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Enrique raises a great question about sponsoring in foreign countries.  He wants to know, “If you already have someone in that country that you already sponsor or do you look for someone not in your circle when traveling to that country?  Another way – Let’s say you want to build a leg in Sweden, would you go to Sweden or would sponsor someone that knows Swedes?”

Good question…

Remember working with international lines requires a greater investment and longer trips.  So here’s my take on this:

Just because your company opens Korea, doesn’t mean you should build there. And just because you think it would be cool to have a group in Italy doesn’t mean you should build there either.  I have seen many people travel to countries, open offices, hire translators, run ads and spent tens of thousands of dollars in cases like this.  And never seen it work out long term.

I only open a country when I know people there and believe they have leadership potential.  Then it can be a great investment, add flavor to your life and be fun and lucrative.  In this business, it’s always about local leadership.


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10 Comments on “Sponsoring Overseas”

  1. Nam says:

    If you live in a major city, there’s got to be an area of town where there are people who have ties in certain countries. For example, I live in Houston, TX and I know a lot of influential people who have great potential to be leaders…there are many that know people in Mexico, Singapore, etc.

    I’ve sponsored many and they’re the ones who end up building teams in other countries. Network Marketing…I read somewhere that it’s not who you know…it’s who they know!

  2. Glad you laid out eh real deal on this important subject Randy.

    I’ve been blessed to have a substantial group in 2 countries right now & only sponsored one of the people who happen to be in Miami when we connected.

    The other was sponsored by someone else.

    Like you said I’ve seen people waste alot of time & money to open up a country with miserable results.

    Great post.

    – Warren Little

  3. Lila says:

    Thanks again Randy, ur posts are always so relevant to the stage im at in my businessso much that i wonder if perhaps u have any inside info on what we all are up to!LOL

    My company just opened a new office in a neighbouring country and i feel like the market there is so much better because current sales show that people there are buying more of our product.
    Fortunately i have family there so i think relocating won’t be a bad idea at all. However, i also got to meet potential recruits from another neighbouring country and im definitely working on having them in my team but the cost of doing this is a bit high. I hope they will be willing to cater for additional charges like transportation of our products and mony transfers……

    Thanks, this is definitely something to think about.


  4. Nauris Sliters says:

    Comleatly agree with Randy. Wanted to start leg in the UK, spent there weeks and sponsored 4 people. Didn’t work out. Now I am back home in Latvia and We are sponsoring people from who have conections in UK and now helping them to build a team there.
    Also agree with Nam – it’s not who you know…it’s who they know!


  5. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,
    The best way to train team in enather country is to choose some of them who have have leadership potential, to qualify them in your country, and send them back to their country,with the mission to qualify and sponsor their people.
    People in any country know the best, the way how to teach and qualify their
    freinds.If those people are in your organization, you need to be connected and
    supevise theim, and visit them in their country and organization, from time to time.

  6. Randy Gage says:

    Hey guys,

    Please visit my Success & Prosperity blog and join the effort to help our brothers and sisters in Japan: http://su.pr/2rm456


  7. GITA says:

    i will go to a foreign country now there is an event now thre and I have a lot of famimily wich are tellig also their friends, that I am coming and want to show them a new bussiness, so I know is a litlle risky but My investment will be the ticket almost only. I hope I am doing a correct movement.

  8. Merab Muligisa says:

    Hi Randy,
    I work in a foreign country and have brothers back home that seem suspects to me. One of them seems financially able and would make a good network builder but complained that market is flooded in business am introducing to him. Please help, I believe this will help my own.

  9. Randy Gage says:

    Gita and Merab, I would work with Internet and tools first, and see if you really have a local leader before flying there.

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