The Duplication Formula

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Let me share with you the formula for creating true duplication and wealth in our business.  It may strike you as simplistic, but I promise you it is actually quite profound. This formula is where duplication lives.  It is:

Lead a large group of people—to consistently do a few simple actions—over a sustained period of time.

You’ll notice there are three sections that make up the formula. First is the large group of people. You need enough critical mass to get traction and for duplication to take off.

The second element is to have those people perform only a few actions and to keep those actions simple. One of the biggest mistakes newcomers make is to try and quantify everything, and in doing so they add too much complexity. For true duplication we need to focus on actions simple enough that everyone in the large group can replicate.

And finally, you need this to happen over a sustained period of time. I believe building a solid network is a two- to four-year plan. Mark Yarnell says five, and he’s one of the brightest minds in the business.

So it doesn’t happen in a month or two or even six. We need people to consistently take the actions for a sustained period of time. This is how wealth is created in MLM.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you follow the formula – it does happen!


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39 Comments on “The Duplication Formula”

  1. Sourav Ghosh says:

    Really simple but very effective formula sir. Thanks for sharing. Can you please suggest what those “few simple actions” can be?

    • Randy Gage says:

      We’ll definitely look at that in some future posts.


    • Teece hunter says:

      He does not define ‘simple actions’ on purpose. This is a formula and simple action is a variable. The variable is which multi-level-marketing arrangement you are using the formula with. Keep what you do, and what you want your prospects and clients doing, all simple and able to happen without anyone really having to think about it, so if when they agree with you, that’s it. The end. Your work here is done and it’s time to move forward.

  2. Mike says:

    This is the amazing formula.Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Edward says:

    The simplicity of Network Marketing is amazing. Anyone can do it. It’s the consistency that makes most people fail. Thanks for sharing Randy.

  4. Marson says:

    Thank you Randy! Its crazy how simple our business is but most tend to over complicate.

  5. AskRonReed says:

    K.I.S.S…. B]

  6. The ‘simple action’ is to talk with 40 new people every week.

    Better have a fun story.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You are absolutely correct. It’s so simple, people keep thinking it must be more to it!

    • Linda Mason says:

      It’s that first part that I’m having difficulty with…… Get a LARGE group of people.. What’s the secret to getting that done?

      • Jeff Adviento says:

        The secret lies on what you don’t know that you don’t know…

      • Linda,

        I love the “Race for Aces” analogy that kim Klaver uses. There are 4 Aces in a standard playing card deck. For Networking sake these are our 4 leaders. Our job is to find these 4 leaders (aces) asfast as possible & teach them (duplication) to do the same thing. Don’tget distractedby bright shiny objects, yes the king of diamonds dresses well, but he’s no ace. The queen of. Clubs makes all the social gatherings but she’s no ace either.

        In the Vein of Randy’s post. I’m keeping it super simple.

        Best Wishes,

  8. Love it!

    On the simple actions part of the equation, I’ve heard your friend Jordan Adler talk about what he calls the 8 year old test. Meaning if an 8 year old can’t do it, don’t do it. I liked that too.

  9. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy/

    For to build a stable and massive building we need to work for it some period,this
    so for the MLM organization.”Rome was not builded in some days”.

  10. Yes, you have to keep it “Stupid Simple” so anyone can do it and do it over and over again. Generate leads. Build rapport with leads. Invite them to see your companies business plan. Seems so simple!

  11. I really love that formula since I first heard you say it. It is a great reminder. Stay focused and keep your team focused on those few simple actions. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Tasila says:

    So true Randy… so very true. The formula is so simple and if followed as said, it works wonders. Thanks Randy!

  13. hood says:

    And how can i make a million USD on that

  14. Jeff Adviento says:

    Thanks Randy, you are really brilliant. You indeed have a goal bigger than winning, thanks for sharing. By the way, when is Igel coming here in the Philippines?

  15. MLM is really the great way to have more market. But some exceptional thing you presented in your writing is totally different that I know before.It changed my view of marketing. Thank you.

  16. Paul Bursey says:

    Hey Randy, I love articles that are concise and very informative. You hit the mark with this particular one. People have to realise that it takes patience and persistence. Great job my friend..

  17. Alex says:

    Simplicity is everything! If people look at what you’re doing and think, “I could never do that,” well they’re right. They’ll never do it. Everything you’re doing needs to look simple and duplicable.

    And I totally agree … this is a business that is built over time, not overnight!

    Thanks for keeping it real!


  18. Chong C Y says:

    Thanks randy, you are dead right. Thanks for the tips. ‘SIMPLE DUPLICATION’ over a long period of time. I am new at the game and I will do it from now on.

  19. Annetta Powell says:

    I mostly appreciate your thinking about this matter. I want to know more useful thing about this matter.please publish more information about this matter

  20. Binny Back says:

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  21. Mark says:

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  22. I found this Blog in Google. I’m very happy to know articles are written by Randy Gage. Each day, I’m falling more in love with MLM. Before, I felt frustrated when people said bad things to the business, but know, I laught to myself.

    Duplication is vital in MLM, and it should be simple. We are supossed to know these things, but sometimes I forget about them. Great article!

  23. Derrell says:

    Your right about the two to four year program. But what actions are you talking about?

  24. David Akin says:

    Great one there,thanks.

  25. Mithilesh Kumar says:

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  26. Jody Heath says:

    Excellent points Randy. In regards to sustainability and duplication, I agree, these are the two main caveats which could make or break a business. Unfortunately, sometimes sustainability can’t be proven immediately. Also, there are outliers which can create sustainability out of shear habit. And when I got into this business, it was the deciding factor. To learn how you can replicate your affiliate profits and gain high residual income take my tour on this ad free site.


    Jody Heath

  27. Dan says:

    Hmmmm… the word “simplicity” really stood out. I guess that’s where I’ve had the challenge with building a duplicable system.
    Thanks for sharing.

  28. Logan says:

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  29. mlm business says:

    there are three sections that make up the formula. First is the large group of people. You need enough critical mass to get traction and for duplication to take off.

  30. I will try to implement your “simple” strategy in my business.

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