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Be the Leader

There’s no shortage of followers in Network Marketing.  The bad news is we need more leaders.  Which brings me to the good news…

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Finding the Breakdown

Interesting in four different conversations with people this week they were asking about a breakdown in duplication.  One person has 95 percent of the people he brought in inactive.  Another has people still in, but they aren’t doing anything.  Two others have a bunch of professional meeting attenders, who come to everything, but never enroll anyone.

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The Secret to Inviting

We’ve talked in the past about the four basic skill sets in Network Marketing.  These are the ones that you want to train your team on right away, so they become proficient in all four quickly.  They are:

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Mega-MLM: Time Sensitive Update

Hey guys, I’m taking the blog today to alert you about an important resource because there’s a time-sensitive offer you should know about…

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Mega-MLM Goes Live!

I’m excited to be about to start day one of Mega-MLM.  We have people from all over the world here and it’s going to be an amazing event.  I’ll keep you posted on how things go over the weekend.

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What is Real Leadership?

I was listening to a CD from a friend of mine who is a top leader in another company.   The topic was one of my favorites:  leadership.  And while my friend is an amazing leader, I hated the program.

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Building Your Belief

Hey guys, love the response on the last post about posture. And I appreciate that so many of you are reposting and sharing the blog around.  That makes it a stronger community for us all.  And more than 15 of you registered for Mega MLM yesterday, the most we’ve ever had in one day. Good to see people stepping up and making the commitment.  Anyone else on the fence, the early bird price is still good through the 15th.  Now though, the next question…

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Where Posture Comes From

Last week I told you the story of meeting up with the dragon lady and how I actually look forward to these challenges.  What we’re really talking about here is posture.  

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Six Steps to an Amazing Year

Let’s continue the discussion from the last post on how you can crush in 2011. Before a counseling call I did with one of my leaders, I was doing some thinking on the difference between the people I have crushing it right now, and the people getting crushed…

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Getting Free

One of the most important things we do in Network Marketing is helping people get free.  They break away from the bonds of office politics, nepotism, rush hour traffic, and someone controlling a very large percentage of their waking hours.  

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