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Life Versus Lifestyle

Okay let’s get real.  I’ve been challenging you to get more serious, more committed and more proficient in the business.  And of course there are lots of valid excuses about what is holding you back.  

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Finding a Great Excuse

I’m been doing a lot of counseling with team members recently so it’s given me a chance to hear some really good excuses why the business isn’t growing for some people.  What about you?

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What It Takes to Make It

People often ask what it takes to be successful in Network Marketing.  I have a short, simple answer…

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Are You Willing to be Great?

Two days ago we looked at Developing Your Skills and yesterday looked at Two Truths You Must Know. Now let’s take the discussion deeper…

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Be the First to Get It!

I was excited to find out this weekend that my new album, “Secrets of Network Marketing Success, Volume One” is in production and will be shipping within ten days.  This resource is smoking hot and can definitely help you racket up your bonus check in a big way.

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