Opening Your Home Meeting

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Let’s suppose you’re one of the people who use home presentations to grow your business. Great idea, because they work wonderful.  Contrary to rumors started by trainers who don’t actually work the business, home meetings seem to be working even better in this new digital age. Maybe people are so used to only socializing on sites like Facebook, they seem to jump at the chance to visit someone they know in their home.  Let’s look at a simple way to make them even more effective. 

The most important step for success in home meetings is the 30-60 seconds it takes you to start the get together…

Hopefully you have some kind of plug and play presentation from a video or website. But even if you’re using a flip chart or whiteboard presentation, what I’m about to share with you still holds true.

Don’t make it a “production.” When it’s time to start, get up front and quietly say something like, “Thank you for coming. I asked you here to look at a business I’m very excited about. Each of you were invited because you impressed me and I think you could crush this thing.”

You’re doing two critical things here:

First you let people know that this is something you are doing and you’re excited about it. Big, big difference than saying something like your sponsor is in it and wants to show them something. You need to make it clear that you invited them because you believe in what they are about to see.

Second, you’ve given the guests a compliment by letting them know you’re impressed with them and have confidence in their ability to do what they are about to see.

Then edify the presenter or the presentation. Some possible examples:

  • You’re about to see a powerful 30-minute video about creating residual income. Once it finishes I’ll have some handouts for you and take any questions.
  • You’re about to hear from my friend Patrick Wong, one of the most successful people in this business. Once he finishes, I’ll have some handouts for you and he will answer any questions you have
  • You’re about to see a powerful webinar on how to create wealth in the new economy. Once it finishes I’ll have some handouts for you and take any questions.
  • You’re about to see a powerful 30-minute video about creating residual income. Once it finishes, Lina Rosales who is my mentor in the business will be Skyping in to answer any questions you have.

You need to build anticipation for the presentation, keep it simple & duplicable, and do it in a minute or less. Just setting the tone like this makes a huge difference in the success of your home meetings.

– RG

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12 Comments on “Opening Your Home Meeting”

  1. Victor Ordu says:

    I am one of those who bought into that assertion that home meetings are a relic from the past. Needless to say, my business suffered tremendously.

  2. Lynda says:

    My biggest challenges is getting people to come out in the first place. Any suggestions?


    • Cheryl says:

      I enjoy home meetings I have hosted your Invited to a “Neighborhood Event”
      You choose which evening your free, attend one or both.
      Im going to be hosting events all Summer through the fall teaching on benefits of eating healthy to keep your body mind and spirit Well.
      Come and learn about Probiotics, Enzymes and Organic whole foods.

      Where: your address
      When: First and Third Tuesday every month
      Time: 6:30 to 8:30
      I am looking forward to see you bring a friend.
      Stop in and enjoy a healthy snack and a smoothie

  3. Olusegun says:

    Thanks for this insight, Randy. The next step for me is the courage to step out and execute those steps.

  4. Luis Silva says:

    Gracias por recordarmelo Randy.A Veces se me olvida que de esta forma es más divertido y se obtiene más información de los prospectos realizando reuniones en los hogares. Un abrazo RG

  5. Adejumoke says:

    Thanks a lot Randy for this great insight! I just forwarded it to leaders in my team. Thx for your help man:-)

  6. Home meetings are a home run!
    The MINDSET means everything.
    Mr. Randy Gage carries a consitent MINDSET PHILOSOPHY in ALL that he says, does and shows. I have been following him since 2008 and believe you me, I have learnt a lot.
    Now, I compare what he writes and says to what I would have done without his advice….I am happy for me that it is very very similar now, but this was a PROCESS and did not happen overnight.
    SKILLS SKILLS SKILLS and I mean YOUR PERSONAL SKILLS is the philosophy.

    Notice Mr. Gage says “Contrary to rumors started by trainers who don’t actually work the business” if YOU GET THAT RIGHT THERE you are on your way to building your TRIBE CORRECTLY.
    Thank you Mr. Gage for your NO DEALS Philosophy:
    It works like crazy
    “peace and live rich”

  7. And home meetings are just fun to do. You’re only inviting folks you like anyway. Great way to blend biz and pleasure. I enjoy home meetings.

  8. CLB says:

    Love it RG. Always share with my team to have fun with their home meetings. Keep it simple, duplicatable, and fun!

  9. steve says:

    home meetings gr8 path for network marketing

  10. Celestine says:

    Nice one Randy.have been searching for these tipsand i think i’ve found it

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