Learning from the Masters

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Once of the best things you can do in this biz is learn from the masters.  And learn from the failures!  Today you have a chance to do both…

As you may know, John Milton Fogg is in the process of a new project.  John is kind of the Napoleon Hill of Network Marketing, as he’s been interviewing the top producers in the biz for the last 20 years.  That led him to his latest endeavor…

A new book titled, The Greatest Networkers in the World. You’ll notice there is an ‘S’ after networker, because it’s not his original book by that title, but a new and different tome.  This one is profiling 21 people who have become millionaires in Network Marketing.  I’m honored to be one of those featured.

What you should be aware of is that John has posted interviews he recorded which each of these 21 people and is offering them to you as a subscription series.

Now I don’t agree with everything everyone says.  I wouldn’t have necessarily selected these same 21 people.  So as with anything recommended, use your critical thinking and discernment.  But there are some flat out Rock Stars in the group, with amazing information.  For certain you can get literally dozens of insights that will help you develop your skills, build your belief, and energize you into action.

You can find all the info here:  http://budurl.com/MLMMillionaires I recommend you get a subscription and devour the info.  Then let me know what you think!


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8 Comments on “Learning from the Masters”

  1. Aritz Zuniga says:

    Hi everybody!

    Really, this book like interesting.

    Good Lucky!

  2. Jack LaCava says:

    Thanks for the tip Randy. Now, if John can assemble all these rock stars to do a mastermind event…… Some of them, including you, present at Art’s Mastermind but to have all of them would be awesome.


  3. Kevrel says:

    1JWz6Q I’m not esaliy impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! :)

  4. I think this book will be very useful, I will look forward to buy it, thanks for sharing.

  5. […] a feeling this is due in part to the good and welcome efforts of Brooke and Gage mentioning the book in their own […]

  6. PerezNANNIE says:

    I received my first business loans when I was not very old and this aided me a lot. But, I require the consolidation loans as well.

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