Overcoming Your Fears

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In the last post, Tomoe asks, “How did you conquer your biggest fear? And don’t tell me it was about taking action. What was the process that went on in your head?”

Well my dear Tomoe, I have to say that taking action is a big part of it.  Action almost always kills fear, or at least makes it manageable.  As to what goes on in my head, I’m a pretty logical guy.  And I know that not taking action will keep the pain going forever.  So I just figure it’s better to go into action and get it over with, kind of like when you need to just jump into the pool or ocean.

So I make myself pick up the phone and call a candidate, because not calling anyone will only lead to failure.  And I have a rule that I can never end on a bad call.  So if someone rejects me outright – which really almost never happens – I have to do another one right after.  Which always goes better.  That either leaves me with a good feeling, or I decide to keep calling others.

Other people in the community had helpful thoughts.  Cliff suggests, “I have to remind myself every day of my responsibilities. It’s the self-talk and belief in what I’m doing that carries me through, in spite of my fears. The process of conquering fear is as simple as understanding the emotion that is created, and oddly enough it’s the exact same emotion as excitement. To the mind its the same…so when it comes time to pick up that phone, just tell yourself you are getting excited.”

And WealthyRocketWoman adds,  “The Universe Rewards Courage.”

So everyone, get into action!


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29 Comments on “Overcoming Your Fears”

  1. CW says:

    Someone once told me that you will make changes (and take action!) when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing.

  2. Tomoe Cooper says:

    Wow wow I was surprised to see my name! Thank you for answering my question. I was struggling with one thing but I feel really encouraged so I am glad I took the courage to reach out. I also appreciate reading other people’s comments as well on fear. I am not alone. So grateful.

    Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto, as you say, Mr. Gage!

  3. Ariel says:

    I agree, from a logical position point, with both of your responses. I do both and I have worked with people who are absolutely in fear and struggle with the fact they are in fear, hence compounding the fear. Fear is not always a black and white, simple matter, and I have for a very long time introduced processes about fear release being just a program that has been downloaded to their computer that needs to be deleted. The hard drive is perfect and will always be perfect, it is the software we have put on our computers (ourselves) through experiencing, physical neuronet existence that needs to be re-wired. Is the software true in absolute form or is it maleable giving room for a new form to be shaped? Unconscious programs are a very valid issue which I know Randy you have much you can speak on in this regard. Simple, easy examples that we all see every day (the computer) allows for very quick re-wiring and assisting people to know that outside support (coaching or a friend that is aligned to the truth of a person, not what is showing up) is very helpful. Everything is really quite simple at its basics, we all have learned, through many mediums to believe it is complicated. It’s not. Overwhelm is ever present in the morphogenetic field at this time and people are affected by that and the need to KNOW WHY is the problem. Directing people towards HOW, which you do very well Randy is fabulous and something that people really need to understand which eliminates alot of fear. No to why, Yes to how.

  4. It helps the create a stronger fear of NOT TAKING THE ACTION, because if you don’t make the calls, you won’t reach your goals.

    The other perspective is to keep your focus on the other person. Focus on adding value to them. Focus on the fact that your call could change their life.

    Don’t make it about you, make it about them.

  5. Carol Barrett says:

    I was just thinking about the fact that fear is holding me back from really moving my business forward. This was one of those “ah ha” moments. Thanks so much Randy — you rock!!!

  6. Cliff Boxer says:

    Unless you are a robot or without feelings, fears, I believe, are inevitable. Rocketwoman is right, If flat out takes courage to work through fears.

  7. Action IS the key. It is not the immediate solution however.

    Who you say you are is essential. IF you are a bucket of feelings, you will let some kind of perceived fear rule your day. I don’t ‘feel’ like it today … I am afraid… is often waiting for … I am in a good productive mood… drug users all.

    If you decided to be your word as in ‘I am that I am my word’ in the matter your attention is no longer on some set of feelings voting you into action but on what you have to say about it. The first action you take then is a promise, an ontological action, to fulfill what you said you are going to do. You either will or you won’t and that is called integrity… fear is always about being a drug user.

    Once you decide who you are is your word in the matter the gap between your actions and what you say you are going to do is a matter of personal integrity. The rub here is often people begin to play smaller and smaller. … Another kind of fear I suppose… or you could exercise your word into bigger and more powerful promises. You will have to exorcise your own personal demons however. They will appear the more you notice what you say actually makes a difference for you and for others. Go big or stay at home.

  8. To overcome fear (which is really only a form of apprehension) is knowing that you know your product well, you know your potential client and why they need your product or services, and from there you win the hand. Many people make calls and find themselves struggling with answers when they cannot give their potential clients the information they need- and with that said, inevitably lose the sale if they have to “get back to them with an answer.” If you do your homework, prepare for many questions, then you will eventually begin to be strong and overcome your fear and when you hear a “no” you will not be reluctant to make more calls.

  9. Enrique says:

    So I make myself pick up the phone and call a candidate.

    Randy: Can you tell us how to connected with people in your first year in Newtork Marketing? Did you just go to someone at random and asked them how much money they wanted to make?
    I believe you have told us that you struggle for 5 years which leads to believe you need to learn certain skills in order to related with people.

  10. Karen says:

    ACTION – so right on. Thank you.

  11. Ryan says:

    Overcoming your fears is conquering your defeating self-talk. Taking action is one way to do it. Another is to take the time to observe your fears.

    When stressed I drop everything that I’m doing and go into observation mode. The more I watch the more I laugh. Usually the fear is so irrational it’s silly.

  12. Jack LaCava says:

    Great Post Randy! So many good posts from your followers too. The only thing I can add is that I still think Nike says it best: “Just Do It”.

  13. Kim says:

    Action cures cowardice. Do the thing that you fear most and do it until you are no longer afraid. Whether it’s jumping from airplanes or recruiting people into your business the only 100% fool proof way to overcome fear is to do it, do it now, and keep doing it.

  14. I like the part about managing fear.

    The truth is you can learn to do things afraid.

    As you taught me early in my career Randy “the one that does the most “bad” presentations ,( whether on the phone or face to face ) wins”.

    That concept internalized & acted upon has enabled me to payoff a 30yr mortgage in 7 yrs using network marketing as the vehicle.

    Great post as always Randy & all you guys.

  15. I have had a fear of public speaking so I took your advice from a while back and I have recently joined Toastmaster’s International. I know that the way for me to conquer this fear is to just push myself and do it.

    More thanks to you Randy . . .

  16. lea sedan says:

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  17. Tom Weidman says:

    I was struggling with fear. I picked up a book at Barnes & Noble called “Its Your Time” by Joel Osteen. It really spoke to me. I decided it is my time and I’ve gone into massive action. I also found an upline mentor who is really an encouragement. I’ve made some money in network marketing, now I know I can do a lot more and I am recruiting. I got my wife so excited she is calling people for the first time in our 10 years of networking and she is doing great!
    Changing your belief and taking massive action helps overcome any fear.

  18. ROBERTO says:

    what I,m doing fist is to belief in this BUSINESS second prepare my self with data that will help me to present my business with that I can overcome fear, I know my potential client and why they need my product

  19. F.E.A.R ……False Expectations Appearing Real. Simply put. Stop thinking about something that has not happened yet. Or conversely something that happened 5 minutes ago or even 5 days ago. Be in the NOW. When you are in the now you are in Total Focus. With out getting into all the martial arts stuff here for folks who have not trained for 20 years, if I may suggest, go read “The Power of Now” -Eckhart Tolle- . And stop thinking about what people are going to think about you. They are not going to cry at your funeral anyway. So get to work, be wildly successful, make more money than you could help people with.

    Keep Going!

  20. Edward says:

    I am with you Randy! Taking action towards your fear makes it go away. Good self talk also helps out to make us get the feeling we desire despite the fear that is before us. In network marketing the fear of rejection is the biggest one that I have had and still have it creep in sometimes. When it happens I remind myself that it is not about me and I expect to have a great connection with people who are looking for me.
    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

  21. So true. I apply the same principles to all my fears in life. Like a little kid sitting at the edge of the pool who just can’t psych himself up enough to jump in even though he’s wearing floaties on his arms, it gets to the point where you just have to JUMP! Like Nike says, “Just Do It”. Its really that simple. Reaize that if you don’t do it, you get nowhere. But hopefully before you got into business you already said to yourself there is no “nowhere”. This is the path you chose, and now you have to walk it. That doesn’t mean that every step you take will be the right one, but you have to take the step in the first place to find out, and that’s how we grow.

  22. Rachel Henke says:

    My favourite book of all time on this subject is ‘Feal the fear and do it anyway,’ by Susan Jeffers. It was a real game changing for me. Now I feel more fear if I don’t face my fear! Great recommended read.

  23. Margaret Hockaday says:

    That is so true, you must take action to conquer your fear. The more you tackle it head on; the less you will fear. Always remember your passion for doing the business as well as your why.

  24. Wow! Great post! Conquering fear has definitely been my biggest challenge. Thanks for the tips and insights.

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