Making the Numbers Work

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Talk to the top income earners in any company and you’ll discover something fascinating.  Usually more than half of their income comes from two or three major lines.

The remaining income can still be substantial, but it is usually the collection of not very many lines either.  So someone can be earning $75,000 or $100,000 a month, as a result of six or eight people they have enrolled.

But here’s the key…

They may have sponsored 90 people to get those eight.  Or more.  No one enrolls seven superstars from their first seven people.  No one.

So give yourself a chance…

Be busy enough to make the numbers work.  Do enough action to get real traction.  Keep enough prospects in the pipeline so you have some candidates coming up.  And sponsor enough people to give you a chance to discover and develop the superstars.

How you doing on that?


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31 Comments on “Making the Numbers Work”

  1. Joey de Guzman says:

    Simple and yet enligthening advise. Your blog gives direction in my prospecting acitivity.

    Thank you and more power!

  2. Tom Pacheco says:

    Randy this is so true. It’s unfortunate that the majority of people who get into this industry are mislead thinking all they have to do is get 3 who get 3 who get 3, etc. I like to let my prospects know that they may have to sponsor 20-30 or more people to find those “3”. Great post thanks for all you do!

  3. Merab says:

    Hey Randy,
    Thank you once again for ALL you do. As a person still developing my network, numbers will increase my bonus check. I was also in the past months misled , to sponsor 3 or 4 and work with them. I have benefited from your lessons guiding me to sponsor 5 teach them to sponsor so they also pass on the skill to their down lines, more numbers will be needed as i go on. …. Numbers are what will save me from working so hard but at the moment i have to invest my time, energy etc in my business. My goal to become financially independent MUST come from the network of friends.

  4. MIke Broderick says:

    According to Jordan Adler, author of the book “Beach Money”, the numbers are 1/3 of prospects will do nothing, 1/3 will maintain the minimum, the last 1/3 will do a little more and finally 1 person out of 30 will be a superstar. So if you want to have 2 superstars the numbers say you should recruit 60. This is why the “skill” of prospecting is crucial.

  5. DaveM says:

    will apply these principles….

  6. Joe Marujo says:

    Great point Randy. That’s why it’s important to be able to say “next” when someone says no. You can’t make somebody “want” to do this business.

  7. James Thou says:

    I always have a very deep regard for Randy’s comments as I find the comments very practical ( Applying it is a different story ) ; However, I am curious to bring up this point … Is it easier & more lucrative to work on 2 legs & build it really really deep or infinity or to build 6 or more separate legs if one is as one called ‘a power recruiter’!
    Or really it does not make a difference as it’s more important to recruit 90 or more to get 6 ore more steady line groups?

    Deeply curious!

  8. Uno says:

    Si es muy real lo que nos transmiten sus maravillosas palabras. Lo que pido todos los dias es saber sostener el impulso que se lleva al comienzo…porque luego es como si se cortara ese impulso y hay que usarlo de nuevo, y ya no tiene la misma fuerza…gracias

  9. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy’
    It is as the law of pareto The Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events,

  10. I have enrolled more people in the last 3 months than the previous 3 years. One of them has done twice as much as me while the others are in a unknown gestation period. One or two are ready to break ground. When the pipeline is filled to overflowing this is an extremely fun business and I can allow people to grow at their pace without emotional attachment or pressure from me.

  11. bill says:

    randy – whats a realistic number per month to get it rockin ?? of recruits team volume showings etc….

  12. Good advice, don’t quit ever! If you are not moving forward you need to look at what you are doing and try something different that works, don’t be afraid to ask your upline!

    • Roman says:

      What if my upline is a gang of amateurs?

      • Cynthia says:

        My company has mentors available… Your sponsor may be an amateur but your upline definitely won’t all be. Search out a mentor in your team… I am lucky to find many in my company that are not in my team to ask help from, coupled with all I am learning from this platform and others, I know I’m on the right track. Seek and ye shall find. If you already notice some amateurs then you have it in you to succeed as you are wired for more… Keep digging

  13. Marcelino says:


    Your blog articles are and will always be helpful as we desire to build a strong voluntary armies of real network marketers determined to achieve financial freedom.

    We are forever grateful for the Supreme Being Up there… for sending you to your parents and equally thankful for your parents and others for believing and rearing you to be the power and influence you can become to us in our generation and for generations after us. Happy Birthday !!!

  14. It’s all About momentum & timing. It never works of you onesy & twosy the business. It requires massive action in short bursts of time to bring in a batch of people to create the group competition dynamic. Usually if you bring in 6-8 people your ambition level & above you’ll get 1-2 really good ones. Do that 4-6 times / year & you’ll end up with 2-4 rockstars. Do that for a couple of years & you’ll be set.

  15. Tony Scarcia says:

    It really is that simple… if one allows themselves to hear the message.

  16. I will keep sponsoring until I have 4, 8, 12 chasing me! 12 is for Gangster Money? If I do remember the speech from Mastermind correctly. I’m on it! Improving skills daily!

  17. Gabesuarez says:

    Ok! It is true. The problem only problem for me is to get that 90 people haha.
    It seems magical, when I hear that many were struggling for years and then suddenly, they begin to enroll more people in a month, as never before in all previous years combined. There is a comment like that now in the post. But why is that? I go to ther parties tools for my business. I give them with joy and optimism, with sympathy. I don`t pray them, because I read in your book, you should not do this. But after a meet rejection. Many say that the social level I have is not conducive to business. is this true? I have only to speak to people today have much money and high social status? I am not like that today. I stil don`t know these people yet. I am an engineer but I am an employee, and in Argentina, an engineer don`t get best payment today. I think that we should not pre judging from anyone, but sometimes people hesitate Prospecting! If I only show the biz to rich people, in a city of 60.000 people, ow I will get my 90, or lets start with my 40? What happend or must do to reach the moment when everything starts to flow? I read it moment in several books. when is that happens? Does the people reject me because my attitude? Do they note my desire for freedom and that scares people? I wish you could give me some advice. :)

  18. Roman says:

    I agree. My upline director sponsored personally 116 people. 115 is gone , only his girlfriend keep. but under rest of 115 in deep come up 8 superstar, they step by step become his first line and he is tody millionaire.

  19. Alex says:

    Thanks RG, you are very right.Was taught that way and am doing it hoping the superstars are there waiting for me to reach them.

  20. DeLeon JR says:

    Just now learnt about Randy and his blog.Thank you for all this valuable info!!!

  21. Kerriann says:

    8VSjZm Stands back from the keyboard in ameamznet! Thanks!

  22. thank you for your information, i work 12 hours a day in a place like auto zone and i makin my group of people is veri dificult, but i leraning of you and im working whit aout my wife,is more difficult she dont belive in network marketing, jiiji but is my passion, im in love with mlm, and im going to be a rock star , exitos…….

    sorry for my writing, i star to learn English, for read your book, for understand your cds,,, jijij

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