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No, You Do Not

A few times every week I get a pitch to join someone’s network.  Sometimes they’re crass pitches I just ignore.  Other times I politely decline and explain I am happy with my company and I’m not sponsorable.  Then they all invariably say something like, “You understand, I had to ask.”

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Do This TODAY!

As you know, the single, most-important event that place every year in Network Marketing is the one organized by Art Jonak. This year is going to be the biggest, baddest one yet.  And right now, you have an opportunity to save $600 off your seat!

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Developing Your Skills

Last week we began a discussion on what it takes to be a professional in Network Marketing. We looked at Networking Times and I encouraged you to subscribe so you can get a monthly dose of information from successful people in the business.  Now let’s look at another important component…

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You may have heard about a great resource that launched at noon today.  It’s called the elevision network.  And it has a very special connection for people in MLM…

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