The BIG Deal

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Last post we started the discussion about staying focused and killing distractions.  Another frequent culprit is “the big deal.”  

You know what I’m talking about…

Your team member knows the guy who mows the lawn of the lady that walks the poodle of the personal trainer of Alex Rodriquez.  And they are planning to sponsor him and get the New York Yankees to endorse your products.

Or your team member is a housekeeper at the Marriott and she is going to get the entire hotel chain to buy laundry detergent from her.

Or your team member is in the Army and she’s going to get the whole military to buy your energy bars for the troops.

We have an old expression in this business:

The big deal is always the little deal, and the little deal is always the big deal.  What does this mean?

It means professional athletes often get paid $2 to $20 million a year to endorse products, which they sometimes don’t even use themselves.

Hotel chains are a mix of franchisees and purchasing decisions are done on the local level.

To get a product approved in the armed services can take years of going through bureaucratic purchasing protocols.

Instead of spending years chasing after a big deal, do a little one today.  Find a taxi driver, schoolteacher or homemaker who is looking for success and willing to follow your system.  Work with them doing the foundational things.  And in a few years, they can have an organization in the tens of thousands.  That little thing is really the big thing.

But it only works if you keep your people focused on how the business is really done.  It’s your job to kill the distractions and keep them on track.


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6 Comments on “The BIG Deal”

  1. Rachel Henke says:

    Lol that’s a great one. Oh yes we’ve all heard those miracle stories of what our new guys are gonna do. The worst thing is when the experienced distributors get all hyped up about it too. It’s right up there with the ‘I’m gonna design my own website,’ and you yawn and thnk gosh this is going to take a while!!

    Hope you had a great trip Randy,

  2. Yes, it’s the little ones that can turn into the BIG things. Plant the seed and help it grow into something big.

  3. Kim Shaw says:

    LOVE IT! So often we overlook the the person next door who really NEED this opportunity.

  4. Enrique says:

    Excellent post! Just focus on helping the teacher or taxi driver to do a little bit.

  5. Man…how many times have I been caught on this one! We recently had an ex-AFL player who made out he wanted to join our team. Promised to really ‘rip this apart.’ When it came time for him to sign up, he asked that WE pay his sign up fee because of the benefit we will get from him joining! Then we found out his plans were totally not in line with the way we wanted to build the biz. So we had to send him on his merry way. I’d rather have someone come in that is ‘gets it’ and is willing to duplicate some simple actions rather than some big shot who has to have his loyalty bought and a business built on his name only.

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