Results Do Not Lie

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I have some people in my organization (and in this blog) that doubt my system.  They make arguments for new and exciting techniques, which they say are superior to what I teach. 

Here’s the most fascinating thing to me…

They make in two months – or six months – what I earn in a day.  But they see no disconnect with this, and their convictions are stronger than ever.  But if I’ve learned one thing in Network Marketing, it is this:

Results don’t lie.

Your bonus check is an exact reflection of the efforts you’ve put forth and the efficacy of those results.  Now don’t get me wrong…

Everyone should be a critical thinker and you must practice discernment.  But discernment means having the common sense to evaluate things by the results they produce.

So when you read something in a book, on this blog, or hear it from your sponsorship line – evaluate it in the context of the results produced by the people telling it to you.  Then compare then to your own results.

So how you doing on that?  Please think about that, and answer honestly, because next post we’ll explore what the cause could be when things aren’t working the way you would like.


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26 Comments on “Results Do Not Lie”

  1. Bravo! This is one of my pet peeves in the business. So many join believing they will be the one to figure out a better way to build their business! LOL

    Boy, if they put all that time & energy into following the PROVEN system that has created so much success for their leadership…

    Realistically though, there will always be the majority who believe they can “outsmart” or circumvent the system, and the 3%ers who follow the system and generate more in a month than most generate in a year.

    Thanks for always telling it like it is!

  2. That is correct, people who join believe their way is better than the one is making six figures a month. Then later they wonder why it’s not working for them and quit. Duh, you didn’t follow the proven system.

  3. P.S. Those are your un-coachable.

  4. Randy, you are a great mentor!

  5. Great post Randy! Money talks! BS…errr… :-) I

    ‘ve found that the Internet & all those new techniques are just a tool & CAN speed up one or more steps of the recruiting & training process & COMPLIMENT everything you & many other MLM leaders have taught for years.

    That said no technique replaces the human connection & every good attraction marketing system I’ve seen in the last 6 months changed their story to say “you used to be able to live behind the computer” but now you have to talk to people after they opt in to differentiate yourself… I even saw a couple of nights ago…3 of those “gurus” have now said they are adding back in offline networking events because the attraction marketing scene has become too saturated…LOL.

    Most are not technical enough or do not have the money to outsource the electronic stuff so it doesn’t slow them down.

    The ones that employ these methods successfully ($50k+ / month) use a combination of online & offline but teach all of their new team members to do the offline thing for 80% of the time they have to build their business & spend 20% late night automating instead of watching TV.

    2 people a day still brings freedom your way!

  6. Gabriel Suarez says:

    Randy totally agree with what you say. If we wnt to know if the system works is easy to see the long-term results, not in a period of months. Many believe that because some months have been successful (not very big but they are growing) believe they have the wisdom to implement new systems.
    In my case, I do not doubt the system will one day have to work for me, when I do well. What I think is that often people think: – It works in the U.S. but here in Latin America, we are different, we have to do something else, we are more passionate. – I hear this from leaders who reached high ranks but then fell off almost all members (Why? They dont ave a system)
    With any nice results, I am still in MLM, because I believe in the system, I also believe that we should not waste time developing a new one by the time we are in our early years in MLM. Now is the time to accept it and continue working with systems.
    If the system works for many people with the same product, the same plan has to work for me.
    However, I think the problem arises when you have not the success expected in the expected time, desperation makes you try other things without knowing the consequences.
    I await the response: Why it does not work for me? Although I think that has to do with meself as one is convinced it. Today it seems that in my city there were not people interested in what I do, my products or my company.
    Till now there were two people who tell me that Puerto Madryn is a difficult city for the MLM. Is this true or just me and my lack of energy? I already read that the city has nothing to do with it, but doubt always apears! Please response even th response is hard!

    Thanks Gabriel

  7. You are really professional Randy. I try to follow your system. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of people who are not able to create income in network marketing, then they go out of network marketing companies and discover blogs, and from there teach people how to build a business, it is very funny, I even talked with people on Skype and asked them how can you teach people that which themselves have not reached

  8. Arina says:

    Ренди, ваши книги одни из моих настольных книг!

    Многое принималось с трудом. Но жизнь все расставляет на свои места. И то, что не принималось когда то со временем переосмысливается и становится неотъемлемой частью моего существования.

    Я как все остальные учусь к сожалению на своих ошибках. Но усвоила один урок: ” Каждый человек имеет свою карту мира. И она отличается от других. Понятие идеального мира не существует. Поэтому я стараюсь принимать миры окружающих и донести до них то, что я вижу, позволяя делать им ошибки и созревать до понимания того, что им дают”


    Randy, your books are one of my reference books! Much was made with difficulty. But life puts everything in its place. And that was not taken when it is reinterpreted over time and becomes an integral part of my existence. I\u0026#39;m like everyone else unfortunately from their mistakes. But one lesson learned: \u0026quot;Everyone has a world map. And it is different from the others. The concept of the ideal world does not exist. So I try to take the worlds of others and show them what I see, allowing them to make mistakes and mature to understand that they are given \u0026quot;Arina.

  9. success leaves clues. especially in MLM when the ones enjoying success are all too willing to blatantly point out those clues. us up and comers should really pay attention.

  10. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    To be the best in anything we need to study
    from the best, and you are the best one.

  11. RG,

    I think that that has always been a pet peeve of mine “Fake it till you make it!”..really. Sorry I don’t buy into that, if your a faker in this business, you loose credibility, your just another con-artist, and I want nothing to do with you, Now having said that, if you have been in the business for several years, and are still not making the income that you want, look at your activity levels, and that will tell you why. as I said before, this the most honest business that I have ever been apart of, you get paid in direct correlation to how you work it-period. Hang around people that are doing the money that you want, and learn from them, duplicate their system, and stop your whining, cause they don’t need the drama.



    No I am not in any RG networking teams, just a guy that looks for the best people in this business to learn from, and after listening, to ALOT of people in the biz, RG is in the top 5%. Believe me, I have bought pretty much every book in Amazon about this business, MLM, Networking, Home based business…etc..and RG knows the biz from the street level.

    Thanks RG for sharing what you have learned and not just hanging out in the worlds playgrounds, It saves the rest of us a lot of time of what not to do.

  12. Jack LaCava says:

    I also agree with the post. It must be human nature for people to “re-invent the mousetrap” instead of using a proven system that gets results.

    FYI to everyone interested in learning from high earners who have produced results — There is a mastermind event that Randy is a part of that is a great way to learn from the masters in our business. I’ll leave it up to Randy to tell you about it. JL

  13. The instant gratification song ruins people’s chances. There are too many in this industry claiming the tried and true ways have been replaced by the internet or some aspect of it. It is what people want to hear. This is a 10,000 hours of work before success appears business. All the time you spent in a previous program will transfer less than 20% and at some point subtract from where you begin with your new and improved program….especially if you burned any bridges.

    Anything that allows you to meet, interact and relate to new people is useful. Last count there is at least 72 different ways to find people to share your business and most use 3 or less. HOWEVER the path is through you. No growth, no changing your environment [especially the mind] the chances grow dimmer with each hour. Seeds don’t do well planted on solid rock.

  14. You are right Randy…Y always said that in MLM industry…what’s really talk are the results…it doesnt matter how you get it…the one that get it are the one that really understand the core business…

    Always good Content!

  15. Hope says:

    Randy, I have a concern when i do exactly what ive been taught to do then it doesnt work. I end up blaming it on the economy and im nervous because this is not up to me if people are cutting back on spending. Im in the beauty industry although my upline team leaders have really grown over the years and i believe this is due to their efforts over the years. How should i go about this concern?

    By the way thank you so much Randy for your advice it has helped me find the courage to keep on doing this business. I have faith that one day i will breakthrough.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Randy, for all you do!

    So, how does that go again, Randy?
    When all else fails, follow the directions/system?
    Following the directions/system duplicates, right?
    Are we talking ownership here?

    Have you ever wondered if, after the round wheel was invented, if somebody “reinvented” it as a square one?

  17. Hussam khider bahageel says:

    Hi Randy , I believe that system is the clue , am still in beginning in the industry , I have team more than 30,000 spreaded in 3 countries .
    This is system period, I need to consult with you in how to put the system to coordinate with our plan ,
    I wait your reply mr.Randy

  18. Kayla says:

    I don’t feel my bonus check is a result of my effort. My effort is there. I do agree on the efficiency part. Obviously, I’m not doing something effectively…

  19. […] 13th, 2011 Last post I suggested that when you earn $500 a month and your sponsor earns $50,000 a month – you ought to […]

  20. Mahmoud says:

    Hello Randy!
    Thanks a lot for your efforts.
    “The numbers tell us the whole story”, said Jim Rohn. You are absolutely right. The results tell us if someone is right or wrong, if the sponsor or upline are saying the truth or not, if they are teaching me the right way to develope a solid business or not.
    So please tell everybody to check the upline and see if they are integer or only pretending. They may also be new in the business. But if they are honest and believe in what they do, and if the product or service is really good, the company is solid and the compensation plan is fair and gives the chance to create a substantial passive long-term income, so they should follow their upline.
    Tanks again. Keep up the good job. We love you.

  21. Mario Martucci says:

    Randy totally agree with what you say. If we want to know if the system works is easy to see the long-term results, not in a period of months. Many believe that because some months have been successful (not very big but they are growing) believe they have the wisdom to implement new systems.
    Y always said that in MLM industry…what’s really talk are the results…it doesnt matter how you get it…the one that get it are the one that really understand the core business…

  22. Merab Muligisa says:

    I agree that results are a measure of one’s efforts. Some time back I used alot of energy in ineffective ways, the results too low. I am still laying the foundation and i look forward to reaping good results.

  23. Totally agreed Randy,
    Results do not lie.
    There is a saying- when you meet a successful person, do not ask why but ask how”
    I follow every step that a successful person has taken to reach that level

    Great Randy

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