this:

The team creates the growth – but leaders create the team.

Really think about that.



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30 Comments on “Leaders”

  1. naomi says:

    thenk u.
    u rimind me

  2. AskRonReed says:

    Randy, no doubt you’re familiar with the saying: “The speed of the leader determines the speed of the team.” Leadership, which has little in common with management or supervision, is not something we “spew”, but rather, something we “do.” Or, as my personal coach always says, “you can show me better than you can tell me.” Another great post Randy! Make it another great day!

  3. The best leaders were/are great followers. Thank. You as alwys for your guidence RG.

  4. Randy,,Randy,,Randy

    You quiete right. It start with you,, your introducer/s should know,, wherever they are,, that they have a leader/s in their teams.
    I fully disagree with the fact that leaders are born for I have proved with my team that leaders are create.
    2 distinct charecter differentiating a leader from a follower:
    # Willingness to learn & to be taught.
    # Action – the ability to apply what you have learnt.
    Another great post Randy,, thank you

  5. Leadership + Teamwork = Success!

  6. Network marketing is a team sport. Leaders are team players who master the art of service and gratitude.

  7. Kaye Sowder says:

    Amen! THIS is currently our biggest topic of discussion. Great material for our training on Thursday. xoxo

  8. Diego Rosero says:

    Great information, I’m gonna share this with my team.

  9. wale says:

    Food for thought for so called leader in my country(Nigeria)

  10. Todd Young says:

    Another great fundamental in NWM Mr. Randy Gage!
    LEADERS CREATE: The Team, The Culture, The Duplication, the speed of the growth. Then, work where you’re deserved, not where you’re needed…Todd Young 2011 Mega MLM Graduate

  11. Jack LaCava says:

    Excellent message for all the deceptive network marketers who tell their prospects what they want to hear to sign them up and then abandon them. Great post!

  12. Jamie Loh says:

    Printing this out & sticking it on my wall! Thanks rocksta! Xoxo

  13. Joanna Glade says:

    In order for someone to be successful, they need to be a leader. In Network Marketing, you need to be a leader and to develop leaders below you. As Art Williams says, “You show me any winning team and I will show you a team run by a leader.”

  14. Suzanne says:

    Hi Randy, I really enjoy your posts and precious words of wisdom filed in my portabable quick reference file for easy review. So refreshing!
    Have a blessed Ressurected Sunday and thanks vm…

  15. yogesh says:

    knowledge + implementation = success

  16. Dr. Tembo-Pitters says:

    Very true Randy…. NWM is truly more about leadership. Thanks for your great teachings!

  17. The team creates the growth. But leaders create the team. Good stuff!

  18. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy.

    A leader wasn’t one who born to be a leader.
    A leader is a person who took the responsibility
    to lead his team in a new path, to the “promised land”.
    A leader is a trusted authority.

  19. Sanni nurudeen says:

    If u are not a leader u can’t succeed in NWM because leader multiply follower add and in our biz multiplication is d real Growth. THANKS

  20. Randy, yes you’re right, a leader is a catalyst for success!

  21. Great post, Randy !
    with great team there’s come great responsibility…
    Thanks for sharing this helpful reminder

  22. merab says:

    Thank you Randy. Need to make myself a better leader to make a stronger team.

  23. Always being a good leadership makes a relationship more strong and strengths.

  24. arturo leos says:

    se sabe Randy que tienes mucho exito es notorio y muy valioso,tienes videos de entrevistas traducidas o subtituladas en español seria muy valiosa esa informacion si pudiera tenerla gracias Dios te bendice.

  25. I read your post and found it very informative. I am always looking for new ideas in network marketing. From reading your post you have given me some good ideas on improving my network…. you obviously know what you are talking about.

  26. Network marketing is an only marketing when we heartly relation. Make relation with ur uplines and downlines, you will achive sucsess fastly.

  27. Sory its not ‘we heartly relation.’ it is ‘WE MAKE HEARTLY RELATION.’

  28. Sonny says:

    On the money with that one!

  29. Marketing says:

    This is very attention-grabbing, You’re a very professional blogger. I have joined your rss feed and stay up for in the hunt for extra of your great post. Additionally, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks

    • Danijela says:

      So I guess Fuddruckers and Ruby Tuesday are relegated to the NIT..errr…NIB tonrmauent this year huh? Oh well, serves them right, all they had to do was win their conference tonrmauent ;)

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