Put It On You

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One of the keys to successful recruiting is to increase the prospect’s awareness of what isn’t working in his life.  But there’s a special way you must do this…

You want to get him in touch with the discomfort he has in his life – but do it in a way he doesn’t get defensive, or feel you are attacking or judging him.

So put it on you…

Here are some examples of frustration he may be feeling right now:

Hates his job

Fights rush hour traffic

Doesn’t have freedom

Facing a bleak retirement

Alarm clock going off every morning

You must get him to think about these things, but do it by making negative things about you.  Whenever you make a negative example, relate it to your experience.  Talk about how you hated rush hour traffic, missed spending time with your kids, were taken for granted by your boss, etc.

This makes you relatable, and the prospect will tie it together with how it relates to his own life.

So how are you in this area?  Do you make negative things about you?  And are you doing it enough, so your prospect realizes his current path is one of frustration, and your option is the way out?


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18 Comments on “Put It On You”

  1. Lesson learned!

    I do remember the commute and the employer employee tensions. Barely.

    I will include those kinds of stories and see where it leads.

    Thank you Randy.

  2. Marita Liepina says:

    Yes, thank you. Lesson learned and shared with team..

  3. Paul Kemp says:

    Very good point, Randy. Thanks for the insight into the most effective way to highlight the prospect’s pain, without offending them. I see how I can improve in this area now.

  4. wencel says:

    I think do it , thanks for remind.


  5. Sean Breslin says:

    This is good advice Randy, I can see how this tactic could be very effective in attracting new members.

  6. Attila Borza says:

    Thank you Randy !

  7. Aritz Zuniga says:

    Hi Randy,

    Tanks for your tips. It are very interesting and I’m sure that will help me.

  8. Gabesuarez says:

    Very good one. I did not tlaks like this. I need to read again your book, How to build a Multi Level Money machine! Thanks

  9. Raymond says:

    Raymond June 30,2011 at 5:45pm

    I had not really thought of an idea like this. I will implement it.

    Thank You.

  10. Ian Kirk says:

    How about this one……. I was so tired this morning when my alarm went off after traveling 3 &1/2 hours to do a meeting and then 3 1/2 hours back to getting in at 3am after being stopped by the Hwy Patrol and give a ticket when I was not speeding, that I felt like throwing up do to lack of sleep. Do you ever have those feelings?

  11. Whether recruiting, giving your opinion or responding to question it’s always best to use first person “I” statements. That keeps everyone out of trouble.

  12. Neo says:

    Very good advice. Never thought there is way to put the pitch thru.
    Thanks RG. You are the man !

  13. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    A successful recruiting is a kind of maketing an idea,you have to touch the emotion of the pospect about some poblem which he has in his way to earn a living, and then you can offer, suggest him your oppotunity.

  14. Mohammed Khan says:

    Great teaching, we are greatly beneficial browsing your blogs for the right training we are always looking for! It really works for me and I appreciate your wonderful tools being given away free to us.

    Keep it up Mr. RG. Long live and Glod bless…

  15. […] 1st, 2011 Last post we discussed how to bring up the negative things a prospect faces without making him defensive.  […]

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