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MLM is Dead!

It Is DEAD!  And it’s time to put a wreath on the coffin and move on.


Don’t You Dare Give Up!

It’s 5 am and I should be sleeping.  But I’ve been tossing and turning for over an hour thinking about what I wanted to say to you.  It’s about the work you do and the dreams you want to live…

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Continuing the Revolution

I’m about to head out to the Network Marketing Mastermind event in Houston.  And I’ll be doing the opening keynote.  Here’s what I want to get across to the attendees there…

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The MLM Revolution

On January 1st, I released “The MLM Revolution,” a manifesto of what I believe we need to do in network marketing.  It was a call for all of us to step up and enter the greatness we can do with this great profession.

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The Big Biz vs. the Small Biz

When I wrote The MLM Revolution, my manifesto on the profession, I exposed the biggest lie in this business to be selling big business results by promoting small business tactics. This is a pandemic in the business and it stems from our failure to educate people the difference between the small business retailer model and the big business duplication model. And most of the guilty parties aren’t even aware they’re misleading prospects, because they don’t know the difference.

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Start the Revolution!

Ok guys, it’s time to start the revolution.  It is my wish that this blog will serve as a community gathering place, where all of us network marketing professionals can introduce ideas, discuss things, and brainstorm to make things better.

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