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Last post we talked about how you can use my new “Risky” book for credibility with your prospects.  And I promised this time to alert you to another powerful resource you can use for credibility and traction for your business.  So let’s get to it!

That resource is Networking Times magazine.  It can really make a difference to you in several ways:

First and foremost, it can build your belief in the profession!  Every month they profile top producers in our business, and tell their stories.  These totally generic profiles are inspirational, motivational and really do anchor your belief in the possibilities of our amazing profession.

Second, it will teach you new skills to grow your business.  You’ll become a better recruiter, present better, follow up with more success, and develop leadership skills.  Every issue is packed with great training content.

And finally, Networking Times is a great credibility tool to use with prospects.  It’s a professional, glossy, national magazine found on the newsstand that highlights our business in a positive way.

So I’ve got three suggestions for how you can use this resource to grow your business now:

1)   Get to Barnes and Noble or another newsstand and buy out any issues left of the Nov/Dec issue.  This one has me on the cover and features an interview on my new book and why it predicts the “golden era” of Network Marketing.  We make the case for way retail is dying and why MLM is a more elegant model that will capture a huge swath of that market share.  So buy out any copies you can find, because this is an issue you can use in your follow up packets for years.

2)   Get a subscription.  If you are serious about success in the business – you need to be a student of the profession.  Set the example for your team and be learning new skills every month.  The investment will pay for itself thousands of times over.  Get your subscription here:

3)   Forward this email and share this blog to everyone on your team.  You need a connected, motivated and learning team.  This magazine will help you get that.  Create a culture where everyone on your team gets new distributors signed up with a subscription right away.

Frankly, we ‘re doing a horrible job supporting a resource that supports us so well.  We should have a couple hundred thousand (or couple million) team members who are paid subscribers to this magazine.  It’s a smart move for your business to get your team subscribing and by everyone doing so, it means this valuable resource will be around to help us all, for many years to come.  So I hope you’ll join me in supporting the great work the NT team does over there, and ensure they are around to help us for many years to come!

– RG

P. S.  Here is the subscription link again:

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100 Comments on “Networking Times”

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Randy.

    We all have a responsibility to learn and grow ourselves, then teach what we know and empower each other.

    You are a living example of this and an inspiration to us all. We are thankful to call you a friend and to the entire networking community for inspiring us to make each issue of Networking Times better than the previous one.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you around the world, J

  2. Thank you Randy Gage, Chris and Josephine Gross–

    Networking Times has changed our business, which in turn has changed our lives…it truly is the gift that keeps on giving…which is why I’ve gifted several subscriptions to my leaders, and make mention of it at every event I speak at!

    Because I was one of the first in my company, I joined at a time where we didn’t have formal training materials yet. I discovered Networking Times at the bookstore, was encouraged by the stories, educated by the content, and equipped to take the lead in my company. I went from being a shy teacher in my 20’s to a top leader in our profession–and if I had to credit one top professional development tool for my growth, I would reference Networking Times.

    I urge everyone to consider gifting their teams with NT–it will be the gift that keeps on giving…as your team is educated they become motivated…it is the catalyst for acceleration in your business, the New Year! If you aren’t subscribed, do it TODAY! It is the best gift you give yourself!

    -Sarah Fairless Robbins

  3. Sonia says:

    Networking Times is a must – have tool for anyone serious about building a large, lasting business!

    Chris and Josephine go “way beyond the call of duty” to provide first rate content helpful for leaders at any level – including inspiring success stories from around the world…. as well as simple business ideas that can make a quick difference in anyone’s business.

    You’ll shorten your learning curve and save yourself years of trail and error by reading the gems they provide each month. This is also one of the BEST gifts you can give to your leaders and team, as you’ll all benefit and prosper from what you learn together.

    I consider the Networking Times the “Wall Street Journal” of the network marketing/direct sales profession… if you want to be taken seriously, you better have a current copy with you at all times.

    It’s been an honor to be both a contributor and subscriber for many years. Thanks for the difference you make for people in this profession – who are in turn changing the world one success story at a time.

    Sonia Stringer – Speaker, Author, Coach
    Savvy Network Marketing Women

  4. I have bought out the entire Networking Times stash at B&N many times and plan to do it again as we go into the holidays. This publication was essential for me as I grew on my path to Diamond. The articles constantly motivate me and I will ALWAYS recommend it to new distributors. Thank you Josephine and Chris for all that you have done for our profession and I am happy to spread the good news about Networking Times to all that I know.

    -Rachel Garcia

  5. Josephine and Chris Gross — David & I want to THANK YOU so much for how Networking Times continues to be one of THE BEST resources for training, inspiration, leadership and focus on our amazing profession.

    The content in each edition is chuck full of powerful success strategies and personal stories that continue to keep us focused on the power of our dreams and our purpose even when faced by challenging moments … by providing us with just the perfect message to guide us through to breakthrough successes.

    We HIGHLY recommend everyone to get a subscription now and to talk about it with your team leaders to spread this powerful publication! Networking Times truly is OUR collective voice! And that “super model” on this month’s issue is sooo HOT!

    • eletta says:

      Hello Ann,
      Hello David,
      do you remeber me, I was camed from Belgium?
      I’ve some exceptionals pictures with you… in 2008 at Jesolo…with Silvana and Nando…what can I say about Agel? A lot of things!!!
      But one of the best …since since/2006 my confidence in Agel Products…

  6. Jordan Adler says:

    I am a lifetime member of Networking Times. Many years before I made a dime in Network Marketing I would devour each issue as it came out. I learned from some of the greatest networkers of our time because of this publication. Chris and Josephine have been a blessing to me in my life. I attribute much of my success to the information and training I have received over the years from Networking Times. Every serious networker needs a subscription to this publication. In my eyes it’s not an option! Thank you Chris and Josephine for being two of the greatest Ambassadors to our profession.

  7. Kimmy Everett says:

    One of the first recommendations I make to my new distributors as they join the business is to invest in a subscription to Networking Times. This publication is the number one training tool, validation piece, and inspiration for the Network Marketing profession. Each issue brings another sweet surprise that I can apply to my business or an amazing story I can share. What a service Josephine and Chris Gross have provided for us all.

  8. mlm business says:

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  9. Matt says:

    This subscription looks like a good way to get some insight into the network marketing world. I wonder if it would help the beginner that much or is it more for the seasoned marketer looking for new ways to branch out? Or perhaps both?

  10. Hilary BUllock says:

    I love Networking Times and look forward to each and every issue. I’ve purchased numerous back issues and read them cover to cover. It’s so helpful to hear from people in network marketing companies other than my own. To hear from leaders around the world. To understand how empowering this business model can be! I look forward to becoming a Lifetime Member and agree with Randy Gage that it’s a great resource for people who are new to the world of network marketing and those who’ve been involved for a long time. Thanks for this article Randy!

  11. I’m just now getting into the network marketing business so to speak. I have been with a company that my husband has been helping me promote over the internet for the past year. I have now resigned from my full time JOB that I had been doing for 30 years. He told me that real or the best network marketing was done on a one on one and face to face setting. I now have the time to do this. This is just the oppisite of how he was marketing me. He said with the people skills I have I will quickly go to the top on my company.

    You might say that the title of your book sounds like me “Risky Is The New Safe”. I feel like this move into network marketing was a bit risky but I have confidence in myself and feel safe if I can control my destiny in this business. I now see the importance of having a downline and helping them to succeed. If they are successful then I will be also. This is great! I will be getting a copy of your book and look into getting a subscription to the Times. After 30 years of working for someone else I now feel set free. Looks like I’m getting into network marketing at the right time and what I looked at as risky is safer then the job I left. Randy, Thanks for this article and the videos my husband has been watching that comes with your email. I plan to check out B&N and see if the magazine is still in stock. If it is them I’m buying some and passing them out to the top preformers on the team.

  12. Ruth Hart says:

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  13. Network marketing is an great opportunity to enhance ones skills on the internet and serach engines to make sure that one has the right content to be found by by the serach engines. I have seen that not all content is picked up by search engines and when you add the right backlinks you can get a lot of business.

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  17. Chris Benton says:

    Thank you Randy for a great article and you are so right. We all need to grow and that is an inside job. Only we can do the work it takes for us to accomplish our dreams. No one can do any of that for us. Thank you for always setting the right example in our great industry!


  18. Sergey says:

    Thanks, Randy!
    I enjoyed these materials, gonna recommend to all.
    From Russia with love :)

  19. Mark Yarnell says:

    I enjoyed reading the materials shown here. I’m looking for more network marketing times here.

  20. Loved your article. With the economy the way it is MLM/network marketing is a great opportunity but you have to pick a niche your interested in, do your research and never give up because there is going to be a learn curve.

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