MLM is Dead!

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It Is DEAD!  And it’s time to put a wreath on the coffin and move on.
Yes I’m talking about multi-level marketing (MLM) and network marketing.
A lot of you were around in 2009 when I released my MLM Manifesto and you remember the shock waves it caused.  I was pissed off with what was happening in our profession and I for one, wasn’t going to stand by and watch things implode.
That Manifesto made a difference…

People realized they were in money games and left them.  Companies changed policies.  And the “good guys” won, because the profession got better, and ultimately we were able to help lots more people.
But now, things are bad.  Really bad.  In fact, I’ve been in the game for more than 35 years and I’ve never seen it worse than it is at this moment.  I’m furious.  And I’m going to do something about it.
Or at least the network marketing model so many of us once loved and championed.  So we have to kill it.  And move forward to something better.  Something that reflects the new realities of social media, the Internet and consumer-direct distribution across many channels.
You and I, and people like us, have to step up and speak up.  And I’m about to do it again.  It’s happening at one minute after midnight, on November 1.  I hope you’ll set your alarm and be there for the release.  And tell your team, so they can be there with you, as we move higher, to the next generation of what our amazing profession can become.  Here’s the announcement page:
Please share it with your world.  And I’ll see you at midnight, November 1!
– RG

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13 Comments on “MLM is Dead!”

  1. Hey Randy! I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve said hello.

    I was one of those who read your 2009 Manifesto the moment it dropped. I’m very interested to read your new one. The title is intriguing. I’m assuming your going to talk about what we call what we do.

    Personally I love the term “MLM” and don’t really care to drop the label due to a bunch of misconceptions due to past poor behaviors. I understand and fully agree that “sales” is actually what we do but it’s not the sales component of our game that is so attractive. To me, and the reason I prefer MLM sales over traditional sales, it’s about the leverage that comes from the multiple levels of sales volume generated in the organization.

    Blah Blah Blah… I’m just speculating what your next Manifesto’s about.
    Can’t wait to read it!!

  2. david says:

    Personally I can’t wait to bury the old mlm model.. all the bs of, oh it’s easy, the product sells itself, all you got to do is talk to people, the products are so great, they’ll change your life, what a load of bs.. so glad when Vemma went down.. huge, huge wake-up call for the profession and I hope it happens to a bunch more of those hype companies..
    I’ll be so glad when this profession has companies that exist solely because they have a huge customer base whether they are biz builders or not.. then the profession will take a huge step forward..

  3. Hey, Randy. I interview leaders mlm. For example, Randy Gage, Tom Big Al Schreiter, Dexter Yager, Robert Butwin, Mark Yarnell, Randy Schroeder, Don Failla, John Milton Fogg, etc.
    On November 1, I will delete my blog and all interviews.
    MLM is Dead! Or not?

  4. Bikash Roy says:

    Randy Gage

    Thanks for sharing the post. one thing let you know that. Indian Govt has already Banned Money Market related MLM website in India

  5. Great article and a good read for those new to MLM and blogs.
    However I do not believe MLM is dead!
    Network Marketing either break you or make you rich!

  6. thanks for the great article.
    Can I translate this article and place it on my site?

  7. Meysam says:

    this is a very good article. thank’s.

  8. I cannot completely agree MLM is dead!,

  9. signon says:

    How artificial intelligence help in MLM Business?

  10. MLM is still a demanding technology

  11. For one thing to say. It is absolutely psychotic to say MLM, Network marketing is dead. Network marketing leaders such as Mark Yarnell, Tom Big Al Schreiter have worthwhile books to help you grow your Network Marketing business. Not to Mention Books by Scott Alexander, Rhinoceros Success.Advanced Rhinocerology, Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. The Procrastination Equation by y Piers Steel PhD

    The thing that is in great need in the network marketing industry is to DRAIN THE SWAMP.Of the rogue network marketing that are ruining the industry with their infectious greed plus their complete selfishness by only helping themselves by abandoning their downline.

    Michael Dlouhy wrote an article about the Australian 2-up MLM Compensation Plan? You May As Well Get a Lobotomy!

    In a nutshell Michael wrote ” o be successful, don’t put yourself in a situation where you are 100% certain to fail … and that’s where you are with an Aussie 2-up compensation plan.

    Keep looking. There are good network marketing companies with comp plans that you can work successfully. The Aussie 2-up is not one of them”

    It is time to think weather or not our Network marketing leaders have sold us out.

  12. In my view, does a great job of handling subject matter of this sort. Even if frequently intentionally controversial, the information is generally thoughtful and challenging.

  13. Dylan says:

    MLM is not dead, at least not the new way of doing things. A lot of people coming in to the industry DON’T want to hassle their friends and family to join their opportunities cos let’s face it, that’s NOT for everyone. I absolutely hated doing it… making a list of 100 people and then prospecting all of them, starting random conversations with people wherever you go to pitch them.

    That’s not the way to build your team, not with social media being what it is. That being said, there are too many network marketers spamming their links on SM, and that doesn’t get them anywhere. Guys, there is a better way to grow your team online. I discovered it at – Give it a try!

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