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What a great response to yesterday’s post on selling versus sharing versus marketing. And thanks to you all for sharing and spreading the word.  I appreciate the love!  And there was something that came up in the comments quite a bit that is worth looking at deeper…

A few people correctly pointed out that ethical selling isn’t about getting people to buy things they don’t want.  I should have stated that what I was describing is the negative way I see selling done so much of the time (car lots, time shares, etc).

I’m overly sensitive about the topic because I see so many MLM companies bring in sales trainers or NLP practitioners teaching manipulative techniques.  These don’t duplicate well at best, and are unethical at worst.

When sales it is done the right way, it is about meeting needs.  That’s why I like the marketing approach so much.  It is better suited to meeting the needs of the candidate.  Which takes us back to “sharing” again…

If you know you are actually meeting the needs of your prospect, you’re much more likely to make that invitation, pick up the phone, or follow up after a presentation.

So how are you doing on that?

Are you actively prospecting this week?  Or procrastinating and saying you’re going to start in the New Year?  If you’re still hesitant about approaching people, take a look at your core beliefs.  Reflect again on servicing needs, and you’ll be much more likely to get into action.


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25 Comments on “Meeting Needs”

  1. Oh my god, you got me!

    I thought about a few nice days at home and not doing anything.

    But I want to change that now!

    I get out of the Sofa and call a few old friends to keep the relationships running.

    Thanks for the advice, Randy!

  2. Nadia says:

    Ask and you’ll get :)
    As a matter of fact, we go to two events tomorrow to prospect. Practicing makes you better. I must admit (gosh my ego suffers here…) that you kicked my butt a few days ago n your DVD. But you are right. Prospect, meet the need and you’ll succeed. Thanks Randy

  3. Gina Koinski says:

    Absolutely out there prospecting. I’m guaranteeing myself a great start to my 2011! Happy New Year Randy!

  4. When I first got started in the profession, I was not a professional (selling in the bad sense, just gave to get someone on my team mentality, you gotta look at this, blah, blah) & consequently got no long term results. Sure people got involved, but didn’t stay involved.

    Today it’s about listening to needs & only offering the profession to qualified prospects. Telling people no that are looking for get rich quick & looking to manipulate to make a fast buck. Telling people yes that are a good fit.

    As for prospecting this week, yes, definitely. This is a great week to gain even more ground.

    I think we also need to talk about core motivation. What really moves & serves us at the deepest level. For me it’s the people that are impacted in a positive way from my consistency & overcoming my own struggles.

    I’ll be doing a blog post later today on focusing on the end goal & the difference you can make in your own life & the life others & how that can drive you to greatness.

  5. Paul Kemp says:

    Thanks for reminding us of the service we provide to the marketplace. When viewed in this light, we have done our part by doing our best at presenting healthy product alternatives that wouldn’t exist if not for network marketing.

    If we offer this service with love and the best interests of our prospect in mind, then rejection doesn’t matter. We have done our part. Not everyone is ready for what we offer.

    Like the Rolling Stones used to say, “Time Is On My Side”. We’ll be around when they realize the need what we offer.

    Thanks for your part, Randy, in bringing dignity and pride in this profession.

  6. Great post Randy. Selling in MLM is the art of finding a ” want need or desire” We are looking for dissatisfied people. Dissatisfied with their health, financial situation or ??? Then it’s you job to show them how your product or opportunity will fill that need. That’s it.

    The people that work the hardest through the holidays will get the largest reword in the new year. Nov. and Dec. set the stage of your desire and commitment for the new year. You will always run faster with a running start then from a dead stop. I have sponsored the three biggest team members in Dec. and Jan because of the work I did at the end of the year.

    Set your goals and set your commitment to them.


  7. Greetings Randy,

    In order to be successful in this industry or any other profession where, customers, clients, business partners are the way the money is made…

    One needs to be consistent EVERY DAY.

    Not when you have the time, feel like it, forced to etc…….

    You always have the time when you create the time needed.
    You always do what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like it.
    You should never have to be forced to do something if you really are working to be successful.

    Food for thought:

    2 a day, 10 in play, FOLLOW UP and grow your pay.

    Sometimes it just takes a focused effort to keep your mind focused on what you need to do to create your success.

    Take 2 pennies (or more) and put them in your left pocket, when you have effectively approached someone new about your business or product put a penny in your right pocket.

    Don’t go to bed until you have moved those pennies form one pocket to the other. Do this EVERY DAY and you will be surprised how much success you will begin to have.

    In the book “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson Mr. Olson points out

    Anything is EASY to do when focused on…..

    The unfortunate thing most find their-self is……… IT IS EASIER NOT TO.

    The right decisions done over time leads to a life of responsibility and success

    The wrong decisions done over time leads to a life of regret.

    For those reading this.

    What are YOU going to do now?

    Be Blessed,


  8. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy’

    It’s all about meeting the needs of the prospect s,
    build relationship, by giving
    value,and keeping in communication.

  9. Enrique says:

    When sales it is done the right way, it is about meeting needs

    How do you find someone’s needs?By listening, but specific questions you ask a person to find out if you products might her/his or your opportunity.

  10. My motto is forget the calendar and remember your purpose.

    Christmas and New Year’s are holidays where we can take some time to enjoy with our family. That doesn’t mean you need to take days and weeks off leading up to and after these days.

    If your fire to achieve is strong enough, everyday can be like Christmas for you. You’ll be able to buy what you want for others, yourself, anybody and at the same time will have a free schedule, all because you worked when others were sleeping during certain days on the calendar.


  11. Dana Collins says:


    Happy New Year! Thank you for this incredible resource you provide whether you feel like it or not.
    You have made such a difference for so many; I put myself at the top of that list.

    I believe that one of the most important ways we serve others is by becoming excellent listeners. Being in a selling profession means becoming an excellent listener.
    Prior to building an MLM business, I worked for a fortune 500. One of the things that was interesting was our top sales performers were introverts on the Myers Briggs test. An introvert is defined for the purpose of Myers Briggs is someone who doesn’t draw energy from being around others. These introverts taught me something very important; the more you let others talk the more effective you become.
    When you learn to listen more and talk less you uncover needs. When someone states their own needs; they don’t need convincing. Convincing is what has tainted sales and is practiced by those who don’t understand what sales really is all about. Convincing shows too much of a commitment to the outcome. Being committed to an outcome that serves me doesn’t allow me to really listen to determine if I have a solution that fits the prospect. Really listening without being attached to the outcome allows you to ask questions in the moment and add to the conversation in a way that feels good to you and your prospect.


  12. Jean-Marc says:

    Hi Randy,
    So much to the point… My best celebration is made whenever I am able to “share” the beautiful world of Network Marketing.
    Happy New Year, JM

  13. Jack LaCava says:

    I am prospecting but not with like would normally be doing. I’m actually, laying low in a hotel room so I can write my book undisturbed. I’m taking a short break, checked my email and saw yours so here I am posting. This is a great time to prosepct because here in the USA many people are creating their list of goals and there are a LOT of people that are either unemployed or not happy with their current employer. I guarantee you that getting a new job or career is on their list of goals.


  14. John Lowery says:

    Meeting needs. The problem I see with MLM if someone isn’t all that concerned about their weight, why would they ever really want to promote a weight loss company, or if someone isn’t into their skin, why would they want to promote skincare products? I would say for someone just getting started it would be much better to run with a company with a product they believe in, so they get that unshakeable confidence that it’s going to take to go out and share with others.

  15. Cliff Boxer says:

    We are always selling in the mlm business. My previous profession was selling and the lesson I have learned in mlm is that we have to sell the opportunity or we just end up working for ourselves not the masses. Put another way, instead of selling a product or service which is the present, we have to sell the future or the vision of what can and will be.

  16. Marlene G. says:

    “I’m overly sensitive about the topic because I see so many MLM companies bring in sales trainers or NLP practitioners teaching manipulative techniques”

    Ahh, I hadn’t realized this was so very common. Gotcha. Makes sense. It’s hard to redefine a term like “sales” that’s been so corrupted.

    I worked for Disney for a long time, on the Orlando and Paris desks. And they really hammered in the selling of magic: pixie dust. Except that it wasn’t the flash in the pan stuff: it was about digging deeper, for the dream. Listen for and understand the dream inside someone and that’ll help you figure out if you can help them. And I think that applies to selling the opportunity.

    I know the products matter – but I figure if you do your research and pick a good company, the products are going to be good so I don’t put as much focus on them. (Maybe that’s naive of me to think?) But then I think that growth in one’s network marketing business is about matching dreams to the opportunity that your company has to offer. Aligning the value systems, I figure.

    Maybe the term selling needs to be abandoned altogether – I suppose marketing is as good as any and it’s definitely here to stay!

  17. Cynthia says:

    Randy, I went into this holiday season feeling very unsure about how I could continue building my business without bulldozing people.

    But then I attended my daughter’s holiday party (the week before Christmas) at her school. After we (the moms) put out the food for the kids, we stood by while they ate and I was standing next to 3 moms having a conversation about how frustrated they were with their jobs and their husbands jobs. They were complaining very seriously about how all 3 (they are all attorneys) can’t take a vacation because they have to take their laptops with them, they were at Disney and the client called, had not received the email with the attachment, had to possibly leaves kids with hubby at Disney to make sure client got email, etc.

    When I heard this I thought, wow, these people make a lot of money but they are essentially over-paid minute minders. Slaves to the clock.

    Anyway, I was able to see with my own two eyeballs that our NM business could fill a need. Will they want to watch my business DVD and sign up? I don’t know but I made a mental note and then one of the moms heard me mention that I was able to get to the party on time because I run my own business, I set my own hours. She asked, “what business are you in…” so I told her, gave her a sample and my business card with website and asked her if I could contact her after the holiday to show her the bus DVD and she said yes.

    Here is my question to you: should I have called her the next day to book her to view the DVD? I’m struggling with how soon should I call them to book them for an appointment to watch the DVD? I want to call them like the next day but I don’t want to appear like I’m bulldozing especially since we are between holidays (Christmas and New Years). Especially since I also want to ask her to invite the other 2 moms and their husbands to watch the DVD.

    Any suggestions with respect to timing would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Gabesuarez says:

    Very good one! This is good thing to always have in mind! :)

  19. Evelyn says:

    really nice, thanks for the awakening!

  20. Laura Butautaite says:

    I am still strugling with getting out there and approaching people… I haven’t even done my list but maybe that’s why I am so nervous to start – the longer I wait the more nervous I am! I think that after few calls, I should get more confidence etc. And in my opinion, going door to door surveying people about their needs is a good way to meet people and get over the shyness! I am actually going door to door just after New Year, but now I am puting together a system to try in my MLM business.

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