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Building Credibility

Second Chance for Romance!

One of the best things you can ever do to grow your network is building credibility about what we do – and doing it without a strong sales pitch.  Let’s talk about how you do that…

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Your Success Percentage

Since it’s the baseball playoffs here in the States, let me use an analogy from the sport…

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Power Presenting

So I was having dinner at a little Italian café in in Boras, Sweden with Orjan and Hilde Saele, when the topic of speaking came up.  Orjan was suggesting I conduct a high-level training on platform and presenting skills just for Network Marketers. 

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Taking the Stage

One of the best strategies for duplication is using prospecting and presentation tools.  They could be generic such as my Check Out the Biz DVD, or ones created by your company specific to your compensation plan and product line. 

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Put It On You

One of the keys to successful recruiting is to increase the prospect’s awareness of what isn’t working in his life.  But there’s a special way you must do this…

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The Power of the Platform

Today’s post is not for everyone.  But if you’re a leader or want to become one, let’s talk about presenting.

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Recruiting: It Is All Predictable

None of us can control what a prospect does; whether they join or not.  But we still have a great deal of control over our overall business.    That’s because when you add enough things together, you get predictable patterns in recruiting.

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One of the greatest compliments I received after a speech was from another professional speaker.  She said, “Randy, you’re a great speaker because you have BLT.  The audience Believes you, they Like you, and they Trust you.”

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What to Cover in Your Presentations

In the last post we discussed a standardized presentation as one of the components of duplication.  I believe there are five critical areas that need to be addressed in every presentation.  They are:

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Simple and Elegant…

I got an email last night after the Tele-Seminar from Dr. Tim Berry, who is one of my Diamond Directors.  We were discussing what we tell the prospect during a presentation.  He raised the important issue that is sitting at the top of a prospect’s brain:

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